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Kristina (Chapter 1) - Fri 28 Oct 2022

I wish this one was finished! I love this one!

Kristina (Chapter 1) - Fri 28 Oct 2022

I wish this one was finished! I love this one!

Nallely (Chapter 1) - Tue 05 Oct 2021

Great first chapter, science fiction it's not my favorite gender but this is pretty nice, great world building and character introduction.

KShadeslady (Chapter 6) - Fri 01 Oct 2021

Wow! So glad you updated. Damn Naraku! That was a nice bit with Bokuseno and Totosai. 

Eryn (Chapter 6) - Wed 29 Sep 2021

I read through all of this in one go. I love dystopian stories!  The storm raging in the background helped with the ambiance!  Looking forward to more, and glad you continued it. 

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 6) - Tue 28 Sep 2021

Oh! Oh, WOW!! This is incredible. The world-building, the exposition, the characters actually still being 'in character' despite the AU-ness of the whole thing. Just... wow. So very intriguing & enjoyable!!! I'm really glad you're extending it somewhat, since I can't imagine how it would end so abruptly. Excellent bit of work, and I'm so very grateful that you've posted it here!


GothRiotGrrl (Chapter 6) - Tue 28 Sep 2021

Thank you for updating, I love this story!!!

Angervo (Chapter 6) - Tue 28 Sep 2021

I am so happy that you decided to continue this story! I am a huge fan of science fiction and I simply love the universe you have created and Sesshomaru's role as an yokai detective. You have perfectly captured that tech-noir atmosphere, like Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Minority Report, Gattaca, Neuromancer etc. rolled into one. I simply love it! 

susie (Chapter 5) - Mon 31 May 2021

i'm so glad you're continuing this!!

i love this universe, and am excited to read more of them in it =)

KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Wed 26 May 2021

Oh NO! Damn Naraku! I had a bad feeling that he was on to her. I was holding my breath through most of that chapter. It was sad but very good. 

Blommie8 (Chapter 5) - Wed 26 May 2021

i hope the story more longer. ... i mean more chapters. 

kaoruhana (Chapter 5) - Tue 25 May 2021

GAH!  This was...words can't even describe how I feel right now.  I'm sad, and angry, and happy, all at once.  I'm in tears because of what happened to Kagome.  I just can't beleive it, and it makes me so so sad that Naraku did that to her.  I'm happy she finally got the stuff to take Naraku and the cronies down, but once again, I am so sad that it came with such a hefty price.   I was on the edge of my seat when I was reading about her infilitration.  I was panicking when Bankotsu found her.  And I was so so happy when Sesshomaru came back to the apartment too because they'd defeated the bad guy, but then felt my heart break for him when he saw Kagome.  I really really want Kagome to get better because I'm a sucker for happy endings, and I don't want Sesshomaru to be guilt-ridden!  But this was such a good chapter, that a part of me is like that ending was meant to be, you know it.  

And to know I inspired you to continue this!  I fell in love with your story, but to know that you actually read what I wrote in my review and that somehow that convinced you to continue the story makes me so happy and excited!  I can't wait to read the rest of what you have planned here!  I'm so so happy I stumbled across this story, because it has truly been an amazing read!    

Kaoruhana ^_^

KShadeslady (Chapter 4) - Fri 21 May 2021

Why do I have a feeling that this is going to go sideways somehow. Great chapter. Thanks! Looking forward to reading more. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 3) - Fri 21 May 2021

Ugh! Poor Kagome. I'm guessing that Naraku is looking for a way to become a demon or half demon. A very dark but terrific chapter. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Fri 21 May 2021

You described that place so well, I think I need a shower to get sleaze off. Poor Kagome! That's a lot of alcohol! Great update. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 1) - Thu 20 May 2021

What an interesting start. This has such a Bladerunner feel to it. Dark and gritty. Looking forward to reading more. 

kaoruhana (Chapter 4) - Tue 18 May 2021

This was so good, and I really enjored reading this story.  Your attentino to detail is impecabble in your writing, and I loved the setting you have created.  I can literally see the desolate, corproate and technology infused wasteland that Tokyo became.  And the plot is brilliant.  I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.  I really could read so much more of this story.  In fact, I look forward to reading more of this story.  I literally could see this entire world developing in front of us.  What was Kagome's childhood like?  How did Sesshomaru's father die?  What is this "Great War?"  And Bokuseno and Totosai-what's up with them?  

I loved your use of metaphors as well, they're really well used.  

Please, take this as far as your creative muse allows and continue to lure us into this enthralling story.  Because, I for one, am hooked, and cannot wait for more!  

Blommie8 (Chapter 4) - Sat 15 May 2021

its new theme.. .i like it..   more chapt pleaseee

Niomi (Chapter 4) - Sat 15 May 2021

You never disappoint. A story with a original, thoughtful plot, so refreshing. What an interesting world they are in. Love the pace you set up, very true to character and leaves us wanting more for them. Can't wait until Kagome is happy. Poor girl

Niomi (Chapter 3) - Fri 07 May 2021

Coming from someone who's partner has been obsessed with Cyberpunk, I'm impressed!! What a mesmerizing, detailed story you've got going. Cannot wait for the next installment. Wooo

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