Reviews for Insta-Love by Omnicurls

Mulata (Chapter 10) - Sun 16 Aug 2020

I read this fic years ago and I remember loving it and laughing all the time at the crazyness of the plot line. Its very good to read it again and see that it is still amazing. You have done a great job both with the original and the repost. 

Sora-chan (Chapter 10) - Wed 12 Aug 2020

Lovely ending. I love the hope for the future and that they'll fight for it. Kanna saw it after all, they'll be fine.

Thank you for the uploading this, for sharing this with us again. This was a beautiful story.

Fluffy Kitty (Chapter 10) - Wed 12 Aug 2020

I loved this story the first time around and I still love it. It really leaves it open for a sequel or even a one shot follow up. Would love to know how their story continues. Thanks for uploading it again. 

KawaiiDemons (Chapter 10) - Wed 12 Aug 2020

I loved this story and read it all in one day. The way it ended had me thinking that there's going to be a sequel. If there is a sequel, I hope they don't break up. I loved how he actually liked her first. Well...time to go do the inevitable and hit that author subscribe button ????

Mecca (Chapter 9) - Wed 12 Aug 2020

Okay. That was awesome. I didn't see that coming. I loved that little twisty twist. Love reading from Sesshoumaru's POV. And Kanna and Ayame's little assist.

SmilingFool (Chapter 9) - Wed 12 Aug 2020

Ha ha ha lol...  Knew I read this before....  Been a long time... And still just as lovable as the last...  Thank you for posting this story again.  I enjoyed it very much....  So is there another I can read....  Can't sleep need reads....  

Sora-chan (Chapter 9) - Tue 11 Aug 2020

The lies! The deception!

But it turns out that they're made for each other and I'm happy they're mature enough to actually communicate.


This story was adorable and I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Sora-chan (Chapter 8) - Tue 11 Aug 2020

this. is. so. CUTE!

Oh posessive jealous sess. And duh Kagome, he's confident but not a mind reader. 


Inuaddict (Chapter 8) - Tue 11 Aug 2020

I loved this story so much I am so glad its back!

SmilingFool (Chapter 8) - Mon 10 Aug 2020

Such a sweet chapter at least she'll know tomorrow if there ever were a spell hopefully it was a plan well thought out.  

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 8) - Mon 10 Aug 2020

Yaaay they're on a daaaaaaate!!! Trust him Kagome. (Insert clapping emoji here) 

Mecca (Chapter 6) - Thu 06 Aug 2020

I love this concept, vaguely reminds me of a k-drama, which I love ;) Can't wait to see if it actually was because of the love potion...

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 5) - Fri 31 Jul 2020

I love this story so much! But I'm scared for what will happen on Monday. 

Sora-chan (Chapter 4) - Thu 30 Jul 2020

Ooh this potion is working both ways. I have so many theories! But I will wait and read and see. I really really like this story

Ceysna (Chapter 3) - Wed 29 Jul 2020

I'm so excited to see how this plays out. What's the bet he's immune to love potions and is just using it as an excuse to get closer to her?

Miss C (Chapter 2) - Wed 29 Jul 2020

Glad to see this story back!!! I enjoyed reading the first time.

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