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Scared was not the word; she had nothing to be scared of. She was more on edge, jittery, nervous. Nervous. Yes, that was it. Kagome Higurashi, first year student at Shikon High School, had just taken a very, very big risk.

Carefully, she placed the blue bottle on the bench and sat down. She looked around, watching for any sign of Inuyasha. Perhaps just a flash of silver turned the corner of the benches. He was supposed to be here; he was always here. She knew that because she had begun studying in this exact spot just so she could watch him. She felt her stomach clench and flip. Why had she even gone to Kanna in the first place? It was all Ayame’s fault; trust Ayame to convince her to do something so stupid, all in the name of catching one boy’s attention.

The rumour was the Kanna came from a family of witches. It had to be true because the strange, emotionless middle-schooler seemed to have powers that no one else understood. Somehow, Kagome had let Ayame talk her into seeing Kanna about her little crush on a certain silver-haired boy. Well, perhaps it was a bit more than a crush; she was completely in love with him. She may have been just a first year, but she knew he was the one.

A flash of red and silver jolted her out of her thoughts, and she sprang to her feet. “Inuyasha.” She said. She picked up the bottle. It was his favourite brand of soda, and she had diligently mixed in the love potion Kanna had given her. A week. If it worked, the potion would give her a whole week in which he would love her completely, and she could win him over. At the end of the week if he fell for her, which she knew would happen, he would remember everything, if by some awful trick of fate he did not, then it will all seem like a dream to him. All she had to do was offer it to him. Her heart was pounding so hard that she thought it would break out of her chest.

She was heading towards him, unable to think of anything but her racing heart and how uncomfortable the bottle felt in her shaking hands, when she hit a wall. Or a wall it her. She was not quite sure what happened, either way the force knocked her off balance; she stumbled backwards and the bottle tumbled out of her hands. She steadied her herself and looked at what she had hit, only to find herself staring at terror itself.

Sesshomaru Taisho. Everyone in the school knew him, and everyone feared him. He did not speak much, and when he did it was rarely anything pleasant. The first time they met, she had stumbled on her words out of sheer nervousness at his icy demeanour, and he had calmly yet viciously asked which fool had let her graduate from middle-school.

She stared, her eyes wide with fear, at the stain on his pristine uniform shirt and the now empty cup of coffee in his hands. Her hands flew to cover her mouth. She saw his eyes narrow in annoyance, and she was about to apologize when a loud laugh erupted from behind Sesshomaru. She looked at Inuyasha who was doubled over and clutching his side, “I am so happy I got to see this! The asshole deserves it. How is life being just as clumsy as we normal folk, eh?”

Sesshomaru said nothing but simply bent down and picked up his bag and its spilled contents. Kagome bent down as well to help but he pushed her hand away, “You interference will suffice for today, freshman.” He snapped. He gathered his books, and picked up the bottle of soda she had brought for Inuyasha. “You spilled my coffee and I do not have time to get another, I’m sure you would agree that this is only fair.”

“Wait no!” she lunged for the bottle but he was much faster than she was.

“Let it go, he’s an ass to everyone.” Inuyasha said, helping her up. The moment his hand touched her arm she felt her cheek grow hot as fire, and her ears began to burn. She tried to find her words but they seemed to escape her in those warm, honey depths. And then it hit her like lightning. Kanna’s potion!

She snapped her head towards the gym door, but the older Taisho brother was already gone. “One minute.” She said quickly to Inuyasha, doing her best to be as polite and sweet as possible. She slipped from his grasp and ran towards the door. She pushed opened the door and ran into the hallway. She ran up it, and then down, but he was nowhere to be found. Kagome felt hear heart drop into her stomach. Her head began to spin and suddenly she felt very nauseous. What had she done? There had to be a way to undo this. She had to find Kanna. Now.


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