VS (Chapter 8) - Fri 11 Jan 2019

Haha, Kagome is never going to forget that "movie"! :) I don't know why but I really liked your characterization of Sesshoumaru's beast. He's too funny! :D

I'm glad you continue to use the prompts even though the challenge is technically over. Looking forward to your next update!

VS (Chapter 7) - Fri 28 Dec 2018

I love that you had the "red suit" from a previous chapter in this one too! A really sweet idea. And Sesshoumaru wrapping his "present" up was really hot! I'm sure he never got a better Christmas gift before! :P

Looking forward to your next update!

Also good luck!  I hope you will finish with the last 3 prompts until the 31st!

VS (Chapter 6) - Fri 28 Dec 2018

Sesshoumaru broke into her house and got her pregnant. AGAIN! Also the beast wanted to lick the flour off her skin? ... I wouldn't consider that tasty... :)

Nice read!

VS (Chapter 5) - Fri 28 Dec 2018

Two different ways to use the prompt "Green" in this chapter, well done! So Sesshoumaru had to leave for a long business trip and didn't tell Kagome? I would have liked to read more about their relationship before he had to leave. Otherwise a nice one shot!

And Sango was just great in this one.

VS (Chapter 4) - Fri 28 Dec 2018

I really liked that you used that "blue" reference from the summary in this chapter! Your idea with the red suit was really cute and unexpected. I always think about Inuyasha when the color red is involved. 

Also what is it with you letting Sesshoumaru appear in her house and jump her? This is a scenario you seem to like a lot. :)

VS (Chapter 3) - Fri 28 Dec 2018

Haha, a Sesshoumaru who scares off any suitors? What a nice idea! I pity Kagome - not. :P Also can I rent that doctor? Would be nice. ;)

kaoruhana (Chapter 2) - Sun 09 Dec 2018

I'm quite excited you're taking part in the Holiday Challenge, and I hope you'll consider the New Year's challenge as well. I did like the Hot Chocolate oneshot you posted and look forward to reading more of your work!  

Lorena (Chapter 2) - Sat 08 Dec 2018

I'm loving this! Hooray to you and many thank because this is JUST what I wanted/needed to put me in the Christmas spirit 

LadyBri23 (Chapter 2) - Fri 07 Dec 2018

I always look forward to your stories. This one doesn’t disappoint i can’t believe that InuYasha would try and drug Kagome like That! He has some nerve. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Tue 04 Dec 2018

Slam...bam...thank you mam??? Nooo...nooo...nooo!!!

Must have more of this story...must now where this will go.

Have not read anything new from you in a long while and I hope you are sticking arounf for awhile.  lol   :)

Great writing and looking forward to any future updates, soon I hope (if RL allows you).  lol


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