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Naughty little wishes by Lady Nefertiti

Christmas Tree

Naughty little wishes

Lady Nefertiti

Summary: Feeling ‘Blue’? Who but Sesshomaru to fix that little problem? 

Disclaimer: I dont own Inuyasha. (This has become a series of unconnected one-shots both canon/alt) 

 Prompt 1: Christmas tree


Kagome came trudging into her house mumbling something incoherent even to demon ears. Walking into the living room she dropped her bag on the ground to see Sesshomaru standing before the Christmas tree; his back to her and she sighed shaking her head. (She hadn’t bothered to ask how he had gotten into her house since no one was home) like he was someone dangerous to her and was going to do ‘stuff’ to her…..what a joke.

What was so exciting about seeing such a lit up tree anyway? Was Santa going to stop by and come down the chimney and give her a present? She bit her lip about to say his name when he turned around to look at her straight into her azure ones, a trademark smirk on his face that always made her heart skip a beat. Damn him for being hot.

“Uhm…Hey Sesshomaru…..” Kagome started walking towards him and wondering what to say to him. It would be stupid of her to ask how he got into her house. Maybe just ask him what he was doing here? Why did he bother to pay her a visit? Besides no one was home to keep him company.

“Kagome….” He started as he walked towards her and stopped at the sofa next to the tree--- A shiver down her spine as she heard him speak her name. He knew she had broken up with Inuyasha because he had been cheating on her with a girl named Kikyo who had recently moved from Kyoto.

He looked at her sad face from where he had been standing and didn’t like it. It would not do for her to feel bad for something she didn’t do and especially for the holiday.

“Come let’s sit by the tree and I’ll give you my Christmas present. Then we can play.” Sesshomaru said. It had been foolish of him to just let her go thinking that dating Inuyasha was better for her since they were closer in age. Good thing that she was wearing a skirt short enough to pull down---and the fact that Inuyasha hadn’t touched her in any way.

 But this thought came from where? Wasn’t this about the Christmas tree?

The confusion in her eyes and then a head nod made him just want to take her where she stood. She was just too precious and he’d make sure that NO man had her----except for him. He pulled her into his arms, a kiss on her neck and taking in her beautiful scent. She tried to back away from him---obviously confused about the situation or what he was doing. He held her tighter (obviously not about to let her run away) he’d see to it that she got her Christmas present no matter what she said.

He gently pulled the both to the ground close to the Christmas tree as he pulled her into his lap. Her face was towards him and her legs were open/apart (on either side of him) Her skirt rode up high that her pink panties were showing. “I….uh…” Kagome started. What was this present? This was NOT a present. This was Sesshomaru about to do something dirty her. She gasped as she felt something enter and slide into her panties. She gulped as she felt his finger inside her?! What was this feeling? She panted as she felt him slide farther in, stopped and pushed right back in. Her insides tightened as she hoped he never stopped this. Would he do it again if she asked?

She hadn’t noticed that he had pulled his finger out and pulled down her skirt, followed by her panties and then her shirt. Did she think he was done with her? This was hardly a present. He’d pulled his pants down and looked at her with a devilish look. She turned to face him and then noticed that the both were naked. She then noticed he had her by the legs and pulled her legs farther apart.

“Sesshomaru….ah…err…” Kagome started as she noticed his….his….oh no! What was he going to DO? To her?! Were they going to…..have sex?! NO way! This was his present? He wanted to make love? And make her his mate?

Sesshomaru chuckled as she just stared at him. He’d pulled her legs apart, down and now hovering over her---waiting for her to decline? It’s not like he was going to force her. A head nod from her and he didn’t waste any time and slid right into her. (Like he was going to wait until she had second thoughts or perhaps she didn’t know what to do?). Entering her tight body---she was a virgin---he hoped he didn’t get too rough with her. It would be too easy for him to thrust into her body until he thought he was done with her.

Waiting till she felt comfortable he started moving in and out of her with a devilish smirk at her swallow and the sound she made. He pulled her closer to him hearing her heart beating fast. Suddenly he stopped and she stared knowing he’d pull right out of her body but suddenly….

He held her by the hips tightly and refused to let go as Kagome felt something warm inside her. “Sesshomaru?” as he pulled out of her to give her some time to breathe before they were ‘at it’ again.

“What? Didn’t you think I wanted to finish it all the way?” he said in an innocent tone. He brushed her breast as she shuddered wondering if he was trying to get a pup. Well he was doing a good job of acquiring one! As she felt his hands brush past her vagina and sighed feeling good.

Well Whoops?

“Hnn…Feel better Kagome?” he said with a smirk looking down into her eyes. Not bothering for a response he went back inside her and continued pumping into her harder and faster---hoping no one came home for a while. He wondered (in a naughty manner) how fast he could get her pregnant.



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