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StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 21) - Thu 21 Mar 2019

Reading this is such a stress relief. I've been reading a chapter (or two) every time I feel overwhelmed at work, XD. (I don't have time to read them all at once or I would!) I think it's hilarious how you've got Sesshomaru thinking. It's just the best. Never be concerned about your dialogue, this is great. The sharpness is great. It sets the tone for every chapter. You are golden!

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 6) - Tue 19 Mar 2019

So funny! I wish I had time to read through all the chapters at once! It's all good!

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 3) - Mon 18 Mar 2019

I think the dislogue might be the best part. XD It's the quips that really make this. Taisho outfitters. Hah! 

Jennifer (Chapter 37) - Sat 16 Mar 2019

Awesome!!! Update soon!!!

Orotami (Chapter 37) - Sat 16 Mar 2019

Time to turn the heat up! We need beast in our life!

CookieAsylum (Chapter 36) - Thu 14 Feb 2019

Two chapters! we have been blessed! Thank you so much!

and Jakotsu is here to save the day! I hope they’re able to dig the company out of trouble! I’m also looking forward to what our delightful duo might get up to in the future. Maybe a trip to the Netherlands together? *wink*

Keep up the awesome work!

Neelixonee (Chapter 36) - Thu 14 Feb 2019

Oh snap! Jakotsu to the rescue!

SmilingFool (Chapter 36) - Wed 13 Feb 2019

Oh my gosh bankruptsy that sucks and Sesshomaru's right it was happening long before Kagome and now that she saw Jak's drawing's he just may save the company and make billions.  Wooo Hoo Go Jak & Kag make Sesh a happy boss.


Update soon.  Love the story...  

Orotami (Chapter 36) - Wed 13 Feb 2019

Woohoo! Her and Jak and fluffy will save the company. Man we need some more intense kag and sessh moments. 

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 34) - Tue 22 Jan 2019

Yessss! I’m loving this 

Orotami (Chapter 34) - Sun 20 Jan 2019

Yes take the edge off in the next chapter. We don't need any stale-ness in life. Sesshoumaru is finally showing himself as a proper dominant ome minded individual and Kagome loves it. Can't wait for the next chapter

MollzJJ (Chapter 33) - Fri 18 Jan 2019

Screaming inside at the end!!! Can’t wait for more!

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 1) - Fri 18 Jan 2019

How fun! 

Orotami (Chapter 33) - Fri 18 Jan 2019

Bwhahaha!! Omg I really thought we'd finally get some action! But nooo you just had to leave us on the curb with no transportation. 

Orotami (Chapter 32) - Wed 16 Jan 2019

Finally! Beast has fully emerged! Please let us all get some action. Pretty please.. 

S4toonee (Chapter 30) - Sun 23 Dec 2018

This is absolutely hilarious...I am looking forward to updates.

R (Chapter 30) - Wed 12 Dec 2018

You are a riot! You’re a master of snark and following these two while they quip it out is just too damn funny. I love this split/tortured Sesshoumaru; it’s so refreshing. There’s something delicious about his awkwardness. Such great writing ~ thank you for the laughs and for putting the effort into this great piece. Looking forward to updates!

MollzJJ (Chapter 30) - Sat 08 Dec 2018

Ahhhhh I love it! I love the screenshot snap of Kagome in a bikini! so funny!

Orotami (Chapter 30) - Sat 08 Dec 2018

Hahah dirty old dog! He just wanted to see if fluffy had the same taste LOL gosh please update another chapter... in t minus 4 hrs. This was not enough to curb my fix. 

Pep (Chapter 30) - Sat 08 Dec 2018

Hee hee hee.... Ah.. Its always so refreshing to read this story ^-^ keep 'em comin' *ç*

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