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A Demon For Your Thoughts? by Inuyaoi

I'm Blue

This is a silly crackfic that might have a lemon. I've read a few stories that had Sesshomaru talking to his "beast" but not like this. Probably will be a drabble series. 



"Why can't Inuyasha do it?" I ask father. He’s sitting there in his leather chair, sipping his scotch, unaware of my impending freakout. I loathe his office. I never receive good news in it.

"Well, for one, your brother is an idiot," he says," and two, he doesn't have a beast whispering in his ear."

No disagreement there, my brother is an irresponsible moron.

"This will be good for you. You're Inuyoukai, you should be heard, you should assume roles fitting for alphas. You're so quiet… why I wonder if a fire broke out if you would even yell."

I might trip the alarm.

But this beast business… If only I was born a few hundred years earlier.

Father told me that back in his day, in the era of demons, things were different. We were free to be hellhounds and dealt with our urges the old-fashioned way. Our beasts howled at the moon, leveled forests as we tore through them, and, on occasion, swiped a cow or two from farmers.

It's not fair. I don't want -

Alpha? We could do that. And - Oh, oh - will there be females there? 

Sesshomaru? Damnit Sesshomaru, I know you can hear me.

I will ignore him this time.


You see… I talk to him well enough as it is. Every day in fact, but not now. I'm pretty crossed with him. He's the reason why father wants me to be the director of his company. From what I understood governing others will calm him. The problem with that is it's difficult to think over -

Tune me out, eh? I'll just sing that song you hate. 

- my beast.

"Ignore him, son."

I'm blue, if I was green I would die, if I was green -

"I'm trying, father."


Infamous mispronounced lyrics to that Eiffel 65 song LOL


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