Knight of Disorder (Chapter 1) - Sat 20 Apr 2013

There is so much more that could have been done with this. It's really good, though you have a few continuty errors.

TKNA (Chapter 1) - Mon 28 May 2012

You need to re-read your work. There was a lot of grammar error in your work. Also some of the paragraphs made no sense.

swift death (Chapter 1) - Tue 20 Jul 2010

aaaaaaaawwwww!!!! people do deserve second chances. i'm glad sesshomaru and kagome got theirs, though inuyasha and kikyo im not so sure :)

bloodangelsess (Chapter 1) - Mon 14 Sep 2009
OMG i love it

DeathsSilentApproach (Chapter 1) - Sat 18 Oct 2008
Lots of love to you(r story). Great story I want to see more of what happened with Sess and Kagome.

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