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Trading Places by Chaos_Queen77

Trading Places

*A/N:Just a little something to get off my chest! Enjoy!*

Trading Places:

"What the hell do you mean that you get to make a wish? You told me I could have it!" Inuyasha shouted at Kagome as he tugged her hand back towards him self.

"Inuyasha we need a pure wish to make the jewel disappear, you being a full demon only suits yourself." Kagome said heatedly pulling her hand holding the jewel back towards her.

"I don't plan to wish for that. I plan to wish Kikyo back to life, Kimi wa Baka!" Inuyasha shouted back and he pulled the her hand holding the jewel back towards him.

The rest of the group watched on as they continued to go back and forth. Naraku had been beaten for two days now and everyone was just starting to recover. Sesshoumaru and his group had joined, along with Kikyo. The other four from the Inu Tachi, the three from Sesshoumaru's Tachi and Kikyo just watched on as the two fought over whom had the better wish.

"Inuyasha either way your wishes are selfish and will only retain the jewel. We need a pure with that make it vanish! Thats why restoring Sesshoumaru's arm is the perfect solution! I gain nothing from it. So its perfect. Its not world altering or any thing so its the perfect idea! So give it to me!" Kagome shouted at him as she pulled the jewel back towards her.

"Thats a stupid idea! Just because the bastard helped us out doesn't mean we should give him a thank you gift!" Inuyasha tried to reason while pulling her arm back towards himself. "You just don't understand anything! Just give me the jewel!" He demanded.

"I don't understand? I don't understand? You the one who doesn't understand! Those are the exact reasons we should wish for his arm to be back and healed! How would you feel only having one arm? It wouldn't be very nice!" Kagome tried to say calmly as she pulled her arm pack towards her.

"I wish you knew what It was like!" Both said at once.

There was a flash or golden orange light as the whole group was blinded. Suddenly the voice of Midoriko was heard. "Wish Accepted."

"Uh-Oh!" Shippo said as he watch the four members in question enveloped in the glow.

Sesshoumaru growled as his arm regrew and he started to notice all these new emotions. Other than that he felt the same, he checked himself over, he still had all his full demon abilities and all his memories so he shrugged and waited for the others.

Inuyasha felt like he were on fire. His bones grew and lengthened, his arm felt like it was being ripped off. He was suddenly over ridden with all these new stronger senses. He could smell things like never before, see farther than ever, his touch was more delicate. He felt his strength increase, his height grow, and his cloths shrink.

Kikyo thought was was a goner when the light overcame her. She felt warm all over and her heart beat speed up and beat normally. Her hand no longer felt sold as death but warm, she could feel her pulse as she sat staring wide eyed at every one els after and internal check she noticed most of a soul. During her internal check she fire off a random power spurt. The demons growled. 'That never happened before', She thought as she looked over at Inuyasha and noticed Several things he obviously didn't.

However much Each thought that they were dieing, only one really did. Kagome opened her mouth in a silent scream, he soul was ripped from her body as she lost all the warmth from her body. Her eyes dulled as she wreathed in pain. She could feel her powers for once under control, she could also hear the voices of the soul collectors in her mind. She could feel the tingle of the demonic energy around her so much stronger. She also couldn't sense the jewel any more. After an internal check she noticed that there was only about an eighth of her soul keeping her going. The rest was all a jumble of emotions all pointed towards....

"What have you done Half breed?" Sesshoumaru asked angrily. He could no longer fully hide his emotions behind the carefully placed mask that had been erected centuries ago.

"This Inuyasha has no idea what you are talking about." He remarked while trying to get up by pushing off the ground with his left hand. Only to fall over with a "Oof." and a small dust cloud. He rolled over. "What the hell?" He asked as he finally managed to get back up.

"It would seem that the wish was granted Inuyasha." Came Kagome's hallow and deadened voice. It was softer and must more fragile than before. As if on a whim it would be gone.

Shippo sniffed her. She still smelled like Kagome, due to the fact that she was 'Remade' In her original body she kept her own scent and body, but now she would have to feed off the souls of the dead to remain in this world. What made it worse was the fact that she could no longer reverse this with the jewel. The other demons could smell her too, but she gave off the feel of death. Of one who was no longer of this world.

"What happened?" Kikyo's lively voice asked the question most of the group wanted to know.

"Midoriko granted our wish, mine and Inuyasha's I mean. Since it was a combined wish of both a human and one with demon blood the wish was valid and the jewel was forced into extinction. It would seem that we have gotten rid of the jewel and Naraku." Kagome's whispy voice explained.

Everyone nodded. Kikyo and Inuyasha got up to explore their new found... newness. Kagome however wanted to curl into a ball and cry. However much she wanted to she couldn't. It was as if she were physically unable to do such.

Sango must have seen her look because she walked over and went to hug Kagome when she touched her she felt the coldness coming off her friend. She pulled back with a gasp. "Oh my kami's Kagome, you're..." Sango's eyes teared up. She turned On Inuyasha with her Hirykotsu (Sp?) "Inuyasha!" She yelled as she charged him.

Inuyasha stumbled but dodged. "What?" He asked conffused.

"How Could you?" She screamed before attacking again.

"Do what?" He said as he again dodged while looking over at Sesshoumaru for help. Sesshouamru just stood watching with a bord expression on his face. He knew what set the slayer off. To be honest he was simmering on the inside as well. He would let the slayer have her piece before he took his.

Seeing no help from his brother he looked over at Miroku, and faltered. Miroku was looking over at Kagome with tears streaming down his eyes. Kagome just stood calmly watching it all. She was dull and emotionless. Miroku turned towards the slayer and Ex- hanyou, "Do you know What you have done Inuyasha?" He yelled, his voice borderline hysterical. "Do You?" He asked again when he got no response. Miroku marched over to the ex-hanyou and grabbed him by his to small cloths. "Answer me!" He hollered into his face. "Do you realize what you have do to Kagome-chan?"

Inuyasha let out his signature, "Feh, the bitch looks find to me."

"Wrong half breed. She is now dead thanks to you and you immaturity." Sesshoumaru said regaining his ice demeanor.

Inuyasha stopped struggling and looked over at Kagome. His knees weakened and he felt towards the ground. "What?" The only intelligent thing he could come up with. His break had slammed on its emergency breaks.

Kagome stood across the clearing looking at him with her cool dull demeanor. She could not feel sorry for him, she could not feel any thing for him except a deep hatred the burned deeply in her soul, so strong it bordered on hatred as deep as the rage of all the seven seas. "I may have wished for many things for you and Kikyo but death was never among them, Inuyasha." She stated coldly. "You never stopped to think what may happen to me if you just wished Kikyo back to life. And now it was appear you have wished the same fate the fell upon her, to descend on to my own shoulders. I hope that you are please with yourself Inuyasha. You got your wish, you're both a full demon and Kikyo lives. I hope that you can live with the price however. The price of what it cost you in return." She pause, "Enjoy your wish Inuyasha. I'm sure that Sesshoumaru will enjoy mine. I however will be doomed to an eternity of death. Thank you so much Inuyasha. Its what I always wanted." She spat his name out with so much venom every one shivered, even Sesshoumaru.

"The only good you gave me was now I shall be able to spend eternity with my son, raising him and watching as he develops a family of his own." She turned to look at Shippo. "That is, if you'll still have me."

Shippo launched himself into her cold arms. "No matter what form you are in I shall always love you mama." Shippo said as tears streamed down his face. He cried fro her. He knew deep inside that she wanted to but for some reason could not. So he cried for her and her fate. To wander as the walking dead.

Kagome got affirmation from both Sango and Miroku. It would seem that through the last fife years she had gained their never ending loyalty. "After the Marriage ceremony, I will be leaving. I will no longer have a reason to stay. Since the jewel is gone I can no longer feel the magic of the well so I am assuming that I am to remain in this era. Sango, Miroku, I will visit you no matter where you live, whether here near the bone eaters well or the Village of the slayers. I will find you."

"Lord Sesshoumaru?" Rin called softly.

He turned to let her know she had his attention. Slowly he was regaining his ability to rein in his emotions.

"Perhaps, lady Kagome could travel with us, since she does not wish to be around 'Him'." She said while nodding her head in the direction of Inuyasha.

Sesshoumaru thought about it. It would seem when the wish was made Kikyo and Inuyasha's feeling were transferred as well. His beast was curious about the onna before now he was down right snarling about not letting her go. He sighed mentally. "If that is agreeable to you Kagome you and yours may join us."

Kagome bowed to him, "Arigato Gozaimasu Sesshouamru-san. Shippo and myself would be honored to accompany your group." She spoke as she straightened again. Sesshoumaru nodded his head before turning and walking a shourt distance into the woods to make camp until the marriage ceremony was over and Kagome and the Kit were ready to go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~~

The ceremony was beautiful, and the marriage was consummated before Kagome left three days later. It was funny how those that were so fond of her before now shunned away from her now that she was the walking dead. It was annoying to see the villagers take to Kikyo again like she was never evil and like she never left.

Shippo try as he may, he stayed with her for a while but the pull to go play with Rin and the other kids was to strong. Kagome hugged him and told him to go play. He was her only joy at the moment him and Rin. They had made fast friends making the switch between group less complicated. Their ability to get along was just another reason it was good to travel with Sesshoumaru.

Sango and Miroku hugged and wished them a safe journey and got a promise that they would come back soon. Kagome waved to the newly weds as she walked into the clearing that Sesshoumaru Jaken and Ah-Un were waiting in. Shippo held one cold hand while Rin held the other.

Sesshoumaru nodded to then before turning to take his leave. Rin pulled Shippo onto Ah-Un and the dragon began to follow its master. Jaken grumbled about more people to look after, but was quickly silenced from a cold look from Kagome.

Kagome had been pondering her feelings for a while now. It would seem that Kikyo's love was transferred to her but it wasn't towards Inuyasha, it was not pointed to Sesshoumaru because of switch. Not that it was all that heart breaking. She had killed any and all feeling for Inuyasha a while ago. She never really developed feelings for any one else but having strong feelings for Sesshoumaru, didn't seem like that bad of a deal. She wondered though if she had Kikyos feelings and they were now towards Sesshoumaru, if Sesshoumaru had Inuyasha's feelings and they were pointed towards her.

That night Kagome got her chance to ask him about it. The children were curled up to Ah-Un and Jaken had been sent off to the Castle to pre-warn them of their masters return.

"Lord Sesshoumaru." Kagome's new colder voice asked. He looked over at her from across the fire. "Forgive this one for asking this but, are you having strange yet strong feelings towards me? I noticed that I am having Kikyo's feelings towards Inuyasha towards you, I was curious if Inuyasha's feelings had been transferred over to you as well?"

Sesshoumaru was shocked, he too had been curious as to whether or not she felt it too. Now at least he knew that both were affected but this. "This Sesshoumaru admits to my curiosity of you before all this happened. Now my beast is going positively insane with want. I feel it in my mind nudging me, placing idea's of taking you. It is a constant repertoire of want, need even. Like a never ending collage of yearning."

Kagome nodded, "I am sorry to cause you such annoyance. I only meant to give you your arm back."


Kagome looked stunned. Why did she want to give his arm back? "It served no real purpose to me and thats what was thought to be needed to make the jewel disappear."

"But why this Sesshoumaru? Why not the Slayer, or some one else? Why myself?" Sesshoumaru asked again.

"Sango had Kohaku back thanks to you she said she didn't need the rest of the slayers village to be happy just him. Miroku just wanted to be with Sango and Inuyasha was selfish and wanted to many things, I figured since I gained nothing and It was Inuyasha that took your other one while he was protecting me, I figured that I could give it back and fully complete perfection once more."

"Hn, what are you trying to say Miko?" Sesshoumaru asked curiously.

"Just that you are perfection in one word. Your personality leaves much to be desired but you are perfect from the way you appear down to the way you kill. I wanted to put the finishing touch on the Kami's master piece of Perfection. Thats all." Kagome admitted lowly. Hoping that he would not take offense and kill her for it.

"Are you insinuated that I am imperfect?"

Kagome nodded, why lie right? "You personality sucks and you were missing an arm, fix those and your perfect. I gave back that which was taken on my account not you must work on your personality."

"Do you find yourself to perfect Miko?"

She laughed low and humorlessly, "I am dead now Sesshoumaru, who could one whom is dead be anything more than the farthest thing from perfection?" She met his eyes. "No I am not perfect. Never claimed to be nor will I ever be. Even when I was alive I have my flaws, as does every one."

Annoyed Sesshoumaru asked, "What is it that keeps me from perfection?" He hated being flawed.

Kagome continued to look him over. She held her silence trying to gather specifics. She jumped when his voice parked out, "You will tell this Sesshoumaru, now!"

"Hold on, hold on, don't get your panties in a twist." She said heatedly, "Well for one you could work on being more patient. Be more open with those close to you, stop refering to your self in the third person. Thats really annoying. Try being less intimidating, you always so forceful. The way you look down upon others is very rude as well. Demon or not, if are hurt or a human is hurt you both will bleed red. I'm not sure what it is other than your abilities that makes you so much better but it must be a great reason to look down on humans so much." Kagome said, trying to get him to see what made him inperfect, while hoping to keep the little life that she had left.

"I suppose your not all bad, I mean you save my friends and I before, you care for Rin and Jakens annoying self. Then you used your sword to help the little otter reserect his father. You have your high points I just wish there were more of them. Like the softening of your eyes when Rin attaches herself to your legs after you had been gone for a while. Little things I suppose." She continued to ramble on.

"Although I have a personal belief that you shouldn't have to change for any one, not even the one you love, if they truly love you then you will be perfect no matter what you do, say or act like." Kagome said still hoping to keep her head.

Sesshoumaru contemplated when she said. She had not spent all that much time with him and she had positive feed back for him as well. She was extraordinary. Perhaps with time she would notice that he did most of these things. His inner beast hoped that the onna did. He really liked her. She didn't just see all the bad things, she saw the good beneath the hash exterior. She also wanted nothing from him, no sweet words, no declarations of eternal love, not his title, his money or power. She asked for none of these. Just for him to "Losen" up and be him.

Kagome shifted, the silence after her speech was disturbing. She was sure she pissed him off. "We shall see miko, we shall see." Was all he said before settling in for the night.

The days seemed to fly as the approached the Western keep. The fortress was vast, it was what she had always imagined it to be. Big and made of stone. The high walls seemed never ending the inner grounds however were tranquil.

They had been there for about a month and still the inhabitants of the castle still seemed to feel uneasy around her. The skirted around her or took another route to get where they needed to be. Sesshoumaru, Shippo, Rin and the generals of Sesshoumaru's arm were the only ones that seemed the be able to stand being near her.

Sesshouamru pointed out at one point, when she brought up that maybe they could smell her body decaying, that her body did not smell of death or decay, her natural scent remained. It was more of what they could sense from her. They could sense her power and lack of life. It unnerved many.

Sesshoumaru spent much of his time with her going over war tactics from the future which he passed along to his generals. He assigned General Hageshii to show her the way of the sword. He felt that if she left to wonder she would need it to defend herself in close combat soon however she surpassed the Generals ability. He accredited it to the Slayer having thought to teach Kagome in their free time. Granted she was rusty but she was soon moving with easy and had her instructor knelt before her at sword tip. After learning that she had beaten his best General he took her under his own tutelage.

She was fast and used things that he had never seen, he gave that to her being from the future. No matter how much she was pushed by Sesshoumaru to tell him about the future she refused. He being trapped int the past was dangerous enough.

The soak in the hot tub allowed her time to think back on the last month and all the things that happened. Sesshoumaru had surprised her most. He was almost her constant companion when the children were not with her. She saw more of him that he seemed to show others, she had learned to read him well. The small opening or closing of her eyes when he was angry or shocked.

The way he took to Shippo as much as Rin. When Shippo would do something to please the lord he would always find a new gift in his room after wards. Where as Rin ran up and gave him hugs, he would pat her on the head as a praise. She got just as many material things as Shippo though. When they did something pleasing he would grace them with small smiles, nothing real big but enough to let them know that they had pleased him.

It was when he was with her that shocked her the most, he laughed, talked openly, praised her, and always found some small reason to touch her. His actions were starting to make the feelings passed from Kikyo to grow stronger. She wondered if that was his plan. She was confused, she use to be human and now she was technically dead, why would he want a dead miko, ex-human? She sighed into the water creating bubbles. He wasn't making it easy either. Every time she would get the courage to ask he would gaze at her with the intense look and she would forget what it was she wanted to say.

Sesshoumaru paced in his war room. Did she not get it? Didn't she want this Sesshoumaru? Haven't I done what she asked? Why? Why doesn't she admit that she has feeling for him? Why does that woman make me so unstable all the time? No matter what he did. She spent most of her time away from the children with him and yet she feels nothing? No, that can not be! Could she still have feeling for the Half-breed? No that couldn't be it either. Is she... Could she possibly be waiting for me? Is she still unsure on how I feel? Could that be it?

He walked out of the war room and follow her scent to the hot springs. He opened that doors to find her wrapping a towel around herself. "Have you not figured it out yet?" He asked as he walked over to her. "Are you so blind?" He wrapped his arms around the stunned woman. "I love you, have you not figured it out yet?"

Kagome blushed red when she saw his walk right it with out even knocking. She was silence from giving him a good piece of her mind by what he said. His hold was absolute, even had she wanted to get away she could not. She was pulled from her inner dialog by her pained voice. "Please, please say something, any thing. I have wanted to tell you that for so long all I want is for you to acknowledge them."

Kagome released the towel and wrapped her arms around his waist. "You idiot, I love you too." She began to cry and buried her face into his chest.

His tense for relaxed when he her her say those words. The scent of her tears angered him. "Why do you cry, Koibito?"

"I was so confused, I didn't know what you were doing. I wanted to tell you that the feeling were developing farther on their own but I didn't know if you felt the same. I cry in relief." Kagome explained.

"Come my love, we have things to do." He said as he wrapped her in her towel again and left the spring to run down the halls to him chambers. His bed was a large western style bed and covered in maroon satin covers. She was placed in the middle. Her damp hair globed behind her head as he pulled the towel from her form. Her one hand quickly fumbled for a blanket while the other tried to hid her form from his hungry eyes.

Sesshoumaru chuckled, before settling between her legs fully clothed. He kissed her lips for the first time. She was cold and tasted like strawberry mint. She was extravagant tasting and smelling. He ran his hands down her sides over her stomach and breasts.

She shivered and moaned at his attention. Her cold body seemed to flush and warm a little. Taking his cue she began to slowly part his cloths so that she could touch his heated skin. The silks he wore parted easily and he moaned as she touched his skin. His male nipples were just as sensitive as hers were. She tweaked and rubbed them as she felt him groan into her mouth.

Sesshoumaru was in heaven she took the initiative and began to pull the cloths from his body. The silk glided from his form. Her cool hand were a contrast to his over heated skin, the first touch had him moan. Her nimble fingers had him soon groaning into her mouth. He was soon kissing down her neck as he pulled off his top. The were not even on the floor before he was attacking her neck again.

He kissed her collar bone and down her chest. Her nibbles were hardened from his attention and he gently sucked on them. She arched her back up and he growled into her chest telling her he was pleased with her reaction. His hand found its way to her core. Its moist depths called to him. He could only smell the sweet scent of her arousal.

"Sesshoumaru theres something I Should... Ahhh!.... Tell you." Was all she got out before he plunged his fingers inside of her.

He paused he didn't feel her innocence. He looked up shocked. "I can explain," He pulled back. Was he getting ready to mate a loose woman? No that can't be right she was as tight as any virgin. So where was her innocence? He would listen hopefully it was good.

She noticed him pull away and turn his attention to her. "Before the last battle, there was no guarantee we would all live so on my last trip home to the furtur when I was spending time with everyone and saying goodbye, the idea hit me that I didn't want to die a virgin. Hojo, the boy at home that liked me, asked me out and while we were out I seduced him, he took my virginity bu ti swear it was only him and only once. It was so painful and awkward I didn't want to do it again."

"Why is his scent not here?"

"He used a condom." At his confusion she explained. "Its a wrap that a male pulls on his penis to prevent pregnancy."

Sesshoumaru nodded. It made sense. But he would be her next and only, he made she she knew this. "I will be the next and last person to ever have you ever again. I will not share, you realize this right? Nor will I ever be able to bed another. Eternally each others, you are aware of that right?"

"If I didn't do you think I would be here right now? I want no other and I will not share you with anyone! That means that you're stuck with me!" Kagome said seriously.

Sesshoumaru just smiled before kissing her again with her distracted he pushed two fingers into her dripping vagina. She moaned into his mouth as she bucked up into his hands. His other arm pushed her back down onto the bed. He stood slowly and pulled of his pants.

His general stood at attention as Kagome eyed him. He was much, much larger than Hojo, but she knew that he wouldn't hurt her like Hojo did. She watched as he lowered him self between her legs again and she tensed up and closed her eyes.

He chuckled when he saw how she reacted. She kissed her neck and shoulders, "Relax Kagome, if not this will not go much better than with that Hobo boy."

She sighed, why did Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru insist in calling Hojo that name? While she was thinking this her body relaxed giving Sesshoumaru time to push inside her tight body. She through her head back and gasped. "Oh God!"

Sesshouamru chuckled, "If that is what you wish to call me be my guest."

Kagome shot him a glare before slapping his shoulder, "Like you need a bigger EGO!" She shouted the last word as he thrust into her again. Soon both of their bodies were lost to the sensations that the other was invoking. Kagome wiggled bucked and moaned as Sesshoumaru leaned over her and thrust into her core repeatedly. Their joining felt as natural as the water of the oceans crashing upon the rocks of the shore.

Sesshoumaru soon pulled out after her first orgasm. She was pulled up onto her knees and his hands grasped her hips and pulled her back roughly onto himself. His eyes were red as blood by this point. His grunting and other sounds fueled her own. She loved the sounds that came from his lips as he made love to her.

Soon another tightening in her lower stomach began and Sesshoumaru wanted to nurture it. His long arm reached around his bitch and rubbed her protruding clit. "Such a good bitch, so tight on my cock!" He said as he thrust and rubbed her.

His words were met with a loud moan. So his bitched liked being talked dirty too? He would keep that in mind. "Do you like my cock? Say you love it pounding away inside of you!" he demanded as he thrust a bit harder into her.

"UH... Fuck I love your cock." She screamed she was so close, so close to coming again she just wanted to.... "AHHHH!" She screamed and bucked as she came onto his cock down there thighs and into his hand. He growled and he pushed into her once twice and shot his seed into her deadened womb.

Leaning forwards he bit into her neck. Twinning together their aura's. Their was a green light as their auras combined together. Sesshoumaru was thrown off her and landed against the opposite wall. Kagome writhed on the bed and screamed out in pain. Sesshoumaru tried to approached her but was zapped from a barrier. He pounded on the barrier as he watched her wiggle and twitch and scream out in pain. Moments crawled by as he watched her. Finally the barrier fell and she was in a deep sleep. He walked over and touched her.

Her breathing was even and her heart rate strong. Her skin was warm to the touch. She was sound asleep. He placed her under the covers and crawled into the bed with her.

The next morning Kagome awoke with a start. She loo0ked around until she remembered what happened as she looked over at Sesshoumaru and blushed. She touched her mating mark. It felt hot to touch and it sent electric shocks throughout her body. She was warm and she could feel her pulse beneath her skin. She opened her eyes wide in shock and ran across the room and looked into a mirror.

Her checks were flushed, her eyes alive, and her lips were no longer cold and dull pink. Her skin was warm to touch and she could feel the blood rushing through her veins unlike what she ever could before. She would never have noticed it had she not died. She dug deep inside to find that Sesshoumaru and her own aura's had merged to create her own soul. She was alive again.

Sesshouamru watched curious as to what she was doing, he was quickly behind her as she started to cry. "What is wrong my love? Do you regret?" He asked hugging her. Holding her warm skin to himself. She was warm.... warm.

"Sesshoumaru I'm alive again, yours and my own aura created a soul all my own. I'm alive!" She said as she laughed and threw her self at him.

He smirked, well it looked like they would be having a new heir for the western lands after all. "Come my love, we are going to enjoy this new found life of yours." He said smirking while dragging her off to bed. Trading places was such a good idea.

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