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I love the idea for this story! A prehistoric Sesshomaru! The way they speak is killing me, though! Update again soon! :D

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Wow so kagome's in some sort of prehistoric time. What in the world is she going to do when seshomaru decides to mate with her? She can try to purify him but that would make an enemy of him, so perhaps she could try to prevent the mating by demanding some sort of custom or ritual be observed first. 


Update soon onegai


Ja ne

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I keep wondering whether she'll manage to go back. Very intriguing!

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Hmmm, I have to agree with sugar0o's comment...that idea would be a very interesting predicament.

He ate Inuyasha...ewww and gross. Even that far back they hated each other. Things never change, even in time, place and circumstances.

LoL...awesome chapter. Looking for future chapters.


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Lol this is too hilarious!!! I love it! I wonder how she’s going to deal with lusty Sesshomaru? :) 

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this is cute  keep writing it

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Lol and the tensay club killed me! 

Rin  tin is cute even then.

Poor Kagome how will she escape the amorous Caveman? 

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It's bloody fantastic. 

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Dinosaurs indeed!

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Will she find her way back to the gang or will the gang already be there? LOL :)

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Great job!!!

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