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Lord Neandermaru by Walter205


"Bye Momma, bye Souta, bye Grandpa, see ya later Buyo!" shouted Kagome as she skipped out the door even with the heavy weight of her bag. A chorus of replies accompanied her to the well as she stopped for a moment, making sure that she grabbed everything she either needed or wanted to come with her into the past. She had her backpack, bow, quiver of arrows, and pack of food that Mama had assisted her with preparing for everyone. With a nod of her head and eyes closed, she leapt into the well.


While falling through the blue azure void between times she could just imagine everyone being happy to see her again, including Shippou who would probably greet her with a big hug. It had been a week after all following her latest fight with Inuyasha; usually she was gone for only a day or two. While imagining hugging the kitsune her arms went wide and the package of food slipped off of her hand. With a small "Oops" she went to grab it again just as the light started to shine from arriving at her destination.


As she snagged the wayward package the light faded back into the normal blue and she looked up to see what looked to be the well disappearing into the distance above her. A feeling of dread welled up inside her as she continued to fall farther and farther.


"Oh no, what have I gotten myself into this time? I didn't know you could slip out of the...time stream? Am I in a time river now?" Kagome questioned aloud to no one as she continued falling.


After what felt like an eternity, the bright light once again appeared, encasing her. Kagome instinctively grabbed for her bow and an arrow, not knowing what she was going to find on the other side but wanting to be ready just in case.


Water invaded her nose and mouth as she found herself inside a lot of it, immediately thrashing about. Daylight greeted her eyes as she looked up through a hole in the rocks around her and she swam up. Gasping and sputtering as she reached the surface after swimming about a dozen feet, Kagome glanced around to an unfamiliar landscape. She looked to be in a spring of some kind, a hot spring thankfully as the water felt warm. Swimming to the nearest bank, she pulled herself out of the water as she considered her options.


She could try swimming back down into what she now saw was a cave through the clear water, but how far would she have to swim to activate the portal? If it didn't activate, would she be able to find her way back up? Drowning in of itself didn't sound particularly pleasant, but it would be even worse in a cave, who knows when someone would find her body, if ever. Shuddering softly, she decided her best present option would be to explore as she slid her soaking wet and heavy backpack off of her shoulders.


But first, even though there was absolutely no way...


"Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippou!" she called out at the top of her lungs.


She got a response, just not one she was looking for. An inhuman roar reached her ears as something large stomped through the nearby trees, heading in her direction. An "eek" escaped her lips as she drew her bow and notched an arrow in the wet string as she called forth her spiritual powers.


As the beast emerged from the forest running in her general direction, she loosed the arrow with a burst of spiritual energy, feeling a strong demonic presence coming from that direction. Too late, she realized the demonic energy was coming from behind the creature, something that was being chased. As her brain caught up with her, she quickly identified that the oddly shaped animal was an Ankylosaurus, knowing that because she had just crammed that knowledge into her brain a day ago, with a test coming up soon on Dinosaurs.




While this thought process was coming to fruition, her arrow had bounced off the armored head of the creature and flown into a nearby tree. Said Ankylosaurus with an unexpected threat in front of it, came skidding to a sideways halt and swung its club tail at the new threat as it started to stampede off to her left. Standing stock still in shock at the dawning realization of her current timeline predicament, Kagome took the barbed tail square in the back without moving a muscle. Several crunches sounded as her quiver of arrows was destroyed and she was flung several feet face first into a nearby tree.


Pain exploded from both her back and head as her body crumpled to the ground. The last thing she heard as darkness overtook her was the Ankylosaurus bellowing in pain.



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