Mutnodjmet (Chapter 40) - Sat 06 Oct 2018

Very interesting and somewhat unique story! 

The first part of this story is confusing especially with the journal entries. 

If it is Kagome's journal, why does Sesshomaru have it?  The journal entries read like a narrative of what is happening in Kagome's life instead of thoughts coming from her in her own voice or perspective.  Who actually wrote the journal and how were they privy to her thoughts and the goings on her household?

What are the timeframes...meaning I get that they are in the present but a year would be nice I guess?  How is Sesshomaru able to time travel back when the boys are in the past and he goes looking for them?  I thought Orion was the only one with that ability?

Sesshomaru's first appearance into Kagome's lfe when she was 5 is a bit confusing also. He just seemed to have appeared out of nowhere in the middle of her parents garden, which I gathered was behind a wall and gate.  It didn't seem like he had any business with her father, so why was he there?

The story is holding my interest and I am looking forward to the updates when they post.

Nice job!!!

Sesskagaddict89 (Chapter 40) - Sat 06 Oct 2018

Wow this is so different and really exciting. This is definitely one of my top 5 for sure.

Toni (Chapter 30) - Fri 24 Mar 2017

peeked my curiosity   what happened to kagome?  can't wait for next chapters




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