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A Love That Was Lost But Never Forgotten by KeikoTakataxx12

New update!

This story was recently a complete chapter series but has been changed to a Drabble series but still have the same stuff it had before. The Point of view has changed and so has some other stuff.


Their father use to tell them, that soul mates were a real item in the world, that when you fell in love, it felt like a thousand butterflies in you're stomach and heart. That it felt like you were floating in the air like a butterfly. He use to tell them about how he fell in love, with their mother, that they let the butterflies go and fell in love with each other. Their mother was a human while their father wasn't of the same species, he was a demon.

The brothers were born with ears and a tail, I mean, it's hard to deny the existence of demons now since he did have the qualities of them. Most people deny the existence of them because they are in hiding for the safety of themselves. Chicken shits right?

But during 1185, Their mother met Their father before he was sent to fight for a war of sorts. He never liked talking about it even though Orion's curiosity was spiked beyond belief. His father said that it was the day that he thought he wouldn't come back but made sure of it when she told him she was pregnant with the children. Their mother and father were a mated couple back then which, according to their father this was a very big deal for demons everywhere

They were a mated couple which in the demon world made it so she would only die when he died, being half human and half demon the brothers got the life span of any S-class demon of their father's caliber but the feelings of a human, they could feel everything a typical human would feel. Their father never let them forget that they were two very special twins, but don't look 100 percent alike but were both born on the same night, when the crescent moon was hanging high above their mother and three stars lined up in a row.

Concubines were a real thing to demon lords and lands were split between the East, South, West, and North. Their father was from the West while their mother was from the South, both lands were bitter rivals that wagged war against one another for the simple title of being 'Supreme Conquer' in the eyes of the world.



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