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SmilingFool (Chapter 19) - Wed 14 Feb 2018

Hi sorry your chapter did not post....

Kessa (Chapter 19) - Wed 14 Feb 2018

Love this chapter but isn't this out of order from chapter 18?  I distinctly recall Naraku and Miroku being held and tortured by Inu no Tashio and Inuyasha and Sango before being rescued....and Kagura coming with them.  But maybe I'm crazy, lol  

Can't wait to see more!  I love all your work!

witchy_woman (Chapter 19) - Sat 10 Feb 2018

wasnt this the same chapter as the last one

Angoli (Chapter 19) - Fri 09 Feb 2018

Beautiful work! I am addicted to all of your stories and cannot wait for updates! 


But I do not think you realize- you posted the same chapter twice... 18 and 19 of this story are the same. 

Selenityhyperion (Chapter 19) - Wed 07 Feb 2018

This chapter was just as good as when it was chapter 18 :P

critique (Chapter 19) - Wed 07 Feb 2018

This is the same chapter as 18...

Anonymous (Chapter 19) - Wed 07 Feb 2018

You posted the same chapter teice

Saya (Chapter 18) - Tue 02 Jan 2018

Love this story since day one! Looking forward for more. 

rithy (Chapter 18) - Tue 02 Jan 2018

Oooh! I see the danger is getting closer to home and poor Miroku and Naraju! Hopefully they get help from who I think it is! Another one to join our revolutionaries? Thank you so much for updating! I'm hooked on this story! Great storyline! 

Natalia (Chapter 17) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

Poor shippo!

I loved the family scene!

Ayame is cool!

Thx for updating!

Annie (Chapter 17) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

I am glad that Shippo is now safe. Sesshomaru, Kagome and Rin surrounded him with so much love.   What a way to start off the new year.

a Mysticlady (Chapter 15) - Thu 07 Dec 2017

Love this story. Wonderfully written, and the plot is very different.

By the way, missed it when you removed it. Can't wait to read more.

chevonne knowles (Chapter 15) - Wed 06 Dec 2017

I just have to say that this is fantastic I've never read a story like this one. This concept and idea is brilliant. Don't stop writing I really truly hope you finish it. I am surely looking forward to the next installment.

Annie (Chapter 15) - Wed 06 Dec 2017

Whew love it. Kagome and Sesshomaru are great together. I am loving their own power. I'm glad that the lands rejected Inu no Taisho.

Please update soon. 

Mars (Chapter 15) - Wed 06 Dec 2017

Ohhh my god. That was so good. 

Natalia (Chapter 15) - Wed 06 Dec 2017

I love how you are weaving magic in the plot!

The connection with the land is something that I absolutely adore! It's just unique! I love it!

And I so loved their declaration!

But still inutaisho must have a plan. And it will be terrifying! That calculated gaze it doesn't bode well for them!

Thx for updating! I like every chapter more and more!

Satu82 (Chapter 14) - Wed 29 Nov 2017

 I'm so excited this story is back and that you're planning to continue it! It feels so unique and has such interesting and different character interactions I just love it! 

 This chapter was a little confusing but it was kinda cool, it seemed like it was meant to be confusing at first and then Sesshomaru kinda summarized what happened right at the end. Interesting turn of events and a seemingly crazy moral booster for the team! 
 That said I really hope Shippou is ok and I can't wait for the rest of the story to unfold!

Natalia (Chapter 14) - Wed 29 Nov 2017

Beautiful!  The connection was tangible and I felt the land alive! 

Thank you for Another amazing chapter! 

Loveyaa (Chapter 13) - Tue 28 Nov 2017

Keep going!!

Rei (Chapter 13) - Fri 24 Nov 2017
<p>I Love Your Story..???????? Your writing is brilliant!!</p>

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