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Revolution by Pensierri32


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Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me; the carriage held but just ourselves and immortality. – Emily Dickinson


            Kagome’s eyes widened as a large hand faintly smelling of autumn leaves wrapped itself around her mouth.

            “Quiet, miko. Or I will shout loud enough for the hanyou’s guards to come and find out who dares to disturb his rest.” The voice was low, an angry rumble that made her quell a quiver of sudden, instinctual dread. She hadn’t heard him in a long, long time, ever since she’d made that accursed wish.

            Pushing her fear away, she stilled and nodded, hoping against hope that he had come to take her away from the Western Citadel and Inuyasha. She almost squeaked when a hard arm came around her stomach, tightening her abdomen instinctively as he pushed off from the ground and ran like the wind through the night-dark forest. She made no sound as he carried them farther and farther away from her wish, from the pain she had inflicted on herself and the Western Lands.

            After about half an hour, he launched into the air, a cream-colored cloud forming at his feet. He put her down once they were safely airborne, once she had nowhere to run, looking back at the moonlit palace in the distance. Her gaze followed his movement. She caught her breath at its beauty, eyes roving over the glimmering turrets, the high walls laced with flowering vines of jasmine. The lotus-dotted river gleamed in the lantern lights of the huge city surrounding the palace. A small strip of green valley separated the city’s inhabitants from the forest. It looked ethereal and serene, a dream wrought into reality.

Kagome looked away a second before he did, pushing away the burn in the corners of her eyes.

            They continued to fly in silence towards a far corner of his former lands, eventually landing by a hot spring. He released her the second they touched down. “Wash. That scent on you can be followed.”

            So saying, he turned his back to her and leapt into the shadows, presumably to catalogue the reaction of her ‘guards’ and to hide their trail. Their scent could still be followed in the air by those knowledgeable enough and skilled enough to track them.

            Kagome hurriedly undressed, sending out a small flare of her aura to see if any dangers lurked close by. Sensing nothing more than a family of red pandas, she set her clothes to soak and scrubbed herself with handfuls of sand gathered from the bottom of the pool. Before she washed her hair, she hung her clothes up to dry, grimacing at the beautiful but plain blue youkai silk. It had been a gift from her would-be mother-in-law, a woman she had come to hate for her petty attitude.

Another small flare of her aura brought no sense of danger and she returned to getting Inuyasha’s scent off of her skin. It was a scent that she had grown tired of over the past few months. Kagome sighed morosely as she felt a coil of rage deep inside of her whip at the thought of the twisted souls in the Jewel of Four Souls. She had spent four years completing the pink bauble only to have her wish corrupted beyond her wildest imagining. She huffed and closed her eyes, tying up her anger and burying it beneath her guilt for making an unworthy wish. She climbed out of the pool and found a bit of moss to wipe herself off with, quickly putting on her damp clothes after she was dry. Unfortunately, her mind wandered and she ended up reminiscing on the last time she’d come to a hot spring.

            Kagome made a face as she smoothed out the folds of silk tied around her body, lost in the memory. She hadn’t enjoyed the visit at all, her heart curiously numbed to the pain of watching Inuyasha fawn over Kikyou like a boy with his first crush. And his mother… Izayoi had done nothing but make sure Kagome watched them. Kagome sighed silently and pushed the unpleasant memory away.

Turning to face the north, she flared her aura and tied her obi as skillfully as she could without a servant to aid her. The simplest of knots hid her curves beneath the three layers of silk. Each layer brought out a different shade of the oceanic blue of her eyes, emphasized the creamy paleness of her skin, and the dark contrast of her hair. Despite the lack-of-embroidery that would identify her as a member of the royal household, Kagome looked lovely enough to be a princess. For once, she was grateful that Kikyou’s jealousy had kept the palace clothier from stitching the Western symbol on her kimono. It would be easier to remain unidentified without the crescent moon etched between her shoulder blades.

            Sighing, she knelt by the hot spring, automatically smoothing the crinkles in her kimono with a graceful hand- as drilled into her by the Etiquette Mistress. She watched the steam rise into the darkness of the night, only startling when a small, furry head nosed its way under her hand. “Hello, little one. Couldn’t sleep?”

            The red panda cub yipped at her, curling up in her lap and purring as she scratched its back. Its large silver eyes drooped beneath heavy eyelids as she continued her ministrations and soon the cute creature was asleep. For her part, Kagome remained lost in thought, watching as dew began to form on the leaves around her.

            “Miko.” His voice was quiet, an angry rumble which forced her to quell a shiver of fear. “Rise. We must leave this place now. The hanyou has noticed your absence.”

            She picked up the red panda cub and placed him beneath a small frond for protection before jumping down from the boulder. She did not use her powers to place a barrier around the small creature, in case her aura was recognized.

“I don’t still smell like him, do I?” She met his eyes for the first time since he’d taken her.

            There was rage in his gaze, a fine, razor-sharp rage that threatened to burn down everything in his path the second he unleashed himself. She stilled. “No. Come.”

            He took her hand this time, helping her onto the cloud before speeding away over the border and towards the Northern Territories. He still didn’t speak and so she remained silent as well. He slowed as they reached the Northern Lands, circling around the curve of an island before swooping down towards a small crevasse rampaged by fierce, crashing waves. He waited until the waves had momentarily receded and then zipped into the cave, ignoring her gasp and the small hand grasping at his armor.

            He put her down quickly, waiting until she could stand on her own and then turning and walking deeper into the darkness. With a careless thought, he lighted the torches for her. If she was injured, it would be months before he could find another miko as powerful, maybe even years. Maybe never.

            She followed as he stalked ahead, not wanting to get to their destination and receive the tension apparent in every line of his body. When he finally stopped, she had to hold in her gasp. The circular cavern was massive, easily able to hold many inu youkai in their true forms. Pillows and rugs were piled over the cold floor in elegant disarray, tapestries and bookshelves covered the walls alongside maps and portraits of what she assumed were members of the nobility. Staircases curved up like snakes along the walls to open onto a balcony that circled the whole room, framing small alcoves with burning fires and lighted crystals.

            “You will tell me exactly what you said in that foolish wish, miko.” His voice was freezing, laced with the thread holding back the flames of his fury. His golden eyes blazed at her, murdering her where she stood and his long, silver hair moved in an invisible wind around his body.

            “I wished for Inuyasha’s happiness.” Her words fell into silence and she knelt, head bowing. She fought against the tears she had refused to shed in the Western Palace. “I had no idea that his happiness would entail such disaster for everyone. I’m sorry.”

            He growled, raising the hairs on the back of her neck. “Did you even think before you acted miko? Did you read your history? My father, the Great Dog Demon General, was a bloodthirsty, aggressive male with little to no regard for the people he governed. Bringing him back from the dead was one of the worst acts of idiocy ever committed on the face of this planet! His youngest son, now his heir, is just as selfish and cruel as he is. No one but Inuyasha and Izayoi were ever happy under the Inu no Taisho’s rule. No one. You gave all three of them the power they had years ago just when I had begun to rectify their mistakes. Do you think that city was there the day my father died? Do you think the title of Western Lord was coveted the day it was bequeathed to me?”

            He whipped away from the tears in her eyes, hating to acknowledge that she couldn’t be blamed for her innocent desire. “You took from me my lands and my people, threw both to the hands of an uncouth barbarian. You took from me the daughter whom I cared for and the only pack besides my mother I had ever acknowledged. You took from me my title and my birthright! You are a fool, miko! A cursed, blind, moronic fool!

            Kagome was too guilt-ridden to be shocked at his anger, the loss of his famed control. She bowed her head beneath the weight of the past years.

            “And for that,” he said quietly, reigning in his fury and waiting until she looked at him, “you will assist me in taking back what is mine.”

            His golden eyes held a strength of conviction and possessiveness that shook her. His stance was calm and able, loose with an aura of accepted responsibility that demanded respect. Her eyes dried as she flicked her gaze over him.

            He was nothing compared to Inuyasha’s father, the current Lord of the Western lands, his aura was almost non-existent in comparison with the Inu no Taisho’s aura and yet… she sat back on her heels. He was so much more.

            There was more than cunning in those golden eyes, there was intelligence and compassion. She knew, without a doubt, that she would never be forced to show this man respect. He would earn it, would not merely demand it.

            She bowed to him. “What would you have of me, Lord Sesshoumaru?”

            He reclined on a set of cushions in front of her, muscles still stiff with anger. “Make yourself comfortable, miko. We have much to discuss.”


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