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Katrina Kee (Chapter 7) - Fri 01 Sep 2017

I wonder who will be the next egg ???? that Sesshomaru tries to crack ???!!!??? Muwhaaaa !!! ???????????? ????????????

onto the next chapter! I can't wait to find out what happened !

Natalia (Chapter 7) - Wed 19 Jul 2017

So many years later and the secret is still not out! Is there a chance for an update? Please? Hopefully we will see more of this! Take care and good luck!

Elspeth (Chapter 7) - Wed 23 Dec 2015

Such awesome evilness!!! Muwahahahahaha!

Saiya (Chapter 7) - Wed 23 Dec 2015

Battle Well Milady Battle well. Poor Miroku I want the last photo of Sango and i'm A Girl. but it sounded so Cute.

roberta. (Chapter 7) - Tue 22 Dec 2015

Loved the update feel better Merry Christmas

Harleypool (Chapter 7) - Tue 22 Dec 2015

Oh damn, he tried to get miroku with his weakness! never keep a secret from maru!!! Lol

Rhonda (Chapter 1) - Wed 16 Dec 2015

   Oh My!!!!!

And the plot they think they can keep a secret  from Sesshoumaru. ...

They craft and wile away while our devious dog appears  to have quite a few tricks and traps planned himself.

All the while planning to hold Kagome completely  accountable, with a bit of a gleeful  anticipation....

Sounds like he may become a very naughty  dog with a new chew toy.....

Saiya (Chapter 6) - Mon 14 Dec 2015


roberta. (Chapter 6) - Mon 14 Dec 2015

A Murphy's law.

Pamela (Chapter 6) - Mon 14 Dec 2015

Can't wait to find out what punishment Sess will dole out for Kagome and how careful Miroku will be or will he take a misstep:)

Saiya (Chapter 5) - Wed 09 Dec 2015

Hehehehehe Go Kagome nice plan.

Mz Taisho Sama (Chapter 5) - Tue 08 Dec 2015

I really like this story so far, but I keep thinking.....WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!!! Did they cough Rin with Shippo or Kohaku??.

.. Or they just passed out drunk? ?? You need to clarify this ASAP!!!


Diane Peter (Chapter 1) - Tue 08 Dec 2015

Well it looks interesting so far. You do have were/where errors though, every time you have were it should be where.

Fyrelilly (Chapter 5) - Tue 08 Dec 2015

It's so good I can't stop grinning.   I am always grateful for stories like this.  Thank you! 

Al (Chapter 4) - Tue 08 Dec 2015

Drunk!! Did they sneak some drinks and get drunk?

Pamela (Chapter 5) - Tue 08 Dec 2015

Way to go Kagome! I love the parting shot they gave Jaken made me chuckle:) so Sess used her real name hehe! Wonder what he is thinking:)

Pamela (Chapter 4) - Tue 08 Dec 2015

Oh no! And he doesn't ask anyone but Kagome. The pressure, will she be able to explain to Sesshoumaru. Will she confess her undying love and throw him off. Duhn Duhn Duhn. It was going so well until Yasha moved his ear and Jaken messed up. I wonder if Kagome will throw Jaken under the bus. Maybe Rin will wake up and explain to Sess:)

roberta. (Chapter 3) - Tue 08 Dec 2015

Either they got drunk or had sex which or both?

Saiya (Chapter 3) - Tue 08 Dec 2015

Poor Jaken/ Thou they could put all the blame on Jaken

Pamela (Chapter 3) - Tue 08 Dec 2015

Absolurely hilarious Jaken will definitely keep quiet. Can't wait to find out how this all plays out with Sess he can sense lies, hehe! Perhaps Kagome can distract him by messing with his head, lol! Out of the gutter people, hehe!

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