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Who Has A Secret? by Karichan

Why you make one. (Prologue)

The village of Edô was full of joy and merriment as the climax of a festival was beginning. The summer night was warm and comforting to the soul. The sounds of children laughing as they ran pass their elders like obstacles in a game of tag. The banter and gossip of the women as they giggled amongst themselves. The loud egotistical filled slurs of older men as the talked about their glory days as the sake warmed their bellies. The night truly was fantastic.

However, not everyone was partaking in the festivities. There, near the edge of the forest, just were the happy voices of the villagers faded was a figure clothed in red. It was not fully man yet not fully beast. The figure was in fact a hanyou. A hanyou by the name of Inuyasha.

The male was trembling with every breath he took. His face flushed as he tried to wrap his mind around the situations at hand. The panic was slowly building as he was still hunched over the body before him. How did this happen? His ears were flat against his head as he realized the damage. This was bad. Very very bad.


There were footsteps coming his way but he didn't hide, he needed help. The person's scent gave him some ease as they came closer.

"Inuyasha were have you been? What's going-" the voice stoped as the hanyou turned to face his new found savior.

"K-Kagome, I don't know- I mean how did this- Kagome this is bad." The inu hanyou ended his sentence with a low whine as tears welled in his eyes. He had too much to drink.

The miko was stunned as she processed the scene before her. Her eyes went wide as she saw the first body not that far from were Inuyasha and the second body he held were at. Quick thinking had to happen. The first body wasn't really a problem. The second one that her friend held however, that was a problem. A very big problem. Inuyasha was right, this was bad.

"Inuyasha, how did this happen!"

This is for Siere Serenity star's Clueless challenge. my first time doing one so i hope you all like it!

also i am working on the last segment of Play House so be on the look out!

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