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I was born in the late 80's
I'm not Will Smith but I am black and also from Philly. Oh, and a woman too. 
I read fan fiction when I'm bored
I try to write it when I'm in pain.
I guess I'm in pain again. 



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On one fateful day a certain Prince sensed Kagome's arrival to his time. After spying on her out of curiosity, Kagome was forced to submit to a proposition she couldn't refuse. Little did they know there was much to be curious about between humans and inuyoukai... WARNING: Detailed descriptions of sadistic torture, violence, suggestive incest and lemon.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 07 Jul 2017  -  Updated: 19 Sep 2018
Genre: Action, Angst, Dark, Drama, Erotica, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 26  -  Reviews: 90  -  Words: 115,955  -  Reads: 81,375
Japan's premier institution for exorcising evil spirits - a nervous hospital of sorts. Yokai Manor has never failed to rid a demon of what ails it... until a Daiyokai - once thought to be immune to possession - is in need of treatment after a tragic incident. They believe he's too far gone, but a new hire, a priestess who's wet behind the ears isn't so sure about that...
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 06 Jul 2018  -  Updated: 11 Aug 2018
Genre: Angst, Dark, Romance, Tragedy  -  Chapters: 7  -  Reviews: 27  -  Words: 26,319  -  Reads: 6,816


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Created On: 08/31/2018 20:40:30

Thank you for your review on "The Shoot!" And yes, I bet 11 inches would give anyone pause in real life, lol.

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