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Currently Reading (Manga): Too many to name.

Currently Reading (Books): R.A Salvatore novels, J.R Ward Novels, James Patterson, Hush Hush Series, Holly Black Novels, House of Night, Maggie Stiefvater series, The Mage Wars. So many good books.

Currently Playing On Playstation and Playstation 3: Devil May Cry 1-3, Devil May Cry 4, DmC, Bayonetta, Batman Arkam Asylum and many more.

Pen Names: Nico, Nicobu, Nickolas RavenBlackheart, Ceru, Aribu, Bu bu, Nicoritto.

Age: 26
Sex: Genderfluid
Description: Short; wavy neon pink hair w/Honey brown eyes.
Birthday: October 24th.
Location: Clearwater, Florida.
Pets: My Terrier Mix. OwO/ His name is Pabu!

Work Status: Housewife. I take care of the house while my bf is a work.
How long have I been writing?: I started to write original works when I was 9, then when I turned 16 I got interested in Inuyasha and began writing Fanfiction. I have written Fanfiction ever since!

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