Immortal Journey by thehotty

A New Agent

thehotty : Who-ho! How fun this is!

Sesshoumaru : Indeed. You are rewriting a story.

Kagome : I like this one a lot more. It isn't stuck, since this is like the only thing you think about.

thehotty : Yeah, well, it helps trying to think up the next chapter along the way to work.

Kagome : True. So, on with it!


She sat in front of her desk and flipped through the pages of a manuscript in front of her. It was the fourth addition of the series, yet she still feared that her new agent wasn't going to like it at all. It was dull compared to the first and second and plain boring compared to the third. But it was all about the romance and the building affection between the two main characters.

A loud knock sounded on the door, causing the woman to jump slightly from the unexpected noise. She quickly straightened her long raven hair and smoothed out her tie and dress shirt. Glancing at the computer screen, she quickly scanned her face in the reflective black screen, making sure she looked fine, her blue eyes searching franticly.

After realizing she looked fine, she picked up a remote and turned down the blaring music she had forgotten was playing.

"Come in!" she called out.

The door swung open to reveal a woman much like herself except with long silver hair. Fangs poked out of the corner of the woman's lips when she smirked and her mails were pointed like claws.

"Hey, mom! Uncle Yasha told me to tell you your new agent's here. Yasha says Kyo has got him in the living room waiting for you," the woman called out.

'Mom' nodded and stood up. "Alright girlie. Let's go meet my new boss-man," she joked while walking up to her daughter. She threw an arm around her shoulders and neck and began to walk down the halls.

"Kyo says he looks very familiar, but he can't place him. Could he be a demon? Because if he wasn't, Kyo'd have no problems remembering," the girl voiced.

The woman sighed. "Kanade, I couldn't tell you. Majick can do a lot of things now a-days. Most demons try to blend it. He could be a demon, or he could be human," she answered with a shrug.

They reached the entrance to the living room where three men sat. Three sets of golden eyes met the woman's. One in question and confusion, one in guilt and sadness, and the third in shock and anger.

The woman ignored the first two sets and watched the third one in growing horror.

"Shit," she whispered before almost completely losing the use of her legs, causing her to lean up against the door frame.

"We're fucked Kagome," the rough voice of the second pair of eyes commented.

Kagome turned her attention to those eyes and stared at him, silently begging for a way out. Those eyes dropped to look at his clawed hands, showing off his fine furred puppy ears and silver hair.

The first pair watched quietly for a minute. "Mom, what's going on?" his smooth, warm voice asked.

Kagome looked at him, taking in his features briefly. He was tall, almost two heads taller then herself. He had a decent amount of muscle, for any demon of the modern times. His silver hair hung loose around his face, reaching mid-thigh. He had a blue moon on his forehead, but it was covered by his bangs all the time so nobody would ask about it.

She turned to face her daughter, who was watching the third guy closely. Her daughter faced her as well.

"Mom, seriously, what's up? Who is this? Another Uncle you didn't mention or what?" she asked pointing a finger at the unknown figure.

"Sit down, Kanade. Leave your mom alone for a minute," Inu Yasha ordered.

Kanade swung her head to face her Uncle. "No! Tell me what's going on," she demanded.

"Kanade, sit down!" Kagome ordered.

She swung her head back to look at her mom. After realizing her mother wasn't in the mood, Kanade decided to listen to her mother. She moved over to the couch her brother sat on and sat next to him.

She watched her mother pick out a chair across from them and closer to their Uncle then the other man.

Kagome sat down and sighed before looking up at a furious demon. He had long silver hair that went to his knees and piercing golden yellow eyes. An identical blue quarter moon stood on his forehead while two maroon stripes lied on each of his cheeks. She knew he stood a full two heads taller then herself even while he sat.

She adverted her gaze as his glare hardened. She faced Inu Yasha for support, but he didn't look at her.

Turning her attention back to her children, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Kanade, Kyo, meet your father, Sesshoumaru-sama."

Kyo laughed and Kanade smiled. "Seriously mom, who is he?" Kanade asked, obviously not believing her.

A growl erupted from the demon. "Woman! What is the meaning of this?"

Kyo immediately stood up from his spot and glared at the demon. "You will respect the Northern Lady. She is above you!" he growled.

Kagome stood up and held her hands out. "Stop Kyo! Sit down and let me handle this, ok darling?" she reassured.

Kyo glared at the demon and sat back down. Kanade stared at her mother as if she'd gone nuts.

"Sesshoumaru, don't growl at me. Your threats are useless," she turned to her children. "And I'm not lying."

"Mom, please. Dad died before we were born. I mean, both you and Uncle Yasha told us. Are you saying some 500 years later, he's brought back to life? Please! I know majick can bring people back sometimes, but only the recently dead. And even that's hard," Kanade said.

Kyo glared at his sister. "Stupid! She obviously lied to us and got Inu Yasha to go with it. What I want to know is why lie to us?" he asked, turning to face Kagome and Inu Yasha.

Kagome stole a quick glance at Sesshoumaru, noticing his hard glare before facing her son again. "I didn't want to lie to you two, but I was ashamed of the truth. I figured this way, you'd grow up thinking your father was some great demon," she answered.

Kanade looked up. "Instead of what mom? The Lord of the West? Instead of the Legendary Tiayouki? Instead of the all-revered Sesshoumaru?" she almost yelled.

Kagome glared at her daughter. "Instead of a cold, heartless, soulless, self-centered, all-obey-me, I-don't-care-about-any-one-but-myself Sesshoumaru. Instead of the man that left me after a one-night thing and a years worth of journeys. Instead of you knowing your father didn't give a shit about me and denied his blood!" Kagome yelled standing up from her seat. "So you will lower your voice and not accuse me of anything but looking out for you, because that's all I've ever done!"

Tears streamed down her cheeks as her children stared wide eyed at her. Inu Yasha stood up and placed a hand on her shoulder. She jerked out of his reach and turned to face Sesshoumaru.

"And you! I came to your damned castle several times but you kept denying of ever having any kind of contact with me. You called me a liar! And now you demand to know what the hell's going on? Screw you!"

She stormed out of the room and soon they all could hear music blasting through the house.

Inu Yasha turned his hard eyes to his brother. "You've destroyed her life once already, dip-shit, and you're doing it again. Why can't you just let everyone live in peace, ass hole?" he asked before following the path Kagome had taken.

Kanade was too shocked at her mothers' outburst to even move. Kyo turned to face his sister.

"Hey, smart move! Let's make mom blow up!" he yelled.

Kanade growled and grabbed Kyo's throat. "Shut up mutt! It's not my fault. If anything it's his fault," she sent a glare at Sesshoumaru while snarling, "And yours. You let that bastard in!"

Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed as he moved to stand in front of them. "You will respect me. I am your father."

Kyo laughed. "The only father we respect is dead. You are just a sire." He pried Kanade's hands off his throat. "Come on sis. Let's go find Kikyou."

They both stood up and left the living room and an angry demon Lord behind them.

He glared at the door that everyone had left through. Deciding nobody was coming back, he figured he'd go and search for the woman.

Kagome sat on her bed and glared at the hanyou before her. No matter what he said to her, the situation was bad. She never figured that Sesshoumaru as a publisher in all her life. She had been careful to stay away. Careful in protecting her children. Careful to keep her heart from shattering again.

Of course, she blamed it on Inu Yasha. He was her informant on what Sesshoumaru was doing and where he was. He had either failed to inform her that Sesshoumaru was a publisher or didn't even bother on checking upon him this time.

"I'm tired of telling you sorry! I didn't know he was even in town. Nobody told me. When I last talked to him, he said he was going to Kyoto. I'm sorry!" he tried again.

Kagome sighed and looked down at the floor. "Why can't things just go easy for us? He's probably going to fight me tooth and nail for them. I don't want to give them up. I raised them. They're my children, damn it!" she cried out. "He's not getting them ever!"

She hit her fist on her bed and stood up and glared at the painting on the far wall that was covered by black velvet so no one could see it. She was the only one who knew what was under the cloth and she'd keep it that way.

A knock sounded at the door and Inu Yasha growled. Kagome answered it to find the cause of pain and disruption behind it. She scowled and turned around. "See what happens when you don't stay on top of shit?" she growled at Inu Yasha before storming to her bed and grabbing a pillow, throwing it at the hanyou. "Get lost! And check on the kids. Make sure they're alright."

Inu Yasha glared at his brother as he pushed past him to leave the bedroom.

Sesshoumaru watched Inu Yasha leave before walking into the bedroom and closing the door behind him.

"Woman, you will answer my questions," he demanded.

She laughed dryly before facing him. "Last time I checked, Sesshoumaru, you addressed people of higher rank respectfully. How would it look if the rest of Court found out you called the Northern Lady 'Woman' and not by her proper title? How many allies would you lose? I will be spoken to respectfully or you will hold your tongue," she replied.

Sesshoumaru growled at her. "Fine, Kagome, you will answer my question," he corrected himself.

"And what questions is that? How about 'When were you planning on telling me?' or 'Why didn't you tell me?'? Let me answer those first. I did tell you. You denied it more feverishly then a mad man denies he's gone insane. I told you as soon as I knew when I started to show. But you didn't care. And I don't see why you would now."

She plopped back onto the bed and once again let her gaze fall onto the covered painting.

"Why didn't you come back after they were born? Show the undeniable truth?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes. "You didn't want anything to do with them when I was pregnant, what would make me think you'd want something to do with them when they were born?" she asked. "You'd probably scream 'Witch' or 'Spell,' point at my immortality and have me sent to the dungeons for eternity while you killed them. I didn't want to subject them to that. I loved them, and I'll never stop loving them."

Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed. "They are my pups. I didn't get to see them grow up. You took all of that away from me," he accused.

She laughed again and let herself fall onto her back. "You took that away from yourself. You denied them. You left me. All I did was love you and love them. I raised them. Fought for everything they have. They asked and I bent over backwards for them Sesshoumaru. I didn't reject them when I initially thought they were going to be hanyou. So don't you go blaming me for anything. You should be thanking me fore keeping them safe and happy."

He watched her closely, noticing her attention was on a velvet covered wall hanging. Ignoring it, he turned back to her. "I would like to stay and get to know my pups better."

She turned her attention back to him. "Do what you please. But it's up to them wither or not you can get to know them. I'm not forcing anything onto them," she answered standing up. "Why don't you stay here while I go talk to them about it?"

He nodded and took a seat in a chair while she left the bedroom. He listened briefly as she walked down the hall before looking around the bedroom. A huge bed stood in the middle of the large room. A huge bed stood in the middle of the large room. The covers varied in hues of blues and purples, all the material obviously silk. Sniffing slightly, unaware of the action, he noted the only scent on the bed to be Kagome's own Lilac and Ocean's breeze scent.

A small book case sat against the wall next to his chair. He dully noted the different kinds. Science fiction, horror, medieval fairytales, a few fictions of various kinds and even fewer of non-fiction. A whole shelf was dedicated to books with words like 'Spirit,' 'Spells,' and the likes on it. Another was dedicated to Stephen King and a third to Anne McCaffrey's complete series of Pern.

He moved his attention away to a desk against another wall covered in objects, candles, papers and bowls. Standing up, he moved toward it to study it closer. He shuffled through the papers and read a few lines here and there, taking in her neat hand writing and precise drawings. The table was littered in spells and dream sequences. His brows furrowed together. What was all this for?

He turned his attention to the objects on the desk. Feathers, bowls of sand, ash, water, jars of strange concoctions, wants, stones, and even some brittle looking bones littered the surface. The candles varied in colors and size and inscenes sat in an earthenware mug. He faintly took note that there were only matches on the desk.

He moved once again to another wall. One covered in photos of Kagome and his pups. There were even a few of Inu Yasha, his mate and pups. Some photos held people he had never seen before. Two doors stood on this wall. He opened one to find a fairly decent sized bathroom with a sauna attached to it. Closing it, he turned his attention to the other door, finding this one to lead to a large closet the size of a medium bedroom.

Deciding not to look through her clothing, he closed the door and turned to the last thing in the room. The velvet covered wall hanging. Curiosity got the better of him as he pulled the better cloth off to reveal a painting.

It was a pointing of the edge of a forest with a well traveled path heading into it. Beautiful flowers lined the path and the sun as setting, causing the sky to fly into a fury of reds and golds. But none of this caught his attention. No, but what did was the figure with its back to the painter walking away, its long hair swaying with the motion. He immediately took in the armor and silverfish white hoira with a red flower pattern down one sleeve. He noticed the tail over the figures shoulder catch on a breeze. He noticed the black boot lighting off the ground to move further away. He noticed the two swords on the hip of the figure. He noticed how the sunset played on the silver hair, setting it o-glow with color.

Lastly he noticed the scent of Kagome fresh and strong in the room behind him.


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