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Everybody was sleeping inside Kaede hut except Kagome. Kagome decided to go for a walk to look for a certain demon. Kagome walked for fifteen minutes until she got to the river.

"Your late."

"Sorry Sesshomaru. Have you gotten comfortable since I gave you back your arm the last time we met?" Kagome asked

"Yes. Come sit with me." Sesshomaru said.

Kagome sat next to Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru pulled Kagome into his lap and held her tight.

"Sesshomaru will you join my group in search for Naraku and the jewel shards?" Kagome asked

"Why should I?" Sesshomaru answered back with a question.

"Cause I asked you to."

"If I say no you will make me right?"

"Yep" Kagome said with a smile on her face.

"Fine." Sesshomaru said.

Kagome went with Sesshomaru to his campsite. Rin and Jacken were sleeping against Ah-Un. Sesshomaru put Rin and Jacken gently on Ah-un's back. When they got back to the village it was two o'clock in the morning. They all entered. Kaede's hut except Ah-Un. Ah-Un just laid outside the hut. When they entered the hut they noticed everyone was awaked.

"Why are they here Kagome?" Inuyasha asked.

"There going to join our group, but if you say no I'll go join Sesshomaru's group."

'Fine Kagome, but you'll regret it." Inuyasha said

"Thank you Inuyasha." Kagome said.

They all went back to sleep. The next morning Kagome was the first one up so she decided to go take a bath. When she was at the hot spring she got undressed and went in.

Sesshomaru came out from the shadows.

"You shouldn't leave without a weapon or have someone to watch you to watch you." Sesshomaru Said.

Is that the reason you came?" Kagome asked.

"That and to join you."

Sesshomaru got undressed and went into the hot spring with Kagome. Sesshomaru went in front of Kagome and pinned her to the edge of the hot spring. Sesshomaru's eyes turned completely red. His

nails and fangs grew longer. He traced the border of Kagome's face with the tip of his nail. Sesshomaru moved Kagome's hair on the left side to the back of her head. He bit down on the left side of her neck. He moved his head away from her neck to see a small crescent moon slowly appearing. He turn back to his normal self. Kagome stared at Sesshomaru with fear in her eyes and tears stared to run down her face.

"Please Kagome don't be scared of me." Sesshomaru said while whipping Kagome"s tears.

"Why shouldn't I be?" Kagome asked.

"What you saw was my demonic side. It took over. I couldn't stop it. Please Kagome forgive me."

Sesshomaru said.

"Fine I'll forgive you." Kagome said.

After finishing in the hot spring they got dressed and went back to Kaede's hut. Two hours later the group was off to search for Naraku.

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