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He felt the anger overtake him, flooding him, overriding his senses. His beast howled at her words, at her declaration that she would be ending his child's life before it was even born. Everything he was, every instinct that made him the great taiyoukai, that made him Inu rose to the surface. His protective instincts took first place, and he could feel himself become lost. His beast demanded that the woman before him submit, demanded that she give herself over to his care and not harm either herself or his pup.

Sesshomaru had tried to keep his rage at her words in check, but when she had said them again, when she had condemned his pup his beast had taken over. He had lost control. He knew his beast couldn't truly harm Kagome, but it could still wound her, especially in her over-delicate state and the age his beast was in. But he had lost control. A human mortal had made him lose control. No...Kagome had made him lose control.

It was the scent of her blood and the sound of her laugh that snapped him out of it. The scent of her spilt blood that startled his beast enough for Sesshomaru to gain control once again. The second he was in control again he nearly panicked. He had wounded her with his claws, he had made her bleed. And then Kagome had passed out. But whether it was from blood loss or strain or something else he couldn't tell.

Sesshomaru mental berated himself for letting harm come to her as he carefully laid her back onto the bed. He moved to sit beside her and pulled one of her arms carefully into his lap, wincing when he felt just how boney and entirely too thin she was. Sesshomaru doubted that she weighed more than seventy pounds, probably less than even sixty. Something that was very wrong, especially since she was pregnant.

It felt like a great weight had suddenly been placed on his shoulders, but Sesshomaru wasn't one to back down. He vowed to bring Kagome out of whatever she had fallen into. He vowed to convince her to keep his child, even if she didn't want it he would take the pup off of her hands. He would even provide for her afterwards. But first he had to bring her back to some semblance of life.

Sesshomaru frowned as he looked around her dingy little apartment. Where would she hide something like a first aid kit? The bathroom? Still unsure, Sesshomaru quickly made his way into the closet called a bathroom and looked around. There was nothing under the sink which left only the medicine cabinet. He quickly opened that, not wanting Kagome to be left alone, especially now that she was bleeding, he wasn't sure she would live very long in her current condition.

Sesshomaru almost gave a sigh of relief when he found first aid supplies. He grabbed a roll of gauze and surgical tape along with a pair of scissors. And then he froze. Sesshomaru looked closer at the orange tinted bottle sitting on the bottom shelf. Sleeping pills and anti-depressants? He grit his teeth. He knew that such drugs were unhealthy for her to take if she was pregnant, who knew if his pup was still unharmed. And yet, he couldn't blame Kagome, after all, those pills were probably the only thing keeping her alive at that very moment. But that didn't mean he had to like it.

With an angry growl Sesshomaru swept the little containers into the trash, deciding then and there that Kagome would never touch such things again. After all, she had him now. Sesshomaru could still hear the sound of her laugh. It echoes in his head, and for some reason it made his chest hurt. He couldn't understand why, but it did. But that was the least of his worries he reminded himself. His first priority now was Kagome. Kagome and the wounds that he himself had caused her. Again that small pain in his chest, what was wrong with him?

Sesshomaru brought himself back to reality and swiftly made his was out to Kagome with the bandages. Seeing the wounds that he himself inflicted upon her brought a pang of guilt and anger to him. How could he have lost himself so much that he had harmed her? Harmed one so precious, one so weak and frail? But he knew why. She had spoken of abortion, had said it like it was the most natural thing in the world. She was already decided, she wanted to rid her body of his unborn pup. Even thinking about made him angry all over again, but he forced himself to calm.

Getting angry at her wouldn't help him to change her mind. But above all Sesshomaru knew that he had to convince her to keep his pup, had to convince her that she was wrong, that she didn't have to go through with her plan. He had to convince her, because if he didn't he would break and his beast would be let loose completely. But he had to remain strong, he had to be lenient with her, she didn't understand what she had done. Kagome didn't know anything about inu youkai. True, she had travelled with his half-brother at one point in time, but Inuyasha was only a hanyou, he wouldn't have had the same tendencies as a full inu youkai.

He had to remember that she knew nothing of his kind, that she didn't know that to inu youkai a pup was a most precious gift and that the father would protect both his pup and its mother with his life. She didn't realize that when she had spoken of abortion she was going against the very grain of inu belief, that she was making his beast claw at its cage. And that was the problem, if she continued to keep her views his beast would eventually overpower him and he would become primal, he would only know that he had to protect his pup and her, even if that meant protecting them both from her own self.

But he knew her, or at least, he had thought he had, she wouldn't stand for something like that, she wouldn't allow her free will to be taken from her, no matter if she understood why it was taken away she would fight him. And Sesshomaru feared that in her current condition anything that upset her could cause irrevocable damage to both her and their pup. No, he had to bring her over to his way of thinking carefully and gently. He had to make her think that in the end it was up to her, that she was in control.

But before he could do any of that he had to tend to her wounds and get her out of the hazardous environment. He would take her back to his home, he would somehow get her to eat and rest, and then he would speak to her about the pup. Still, when he looked at her while binding the claw marks on her arms he almost winced. She was so thin, and her arm was so tiny in his hand, so fragile and delicate. Her bones were too light, almost as if they would break down and crumble in on themselves without a moments notice.

If he were any other demon he would have been pacing with worry. As it was he couldn't keep his stoic mask in place as he gazed upon her gaunt figure that was more of a homeless waif than of the strong young woman he remembered to clearly. What had happened to that vibrant young woman that had made him want her lush body like no other? Why had she become nothing more than a bony figure dressed in bruises and death in such little time. How could she have let it happed to herself?

After he finished bandaging her wounds Sesshomaru carefully picked her up and settled her into his arms. At least his arm had grown back after two hundred years, he had no idea what he would have done if he only had one arm. Kagome moaned a little and shifted in his arms, bringing her body closer to his own. Sesshomaru almost winced when he felt the bones protruding from her paper thin skin. Really, how was she even alive?

But that thought brought to light the fact that if Kagome was so starved their pup was most likely near death as well. Sesshomaru tried to clamp down on his beast's anger, the last thing he needed was Kagome to wake up and think he was angry at her. Really, he was angry at himself for letting her do this to herself. It didn't matter that he hadn't known, all that mattered was that he had known that she was of a fragile mentality. He should have seen something like this happening but he had been so focussed on not being the one to go to her that he hadn't event thought about what she would do to herself, what would happen when she left.

Sesshomaru quickly left the building, not even bothering to bring anything of hers with them, chances were, just by looking at her, none of her clothes would fit anyway. Plus, he could buy her anything she wanted and if she had any valuables that she wanted he would send someone to retrieve them for her. After that though, he was going to make sure her apartment building was destroyed. It would give him immense satisfaction to know that the place that had housed Kagome while she slowly killed herself was left as only a pile of rubble. Yes, he would have to look into buying the complex as soon as he had assured himself that Kagome was safe and wasn't going to run off to the nearest clinic to get an abortion on him.

Once again his beast clawed at its cage, fighting for control, but Seshsomaru held fast. He knew that his more primal side didn't really want to harm Kagome but it would demand her submission, and chances were that Kagome wouldn't give in when faced with strength or a show of power. No, the only way to convince Kagome that she had to keep his pup was by using logic, and his beast was anything but logically inclined. But still, it was difficult, especially since he agreed with his inner beast in that she had to see things his way, but using a threat of force or any such thing would be useless.

Sesshomaru was glad that he had decided to take the limo to Kagome's apartment instead of driving himself, because that meant he could continue to hold Kagome. It meant that he could assure himself that she was alive at the very least. Once inside the limo he ordered the driver to take them home and then leaned back, Kagome resting peacefully in his arms. Now if he could just get her to calm down when she woke.

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