Only With Him by Forever Lost

Only With Him

Only With Him was never meant to be.

She had never bothered to go down this path with herself. Perhaps she never knew this was the truth, or wished that it wasn't when she knew it all along.

But it was time she grew up.

As she looked over the clearing, she realized that she had been hiding from the truth all along. She had thought she knew the truth so long ago, but it wasn't the case.

She had lied to herself.

She had always believed in love, believed that she was in love, that maybe, just maybe, someone loved her too.

That belief was false.

She had tried again and again to understand why the pain she should have been feeling wasn't there. Instead, there was an unfathomable emptiness deep down in her soul

It needed to be filled.

The soft breeze was distracting. It was blowing through her ebony locks in such a way that it would float into her sapphire eyes. Like a soft caress, the moon bathed her in its light, allowing her skin to glow ethereally. She loved to be out here at night, when the world was quiet, and all was still. Where no one would bother her.

She had been doing this for so long now, she could barely even remember the first time. It had been at least a year ago. She remembered why she had come. Naraku had been destroyed, the jewel had returned to her. Inuyasha had gone with hell.

He had left her, decided that the dead golem that was Kikyo was worth more to him than her. He had not told her of his decision until after the final battle.

'I didn't want to distract you from the battle.'

His excuse didn't fool her. He had been a coward, knowing that she would have cried, yelled, anything of that sort to keep him from going, to keep him with her. He was afraid he might agree.

That night she had entered the clearing. Perhaps it was fate that brought him to her. It was unexpected, but not entirely unwanted. She found comfort in his presence. His aura one that of unbridled power, it was cold and unyielding. Everything Inuyasha's wasn't.

It was most likely in their differences that she had found comfort. She knew he would never do the things Inuyasha had done to her, things she couldn't bare to handle again.

It was this first night that led her to the clearing once again. Standing in the moonlight, waiting for him. He was her savior, and her shoulder to cry on, but even that wasn't correct. She hadn't shed a tear for Inuyasha since that night, she refused to cry for him.

It was easy now, many nights of contemplation had resulted in her realizing something important about herself. She didn't love Inuyasha...not now, not ever. It was merely an infatuation, wanting something she knew she couldn't have. She had always known he would choose Kikyo over her.

She was knocked out of her reverie by a soft touch to her cheek. She had come here tonight to meet him, just as she had every other night. She reveled in his touches, the way he knew just how to comfort her, to fill the empty void in her heart.

She finally realized what love was, and who she was in love with.

It was strange at first, she had felt ashamed. She had fallen in love with Inuyasha's brother of all people, Sesshoumaru. She had always thought he was cold, heartless, uncaring. How wrong she had been to assume these things.

He had loved her back, had since he first saw her. She was an enigma to him, catching his interest like no other had, and now, he had caught her interest as well. They had spoken of many things, she had always said many words, while he had said little, but both knew much about the other. He had shared secrets with her that he had shared with no one else, and she held his secrets close to her heart.

They trusted each other. They respected each other. They loved each other. They made each other whole.

It had been a month before their first intimate encounter, an innocent kiss leading to not so innocent actions. She had never thought it would have ended like that, but that was how it had been every night from that one.

As he moved closer to her, she felt his heat radiating from his being. She felt warm, wanted...loved.

It was all she had ever wished for, and it was what he gave her. That and so much more.

He turned her around in his arms so she would face him, wishing to look deep into her eyes. No longer was the hurt there, but such a look of love that she only held for him. He could not help but return it.

He kissed her then, one of passion and love, of their shared sorrow and loneliness in the world.

This is what they had met each other for, for that feeling of completeness that only the other could provide.

He wasted no time. He quickly shed her of her clothing, desperate for skin on skin contact. She matched his actions, deftly ridding him of all his clothing as well.

As he kissed her along her neck, he laid her down on the soft grass of the field. he found her pulse, sucking on it gently. She moaned then, loving the way he made her feel. He continued downwards, using his mouth to kiss any part of her that he could. as he reached her breasts, he kissed the top of them, causing her to moan loudly for him. He continued his ministrations. He used his hand to tease her, loving the soft sounds coming from her.

He used his claw to flick her nipple, reveling in the sound of her gasp. She had her hands tangled in his hair, attempting to ring his mouth closer to her. He allowed her to guide him, letting his mouth take a nipple between his lips. As he gently sucked and nipped, he moved his other hand down towards her core.

As he flicked her clit, she gave a loud yelp and the sudden action. The pleasure she was feeling was intense, as it always was. She could never get enough of him. He slowly started to kiss his way downwards, smelling her delicious scent along the way. He had always loved her scent.

When he reached her core, he gave a lick all along the slit, causing her to moan loudly. He used his hand to hold her hips, allowing him better leverage. He took her clit into her mouth, sucking gently, only to release it and nip it with his fangs. She was delirious in her pleasure, tossing her head back and forth. The coil in her stomach was tightening almost painfully.

He knew she was close. He allowed his tongue to slip into her core, thrusting it in and out and mimicking the action that he would soon be doing with his cock. She tried to grab anything she could, trying to gain purchase. With one final flick of her clit with his claw, she came hard.

He slowly crawled up her body, kissing his way o her mouth. As he gave her a passionate kiss, she thought of how she loved him, how she wished to always be with him, and that perhaps this would be the night that she would be able to be complete forever. He was going to grant her wish.

He couldn't take it any longer. As they separated from their kiss, he slowly entered her, reveling at her tight, wet and hot sheath. She was left breathless as he finally made it in to the hilt. He slowing grinded himself against her, creating wonderful friction. As he pulled out at the same agonizing pace, she gasped for air, the sensations making it difficult for her to breath.

He had pulled out until just the head remained inside of her. He quickly thrusted himself back into her all the way, letting her moans wash over him. He had increased his pace until he was thrusting into her with demonic speed. She couldn't take it anymore, she exploded in a mind numbing orgasm as she shouted his name. as her walls quivered around him, he quickly pulled out of her and flipped her onto her stomach.

As he raised her hips, he pushed down on her shoulders, keeping her upper body on the ground. He swiftly entered her as she screamed from the sensations. The new angle was allowing him deeper penetration. As he started to thrust harder, he continuously hit her G-spot, causing her to scream her pleasure. As she came with almost every thrust, he was becoming closer to his own release.

As he gave one last hard thrust, he came with a loud roar, shooting his seed deep inside her womb. He bit her then, on the junction where her neck met her shoulder, marking her as his. She finally felt complete and whole. She felt loved. was only meant to be with him.

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