What does it all mean? by Sesshomarus_Goddess

What does it mean?


What does it mean

Is it just a feeling we feel

Is it really how you come to see


What does it really mean

Is it just lust

Or a feeling that people say

Can we really live without love


I love you

Do you even care that i love you


Did he really love me


Did you

I really hope so


I think I know what it means

Does it mean

The warm feeling we get inside

Only when you are with someone you care for most

Is it how you get butterflies

And your heart flutters when you think of that one true love


I loved him

I love him no more

You think i love him

Does this mean you cant see

I love you now and forever


What does it truely mean

To care

To be shy when you are alone with him

I feel that way about you

I only love you


My discription of love is when I get light headed talking to you

Or when I suddenly feel real shy

No what my discription is

Love is when you stay out late and just watch the moon or watch fireflies

Love is Love

And no matter what

I do I love you

All these feelings are so new

I loved him but those feelings weren't love

Maybe a crush

But now with you i cant handle it

They are so intense

I love you

To: you Sesshomaru

From: An invisable person

"Hey sesshomaru watcha reading?" asked inuyasha. "None of your business half-breed." sesshomaru said. 'Who could this person be why have they been sending me these? it seems every time i open my locker some girl has to put a letter in here. but they always sign their names. who could you be?' "sesshomaru are you listening to me?" inuyasha asked. "No go away inuyasha you bother me and when you bother me i get a headache and i hate them." said sesshomaru. "fine but Kagome is coming over tonight so we can work on our school project." said inuyasha. 'Kagome' sesshomaru thought. Kagome a beautiful inu-demoness with long black hair that was just below her ass and claws that looked so much like a glass dolls and her curvy body just perfect she was a goddess and she held a secret no one knew she always hung out with sango and rin. 'Kagome its been awhile now scince we talked i remember the first time we met.' sesshomaru thought.

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