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Sango Gets Over On Miroku

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"Jakotsu! Jakotsu! Jakotsu!" The crowd chanted as they eagerly awaited their host. Finally, a figure appeared behind a screen and the crowd broke out into wild cheers. When the enigmatic host appeared, the crowd once again began to chant his name and they received a large smile and a wave for their efforts.

Jakotsu made his way through the audience and stopped on the spot where he would give the show's introduction. He smiled at the camera, his red lips gleaming underneath the bright lights that hung overhead. He winked at his director and then focused once again on the camera before him.

"Welcome to another sizzling episode of Jakotsu. Today we will meet women who are desperate to find the father of their children. These men and women have taken DNA tests and some have even taken polygraph tests. Now, let's meet Sango. Welcome, Sango." Jakotsu said, his dark eyes sliding over to the angry dark haired woman who was sitting stiffly in the chair upon the stage.


Kagome watched with curious eyes as Sango began to tell her story. It had shocked the hell out of her to see Sango here. After all, it had been so long since they had seen each other and it shocked Kagome to learn that Sango was the proud mother of a little girl and the very angry ex-girlfriend of Miroku, their high school's notorious male whore.

Shaking her head, Kagome looked over and smiled softly at the small bundle that was wrapped in a blanket and sitting in his car seat. Her little boy had already been through so much in his one month of life and she could not help but think that Sesshomaru was mainly responsible. After all, he was the one who helped her make their son and now he was denying that he was the father and it was all because of that pitiful red head, Ayame. Had it not been her spreading around lies about her, then perhaps she would not be in this mess.

Her life had been so good up until Ayame had crossed her path. She had a wonderful home, and loving fiancé, and a great job. Now, all she had was a tiny apartment, a bastard for an ex, and she had to leave the office and work out of her little apartment. It was not fair. She had done nothing wrong and yet everybody seemed to think that she had slept around on Sesshomaru. He was the one who cheated, not her.

Kagome's eyes went back to the television and she could not help but grin as Sango smacked the taste right out of Miroku's mouth. Well, he deserved it.


"I met Miroku while we were in high school. At first, he was very caring and sweet, but then we started to have sex and he changed. At first, it was not noticeable, but then he began to hit on women right in front of my face and he acted like it was no big deal. When I found out that I was pregnant, he accused me of cheating with a male friend of mine and broke up with me. It was then that I found out that he had been sleeping with Koharu behind my back." Sango said, her pretty face twisted into a mask of anger.

Jakotsu shook his head. "And he now questions the paternity of your child?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

Sango nodded. "You got it. The bastard said that my little girl could not be his because he was sterile. Let me tell you, that is the biggest pile of horse crap I have ever heard." She hissed.

Jakotsu grinned. "Well, let's meet this winner and decide for ourselves. Let's welcome Miroku!" He said, motioning for Miroku to come onto the stage.

Miroku came down the steps and grinned, despite the boos and hisses of the audience. He winked at several of the ladies sitting in the first row and then shook Jakotsu's hand. He sat down next to Sango, who looked as though she were about to spit nails.

"Welcome, Miroku. Why do you think that you are not the father of Sango's baby?" He asked, his eyes locking with Miroku's violet orbs.

Miroku shrugged. "My dear Jakotsu, I cannot be the father because I cannot conceive children. I also know for a fact that Sango cheated on me several times and I refuse to care for a child that is not mine." He said, and began to name a few names of men who he thought had slept with Sango.

Jakotsu shook his head. "Well, you took both a DNA test and a polygraph test. Let's read Sango's test first." He said as he reached for a large envelope. He opened the envelope and took out the contents. He took in a deep breath and began to read. "Sango, you were asked if you ever cheated on Miroku and you said no. The test determined that you were telling the truth. You were asked if you ever had sex with the man that Miroku saw you with at the café and you said no. The test determined that you were telling the truth." Jakotsu announced, smiling as the crowd cheered for Sango. "Now, let's read Miroku's results. Miroku, you were asked if you cheated on Sango with anyone other than Koharu and you said no. The test determined that you were lying."

Sango stood up and towered over a shocked Miroku. He slowly shook his head and then found himself flat on his back with Sango being restrained by two very large looking bodyguards. He could see that she was just as strong as she had always been and she was looking for blood. His blood. He stood up and brushed himself off. Jakotsu watched the entire display with a smile upon his painted lips. He grinned and said, "Miroku, you were asked if you ever had sex with another woman in Sango's house, and you actually confessed to the gentleman who was conducting the test that you not only had sex in Sango's house while she was visiting her brother, you had several women at the same time in her house and had yourself an orgy."

The men of the audience began to cheer and clap as the women shot Miroku murderous looks, and chanted at Sango to kick his sorry ass. Miroku took in a deep breath and prayed that he would leave the studio with his balls in the same place that they had been when he had awoken that morning, but it looked as though he were about to find out the true meaning behind the saying, 'a woman scorned'. He would swear later that he had seen his life flash before his eyes as Sango lunged for his throat, but was caught by two very large bodyguards.

Sango began to scream and even offered to pay the bodyguards if they let go of her. However, they kept a tight grip on her and glared at Miroku when he suggested they use a tranquillizer on her to calm her down.

Jakotsu was not finished. He loudly told the crowd to quiet down and held up the results of the paternity test. "Let's find out the father of Sango's beautiful little girl." He announced.

He read the results and lifted an eyebrow. He glanced at Miroku and said, "Miroku, you are the father of Sakura!"

Miroku paled and then jumped out of his seat. He bolted up the stairs and disappeared from the crowd's sight. Sango had broken free and was hot on his heels, her fists pummeling her ex's head as she screamed obscenities at him. Finally, she exhausted herself and she broke down in tears.

"You bastard! After all that I have done for you, you lie, cheat, and abandon me and your little girl. How can you even look at yourself in the mirror?" She sobbed, her face hidden within her hands.

Miroku shook his head. "I don't know. I am sorry, Sango. I am sorry for everything." He whispered.

Jakotsu gently placed his hand upon Miroku's shoulders and said, "I would like the both of you to speak with one of our counselors."

Both Sango and Miroku nodded their heads and were led away, but could still be heard arguing down the hall. Jakotsu walked back out to the stage and smiled at the audience. "Next, we will meet a young woman who is desperate to prove to her ex that he is the father of her little boy and that she did not cheat on him. We will meet Kagome after this commercial." He said, giving the audience a wink.


Kagome took in a deep breath. She had spotted all of Sesshomaru's friends and his father out in the audience. Even her own cousin, Bankotsu, was there. He did not believe her when she had tried to defend herself and had called her a giant slut. Even her own mother had doubted that her little boy was Sesshomaru's. She could see the smirks on the faces of Kouga, Hiten, Inu Yasha, Kagura, and Naraku. Bankotsu was shaking his head in disgust. Well, they were all about to kiss her ass. She was going to prove exactly which one of them was the slut. And, she would drop a bombshell on Sesshomaru that he would not soon forget. It was time that he felt the same loss that she did.

It amazed her that an inu youkai could be so insensitive towards a pup, but that was how he was. She never should have gotten involved with him.

"Kagome, are you ready?" A soft voice asked. Kagome turned to find Kikyo looking at her with large, sympathetic eyes.

"Yeah. I am ready. Where is Suikotsu?" Kagome asked, looking around for her cousin's husband.

"He is sitting in the audience. Don't worry, things will be fine. Just go out there and don't let Sesshomaru or his bitch intimidate you." Kikyo advised, giving her cousin a hug.

Kagome nodded and walked out of the green room. She turned to see Kikyo take her place besides the tiny pup. Squaring her shoulders, Kagome walked into the hall and towards the stage, following the young woman who had come to escort her. It was time to go and confront the father of her puppy.

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