To Wish Back a Planet by Blak ShadoW Falkon

Chapter One

Laughter was heard through out Hanyou forest. A young woman, at the age of eighteen, Higurashi Kagome smiled at her companions. Kagome was a beautiful young adult, from an era not he one she was currently in. She was from the future, five hundred years, to be exact. She was kind and fun loving, or was she......?

Kagome had grown up on a planet not earth. A planet full of hatred. Her father was the king, her brother the heir. She, she was the beautiful, powerful, goddess princess that lived there. Protected by her twin brother, and shunned from other Saiyans she trained her every muscle into perfection. She was the strength behind her fathers conquers, the brains behind her fathers schemes, the kindness behind her fathers cold heart. She was Kagome Seijin, the most powerful hanyou in the world.

*************Else where*******************************

In an era long into the future, a young man was training in his over sized home. Vegeta Seijin was the elite Saiyan prince. He was born on the planet he got his name from, Vegeta. He was currently in the room his mate had invented for his use. It increased the gravity by however much you choose to. Usually he would just train outside, or leave it on zero, but he was in a lot of stress. It was his and his sisters birthday in a couple of days, and he had yet to see if she was even alive. He had always hated this day, since the day they were separated.

They had both been on missions when their planet was destroyed. But he wasn't so sure anymore......after almost fifty years of separation (in saiyan years) he had yet to even glance his older twin sister. He missed her, that was for sure, but he had never shown anyone. He would often disappear for days sulking in the forests surrounding his home. And never did he tell anyone that he still held hope of her to being alive. He had yet to tell his mate and children.....and friends of her existence!

He had started searching for her yet again, like every week before his birthday. But again, no one was answering to his calls. But he knew-hoped she was alive and well out there. He would find her, find her and keep her by his side......even if it meant chaining her to him; he would keep his sister at all costs!

He was brought out of his reverie when his son, Trunks, called to him. He was standing behind the metal door that kept the power he used inside the room in. Sighing he turned off the machine and walked out the door.

"Trunks, what are you doing in this are?! I told you that his part of the house is off limits unless the world is under attack!" Vegeta said exasperated at his sons defiance......Just like his aunt.

"I'm sorry father, but there is a phone call for you, he says he knows where to find who you're looking for" Trunks said as he bowed his head. When he looked up his father was gone, yelling for servants to bring him the phone.

"Hello" Vegeta said as he picked up the phone.

"About time someone answered the damned line, I was just about to hang up. You know, maybe I still should...that will teach you not to keep me waiting..." the man on the other line said.

"No! Look, I'm sorry...but you said you found her?" Vegeta exclaimed.

"Yes" the other man stated.

"Where is she?! Don't keep me waiting you damn bastard! Where is she?! Is she safe?! If you harmed on hair on her super smart brain I swear I will have little to no mercy killing you!!!!!!" Vegeta yelled into the phone, his eyes gaining a tint of red.

"Now, need getting violent. As far as I know, she is safe and happy. Now, why do want to find this female so badly? If I am correct, you have a ma-wife and two children?" the guy said.

"Mate? I do. But she is close to me.....and i wish to assure myself that she is okay" Vegeta said as he calmed down.

"Demon?" the other line growled.

"Half.....and something else" Vegeta growled back.

"Inu-koro, isn't it!" the other lined shouted.

"I am inu, but I go by the name Vegeta. The female, Kagome, is my twin" Vegeta stated lowly as he bowed his head. There was a long silence as the information sank in.

"Meet me at the Higurashi sunset shrine, at seven tomorrow morning. The names Koga" with that the conversation ended and both lines hung up.

'Kagome, sister, I have found you at last' was the last thing Vegeta thought as he returned to training. Little did he know that there was another set of ears listening to the conversation..............

***************Feudal era*****************

Kagome had, had to 'Sit' Inuyasha several times before finally being able to leave for the well. She now stood by the side of the well, looking over the lip. She held her head high, and her nose higher. She was carrying her tell tale yellow back-pack over her shoulder. Her two most trusted friends in this era in it. (If you guys are guessing Sango and Shippo, you are so wrong.) In her pack was Shippo and.....................Kilala.

Yes, Kilala. She and Shippo had been her only true friends since the beginning, having secretly snuck out to meet, taking them home occasionally.....yes she could safely say that those two full bloods were her only true friends, with perhaps the humans, but they weren't as trust worthy.

Jumping into the well and back out, she quickly went out of the well house only to be stopped half-way by Kouga and..............


He was rushing. Something wasn't right here....he had been acting strangely all day today and yesterday morning. He had openly kissed me, had actually laughed at our kids antics and was currently running around, chasing them. It just made no sense....where did the cold hearted man go that I had fallen in love with?

Looking at his watch, he stopped his chase and frowned.

"Sorry guys, I got to go. I have a meeting with a friend of mine; he wants me to look at some old shrine which has been rumored to give off spiritual power. I'll see you guys soon, k?" Vegeta said as he leaned down and kissed me. He then turned to Trunks and ruffled his hair saying a quick see ya, he was out the door.


I had been ecstatic all day, since the phone call yesterday! I loved the thought of seeing my long lost sister and I wouldn't miss an opportunity like that, Ever! Playing around with the kids for a while, I checked the time and frowned, I'd be late if I didn't take the nimbus. Leaving with the excuse of having to check out some old well which had been giving off weird energy, I walked out and called for my best friends cloud. Yeah, Goku and I had been getting along great for a while now. I had made sure yesterday that he and I were cool. It was my sisters and my birthday today, and I couldn't wait to show her what I had for her. Seeing the old shrine come into view I thanked the nimbus before jumping down. I ran towards where I saw a wolf demon talking to an old man, probably the shrines care-taker. Truthfully, in human years, Kagome and I were turning nineteen today. But I never told anyone that, going by my older Saiyen age, which was thirty-five. I can put concealment spells to make me look slightly older, using my training and race as an excuse for my looks. Finally reaching my destination, the old man looks me up critically.

"You are supposed to be Kagome's twin? I don't believe it. But, if it gets the old, happy little girl back, then I will allow you entrance" he mumbled as he turned and left.

Looking at the wolf, I asked the one thing that had been plaguing me for years...

"Where's my sister?"

"Do you know anything about the old well?" the wolf asked.

"Yes, I was sent to investigate it, There are rumors that a girl, said sick for weeks, would not be feeling well one minute, and come out of there seconds later saying that it hadn't been anything serious" Vegeta stated.

"Hai; that was Kagome. I had known her since the feudal era. She travels between times through that well. She is the legendary Shickon Miko" the wolf stated.

Shickon Miko? Haven't I heard of that? No way, That Kagome?! Higurashi Kagome?! Why Higurashi? Why not keep our name? That would have made it Way easier to track her! Ignoring that I looked over at the shed, there was a flash of blue light. Looking over I saw my sister standing by the well, glancing around she made her way towards us. She obviously did not spot us immediately, since she almost ran into this Kouga dude. I saw her look at me, her eyes big as sources. What? Did she see a ghost or something? Where? Looking around, I saw no one here but us, so looking back, I saw her eyes brimmed with tears. Running forward, I held Kagome to me, whispering that she shouldn't waste her energy crying. I did not comprehend why she would be crying suddenly. Did I do something wrong? Was it me that made her cry? That thought hurt and I decided not to dwell on it.

"V....Vegeta??" She whispered as she looked up at me. I nodded.

"VEGETA!!!" She shouted as she hugged me back, tears running down her face as she whispered how happy she was to see him, he bag laying down on the floor. Why was she crying?

"Why do you cry?" I had to ask.

"Because I'm happy! I haven't seen you in so long! I thought I might never see you again! Now you're here, and-and I finally know that you are safe and- and Oh, man, Vegeta Where were you!" Kagome answered. This too brought tears to my eyes. I though, never let them fall. So holding her even tighter I tell her that it didn't matter, that he was here, and that they were united once more. Nothing else mattered!


Still hugging, the reunited siblings never noticed the three sets of eyes watching them closely. A young kitsune watched as his adoptive mother hugged the obscure stranger as though old friends. But in a tree, not far from the pair, was another set of eyes. Velvet eyes watched with interest as the two hugged and cried.

"Interesting" a young male voice whispered. He stood to leave but lost his balance, falling out of the tree. This shocked the two back into reality. Walking over to the abused tree's the group saw a young boy, sitting in the bushes, holding a huge lump on his head.

"Ow........oh, uh.....hey dad! How's it going?! Well, I better get back, I promised Goten that I would train with him today......" Trunks stammered as he backed up.

"Trunks Seijen! What are you doing here?" Vegeta asked sternly, though his eyes shone with merriment.

" was just....uh.......passing by?" the young Saiyen stammered at the intense gaze from his father.

Smirking he picked up his son and laughed at the shocked expression on his face.

"Son, I want you to meet my twin sister and her....I'm guessing adoptive son" Vegeta laughed.

"Hey there kid, I'm Kagome, you can call me aunt Gome though. And this is my adopted kit, Shippo!" Kagome said, grinning at her nephew. Wriggling out of his fathers grip, the kid beamed up at his aunt.

"Yo, the names Trunks!" He said grinning.

"pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm Shippo and this is my feline friend Kilala. She is full demon, like me and Kouga. She has this really cool trick to transform to look human, and to grow bigger in the form she is currently in" Shippo said as he jumped from his mothers grasp only to be caught mid air by a furry mouthed feline, that seconds ago looked like a kitten, now looked like the demon she was.

"Whoa.......that is so neat! My dad though can transform into this huge monkey!" Trunks bragged.

"Easy-piesy lemon Squeecy! I can transform into a huge fox form. And, I am not this short, I make myself look like this so I can travel on mommy's shoulder" Shippo said.

"Really? Can I see your true forms?!" Trunks exclaimed.

"If you can travel to the past yeah, mom doesn't allow us to transform here" Shippo said, jumping off of Kilala, letting her transform back into kitten form. He, himself, transforming into his larger form. He now had long, bright orange hair that reached down to the small of his back. He held it in a low ponytail, keeping his unruly bangs short, to fall into his bottled up emerald green eyes. He stood to the height of trunks, which was 3'9. His tail was now longer, reaching the floor to curl upwards. He was wearing clothing similar clothing as Trunks, a simple fighting gi, which consisted of a loose, blue muscle shirt, and matching loose, blue pants, and a black obi.

"Whoa...that was so awesome!! You gotta teach me that!" Trunks shouted as he looked over his new found cousin.

"If your father allows me......which reminds me, Konnichiwa! I had heard a lot about you, and I am happy to finally meet the elite prince of Saiyen's" Shippo said, bowing to his honorable uncle.

"Heh, I wish I could say the same about you Aunt Gome, but father never even told me of your existence" Trunks said, glaring at his father that looked way younger, "And, what happened to that weird, old guy who never smiled or had any fun?" Trunks said, turning fully to his father.

"Heh, he just happened to have disappeared yesterday, when he found out his sis was well and on this very planet. Now, how about you tell me how you knew where to find me?" Vegeta said as he narrowed his eyes.

"Well, know how I was the one who told about the call, well, I had the wireless with me, so I could listen in....." Trunks said, his head bowed as he told his story. He was shocked when laughter erupted from the two siblings.

"What? What I say?" Trunks asked, baffled.

"He truly is your son, Vegeta!" Kagome laughed as she doubled over in laughter. Shippo smiled, it had been a long time since his surrogate mother really laughed and he was happy for her.

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