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It had just been my 17th birthday when I packed my bags and headed towards the lords castle. My family was poor and my father had died a few years back leaving the task of raising us only to our mother. My mother had heard from the village that the Lord was hiring maids to help around the castle. So I made my way to the castle in search of work. It took me three days to get there. My family could not afford a carriage and a woman riding on a horse was unheard of. So I walked the whole way, when I got there I was greeted with a tall gate and a few stern soldiers.

"What is your business here?" a soldier asked

"I come to look for work, I had heard that the lord was hiring maids."

He nodded his head and the gate opened, I stepped inside and marveled at the beauty of the castle. The castle stood tall and proud while its gardens contained the most beautiful flowers, I was still looking around when an old woman spoke to me.

"So I presume you come for the position of a maid."

I turned around, the old woman looked at me and was patiently waiting for my answer.

"Yes, I have come to ask for work."

I stood still waiting for her answer, I knew she was calculation me, seeing if I was fit for the job, after a while she smiled.

"Child you mustn't be so tense, come I will tell you what you must do. My name is Kaede and I am the caretaker around here, I am also assigned the job of hiring new help."

She lead me towards the kitchen and introduced me to some members of the staff that were present.

"Now your job here is to mainly serve the two lords of the castle, Lord Sesshomaru and his younger brother Lord Inuyasha. You are to take their meals up to their room and take care of their cleaning, such as their bath and anything they might request from you. That will mainly be your duty here along with a few odd jobs I may need you to do for me."

I nodded my head to show I understood what was expected of me.

"Well then, let me show you were your room will be I am sure you are tiered."

We went through a corridor and up a few stairs, then took a left. I was beginning to feel nervous walking around such a huge place, I was sure to get lost. We stopped at a very elegant corridor that had many paintings and huge decorations on the walls.

"Your room is at the end of the hall and is near the rooms of the two lords. Since you will be serving them you will be near them incase they would want anything. The first door on the right is Lord Sesshomaru's room and two doors down is the room of Lord Inuyasha. Well then do you have any questions?"

"No thank you Kaede I am sure I can handle the resposabilities."

She smiled "Aye I'm sure you can child you seem to be very dependable and used to work and responsibility."

"Yes, indeed I am." I said smiling, she seemed to be a very caring old woman.

"Well then you should make your way to your room, you will start tomorrow and Lord Sesshomaru likes to start his days rather early."

I smiled and headed towards my room, I opened the door and peered inside then went in. It was a simple maids rooms that contained a bed, a desk, a small closet for my few belongings and a window which let me see into a garden down below. The moon and stars were out and the air felt nice, spring had arrived bringing with it a change on mother earth. I left the window open and sat in my bed. I would miss my family terribly, but it was for them that I was doing this. The pay as a maid that the lord was offering was higher than what I had thought.

'Poor Souta, if I keep working here for a while then maybe he and grampa could finally quit that job they have.' she had watched how he sometimes when working he would stop and look at kids his age playing happily with their toys while he was forced to work to at least earn food for that day.

'When I have money I will buy him a toy and he could finally stop working and get an education.' one that she sometimes dreamed she had

'Granfather could also stop working and finally relax and take care of their old shrine.'something he enjoyed doing immensely the job he currently had was very demanding and it was beginning to take a toll on the old man.

'Well no sense in wasting the night away I need to get up early tomorrow.' She put her few belongings she had away hung the few clothes she had brought with her and changed into her night clothes. She found the bed surprisingly comfortable and quickly went to sleep.

Lord Sesshomaru had just come back from a very demanding meeting he had with other lords and was very tiered. He had called for a bath to be made for him immediately and made his way toward his room. While he was walking in the hall he noticed that the door to the servants room was slightly open.

'Could Kaede have hired someone already.' he wondered but decided he could care less. But it was strange maybe it was the he was really tiered or was not thinking properly from the exhausting ride but something about that room beckoned him into going near it. He opened the room and looked inside, he saw a young woman sleeping there. She was actually very beautiful, she had midnight tresses that fell all over her pillow and the moonlight accentuated the features of her face. She looked peaceful and content to be sleeping there. He suddenly frowned.

'That is enough I will not stoop so low as to think a servant is attractive.' He quickly closed the door and entered his room where he found his bath waited for him. He stepped into the tub and dismissed the other servants letting the warm water soothe his aching muscles. He closed his eyes and saw the image of the girl lying there asleep. He tried to get that image out of his mind but her picture kept returning to him, after a while he gave up.

'Could it be that it has been a long time since I felt the touch of a woman' he questioned himself but quickly dismissed it. This Sesshomaru was not ruled by such petty emotions he stood up feeling the warm water run down his body. He needed to get some sleep tomorrow he had a meeting with a lord that was suppose to arrive, Lord Kouga. He never liked the particular lord, he was a fool and a very rash one at that, but never the less he did have a peace treaty with their lands made by their leader and his father.

Kagome woke up early and headed down towards the kitchen only to find it rather busy that early in the morning.

"Good morning Kagome I presume you slept well?"

"Yes very well thank you Kaede is there anything I can help with."

"No child just eat your breakfast, you will need to take the breakfast to the lords soon."

Kagome sat down at a table and ate her breakfast, she found that the other servants were actually very nice people. She talked to them and felt like she was going to be alright in this huge place. When she was eating her miso soup she saw another girl about her age sitting at the corner not talking. She decide to go talk to her and introduce herself.

"Hi, I'm Kagome I was just hired to work here."

The girl turned around as soon as she heard someone talking to her.

"Oh hello, my name is Sango, are you the new maid assigned to take care of the lords."

Kagome smiled "Yep, that would be me."

"Oh I see then I'm glad to meet you, I am also a maid but I mostly help out in the kitchen and a few cleaning tasks."

"I'm glad there is at least someone close to my age here I was beginning to worry. That was one of my worries anyway, right now my biggest worry around here is how not to get lost around this big castle."

Sango laughed. "I do admit the castle is pretty big, but I am sure you will get use to it soon. Even I got lost a few times, but the other servants are really nice you can just ask them and they will help you."

"In that case then I guess I am ready to work here." They smiled at each other, they talked all through breakfast and knew they would become good friends.

"Kagome" called Kaede

"Yes, I am coming. Well I guess I will see you at lunch time Sango."

"Bye Kagome and good luck on your first day."

Kagome made her way to were Kaede was standing, she watched as she prepared three trays of food and at the same time wondered how she was going to carry all three up the all those stairs. When she was done she started to grab all three trays when Kaede stopped her.

"You only need to take two trays up this time, Lord Inuyasha is never up this early, when you are done delivering the breakfast to the two lords then come for this tray."

Kagome thanked all the gods up in heaven for not making her carry all three trays up all those flight of stairs.

"Yes, but if this one I am carrying is not for lord Inuyasha then for who is it?" she asked she knew she would only be serving two lords not three.

"Lord Kouga arrived late last night, I belive he has come here to talk business with Lord Sesshomaru, while he is here you will also be seeing to his needs."

I was tiered when I finally arrived at my destination the office of Lord Sesshomaru, I knocked and a sharp "Come in" was heard. I opened the door and looked at the Lord I would be serving. My heart skipped a beat, he was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen, not that I had much experience with men, in all my life I had only known work and therefore my love life simply did not happen. He was seated at his desk and apparently had been intently reading some papers before I had come in, but what caught my attention the most about his appearance was his long beautiful silver hair and his intense golden eyes. I quickly put his breakfast at the table and made for the door, for if I didn't get out soon I knew I would continue to stare at him. As I was almost reaching the door he called me.

"Tell me are you the new maid that was hired?"

I turned around and faced him. "Yes my lord, my name is Kagome and I will be serving you from now on."

He looked at me for a while before dismissing me.

"You may go."

I bowed my head and headed for the door, outside I caught my breath and chastised myself. I was not some love struck little girl, and I needed to not act like one.

'Yes that was the woman I saw yesterday sleeping.' Sesshomaru was just starring at his tea not drinking it, his thoughts had completely left the papers in front of him and were only thinking about a certain new maid.

'I wonder what it is about her.' He thought . 'She is indeed beautiful but I am not one to be as blind to just fall for looks.' She had looked so nervous coming in, and her eyes never met his gaze. Thinking about her irritated him, it was not like him to be troubled by such idle thoughts.

Kagome knocked on the room she had been informed Lord Kouga was in. When no reply came she decided to knock one more time, but before she could do that the door swung open revealing the lord. It looked like he had just stepped out of bed because he was not fully dressed.

"Forgive me my lord I did not mean to intrude, I bring you your breakfast."

"Ah yes please come in." The lord moved to the side holding the door for her while she came in.

"Thank you my lord, were would you like me to put your breakfast."

"The table should be fine thank you." She complied but before she could step out the door she felt an arm around her waist pulling her back.

"You are a beautiful one, would you care top please me with your name?"

Kagome felt uncomfortable and tried to move out of his grasp, when she had done so she answered.

"My name is Kagome."

"Kagome is it. You will be my woman." And before she knew it he pulled her close to him and tried to kiss her.

"My lord please let go of me." She said while she struggled against his grasp, she noticed he was a lot stronger than her and that her struggling thus far had been useless. She closed her eyes and prepared for his assault but it never came, she felt him releasing her and falling back on the ground. She opened her eyes and looked on the ground at the lord who now had a bloody nose. When she turned around she at first though it was Lord Sesshomaru that had saved her but on a closer inspection she noticed it was not him. The one who had saved her was a bit shorter than Lord Sesshomaru, and on top of his head he had what looked like dog ears. His hair was the same color as Lord Sesshomaru's and so were his eyes. But his ears were where her eyes were most looking at she had a strong urge to go up to them and touch them.

He was just standing there looking at the lord.

"Still being a bastard as always I see." he said "And now taking women against their will, you really have stooped low this time."

"Shut up dog boy, this doesn't have anything to do with you so don't interfere."

"On the contrary, she will be serving me, and I do not want a maid who has your stink all over her."

With that he stomped out of the room grabbing Kagome's arm, Kagome saw Kouga ready to attack but before she could warn him, he quickly turned around and punched him hard in the stomach leaving him once again on the floor restless.

"You really don't know when to quit." He spat out and once again proceeded towards the hall.

Once outside the hall he let go of her arm, she was about to thank him but stopped herself when she heard what he said.

"Wench are you ok?"

"I'm not a wench!"

He looked at her with a bored expression.

"Yeah, yeah whatever so when is my breakfast coming, you were taking so long I almost decided to go and investigate when I saw you all cozy with the bastard down there."

He was a rude jerk, at first she had though he was her savior now she just wanted to punch him for making it sound like she had thrown herself at Kouga.

"For your information I was told you were never up this early, and I was not cozy with Lord Kouga."

"Feh whatever, and you can drop the Lord from his name, he doesn't deserve the title."

She just glared at him.

"So are you just going to stand there and look at me all day or are you going to get my breakfast."

"Right away Lord Inuyasha." She said through clenched teeth

"Sharp." He said tapping her head "and I didn't even have to waste my time telling you my name." with that he walked towards his room "I will be expecting my breakfast soon." he called over his shoulder.

Kagome just stood there fuming in all her life she had not met such a self centered man. When she went to the kitchen to grab his tray she was still calling him all sort of names in her head that before she knew it she arrived at his door. She took a deep breath to calm herself down then knocked.

"Come in wench." She clenched her fist and stepped in.

He was just lying on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. She put his tray of food on the table by him.

"Now that I think about it." he said "You didn't even thank me for saving you." He turned and looked at her. She noticed that he had the same piercing golden eyes that his older brother had and as well as the long silver her. It was his ears that made him different as well as his height.

"Well, I was going to." She said "That was until I saw that you so rudely suggested that I purposely threw myself at him." She glared at him while saying that and she noticed that he didn't even bother too look at her.

"Are you even listening to me?"

This time he turned "No" he said and turned back to looking at the ceiling

She was frustrated, she walked up to him and blocked his line of view by putting herself in front of him.

"Please tell me what exactly is that you find so fascinating in watching the ceiling."

That moved apparently surprised him.

"Look wench get off me." He tried to shove her away from him.

"No I will not, and my name is Kagome, Ka-go-me do I need to spell it out for you or is your brain to small to grasp that." Inuyasha still continued to try and shove her off but she held onto his shirt.

After a while he gave up. "Are you going to get off me anytime soon?" he asked

"No, not until you apologize."

"Feh like I would ever do that."

After a while she realized that she wasn't getting anywhere with him so she got off.

"Fine then be a stubborn jerk." And she started to stomp out the room.

"Hey Kagome wait." She turned around surprised he had actually used her name.

"What." She answered crossly

"What are you doing later on?"

"I'm not sure, I am not due downstairs until lunch time, is there anything you may want?"

"Actually yes, I'm getting bored of hanging around here, I want you to come with me to town."

"There is a town by here." She asked surprised

"Yes, so get ready you will meet me by the gate in a few minutes while I finish my breakfast."

"Yeah and who are you to give me orders on what to do?" but before she could remember and think that he could actually give her orders she said it.

He just smirked when he realized she remembered her position.

"I thought so." He said "You may leave and don't take forever I don't like to wait for servants."

She marched out of the room very annoyed at herself and him.

He watched her leave, she was something else entirely it had been a while since a servant had defied him. They all usually just wanted to please him, and be good and loyal when they probably hated him. That's why he disliked servants so much, always with their stupid gossip. He knew that they only called him lord and master around him, but something else entirely when he was not around. But that girl today had been totally different, she had showed her dislike of him instead of hiding it and acting like a fake loyal servant. He also noticed that she was fairly attractive, he could actually stand being around her. Unlike the rest of the servants who he right away dismissed from his presence. He hated their fakeness. He almost felt sorry he had acted like his usual self as soon as he found out how she really was.

'That can be taken care off.' He though 'I will buy her something on my trip to town.'

He was glad to be going, it had been a while and he missed his good friend Miroku. He loved and at the same time hated going to town. His position of lord required him to always take a servant wherever he went and he always had to put up with a servant asking him every 5 minutes if he needed something, but at the same time he liked it because he could be with his good friend. When they were young they had grown up together, but as time went by and his position of lord got more demanding they saw each other less and less. Miroku had decided to train to be a monk in a shrine that was in town thus leaving the castle. Inuyasha knew that they would probably not be back until dinner time and if he had mentioned that she would of probably said she couldn't because she needed to attend to his brother and the stupid lord, making him take another servant to accompany him. He didn't want that, the reason he was going was because she would be going with him. He did not want it any other way, he would need to talk to Kaede and tell her to send some other servant girl. With that thought he made his way to the kitchen.


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