The Mile High Club by Beautiful Silent Death

The Mile High Club

The Mile High Club

A.N. O.k. I will not lie to you. A lot of the smut I write is because I could easily do it myself. After watching a certain commercial, I decided to write a little something out of it. As always, guys, my stuff is really dirty. There are lemons.....then there is smut. My stuff is so smut. So if you are underage or offended easily, then please don't read my stuff. I don't want to get some little kid in trouble anyways.

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I just make them do really kinky things. *looks over at the Inu cast. BSD smiles evilly. "Here doggie, doggie. Beautiful Silent Death has some.....special things for you to do." *Both Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's eyes get really big and they start to take off at a dead run*

Kagome hefted her large suitcase up and put it on the low table where they take your luggage so you can purchase your ticket and get ready to go to the terminal that your plane is parked. She looked up at the girl manning the American Airlines desk (I don't own that either). "Hi ma'am, can I help you today?" she asked Kagome. "Yes, I would like a ticket to California please." Kagome replied. The girl smiled at her and typed up the listing for flights to California.

"What time would you like to depart, ma'am?" Kagome looked at her watch. It was 9:00 p.m. She told her mom that she would be on the next available flight. "When is your next available flight?" she asked as Kagome looked back up to the girl behind the desk. The girl looked back down to her computer screen. After a few seconds, she raised up and smiled at Kagome. "We have one at 9:30 if you want that one. You will have plenty of time to get to the terminal." She saw Kagome nod her head in approval. "Would you like first class, business class, or economy seating." The girl said. This was one thing Kagome was not a cheap skate on. She wanted to fly in comfort. She did not really like flying to began with so why not try to make it as smooth as possible. "First class, please." she replied with out hesitation. "That will be 350 dollars, ma'am." Kagome pulled up her purse at her left side and pulled out her small wallet. She slide her Masters Card ( I don't own that.) and handed it to the girl.

After Kagome paid her, she swung her shoulder bag up on her right shoulder and put her ticket in her purse. It was Monday and the airport was very quiet. 'well it is also late at night, Kagome.' she said to herself as she walked to her terminal. Kagome remembered the girl telling her it was #8. She walked to the guard and smiled at him. The tall man helped her with the shoulder bag and purse. She walked through the metal detector that was directly behind him and watched as her bags went under the little x-ray machine thingy. ( Hey, I don't know the name of it so she shouldn't either. *Pouts*) Kagome blushed a little as she saw her back up tampons in there show up on the machine. The man helped her with the bags and let her go on her way.

She didn't have to go too far. After she passed the 7th terminal she found her way to number eight. She looked at her watch and saw that she still had fifteen minutes to go. 'Well, I can go ahead and get on the plan.' She turned to go and do just that when she noticed that her plane was not there. Kagome looked over to the young man that was at the ticket taking area and walked over to him. "Excuse me sir," she kindly interrupted, "is this the 9:30 flight to California?" The young man looked up at her and nodded his head. "Yes ma'am, it is. I am sorry but the flight will be a little late. If you can just please have a seat, it will only be about thirty more minutes." He said with a small smile. Kagome sighed but thanked the man and went to sit down.

She came to a set of seats for that terminal and put her bags down beside her on a seat. Kagome smoothed out her jean skirt and blue top before sitting herself. She looked around at who else would be flying with her. There was a few people sitting there. Probably about 30. As her eyes scanned the crowd, they suddenly stopped on a pair of golden ones. The man was looking at a news paper and was peering at her over the top of the paper with the words 'The Washington Post' directly under them. She was stunned at the beauty of his eyes. His intense eyes bore into hers and she could not look away for the life of her. She felt some blood rushing to her face as her dark blue eyes bore back into his.

The mysterious man slowly lowered his paper and reviled himself to her. Kagome gasped at the beauty of him. He had long silver hair that looked to be tired back. She was not sure on the length right then. She was sure it was long. His dress black shirt was well fitted to him, allowing some of his well formed upper body to be seen somewhat under it. She definitely zeroed in on his chest. He allowed some of his buttons to be undone at the top so she could see his collar bone and the top of his bare chest. He ware dark blue jeans and had black tennis shoes on. He would not stop looking at Kagome and she was starting to get uncomfortable and turned on at the same time. She was feeling the familiar warmth pooling at her lower half of her body and she noticed her breathing was getting faster.

Finally being able to pull her eyes away from him she blushed and tried to compose herself some. He was still staring at her and she could feel his eyes boring into her. Seeing a discarded magazine laying on the other seat, she reached over and started to fan herself with it. Kagome kept glancing at him to see if his eyes had strayed somewhere else but she was surprised to see him still starting at her every time. To rid herself from the temptation to look at his haunting gold eyes, she opened her magazine and stuck it in front of her face. 'Why is he staring at me!' she thought with a small amount of panic. Kagome really couldn't decide to be turned on at this or be scared. He was very beautiful and to think he was paying some attention to her was wild, but he was unnerving her to no ends.

She heard an announcement across the speakers that made her jump a little and heard that her plane had finally arrived. Sure enough it was there and waiting to be boarded. She peeked over her magazine to see if he was still staring at her and could see him putting his paper aside and picking up a brief case that was settled at his feet. Kagome quickly picked up her bag and purse. Swinging it over her shoulder, she walked quickly to the small desk that housed the young man from earlier and handed him the ticket. After receiving the go ahead to board the plane, Kagome quickly walked down the small boarding hallway. She was greeted by a stewardess and told to turn to her left. Her seat was the second to the front. Kagome thanked the woman and walked in. She noticed the first class area was mostly done in a blue interior. She arrived at her seat and opened up the luggage area above her seat. She had a window seat. Frowning some, she went to sit her tired body in the comfy seat.

There was only a few people to sit in First Class. Kagome was grateful for this. She didn't want it to be too crowded. It was a long flight to California and she wanted the quiet. When the plane was calling its last call to board, she notice the tall stranger that kept staring at her come and stop by her seat. The tall man looked down at her and let a small sexy smile cross his face. Kagome turned bright red again. She was tired of blushing around this guy! Kagome worked a small smile on her red face and turned to look out the window. She heard the seat next to her move and snapped her head back around to see a chest meet her sight. Kagome moved her head up to meet the haunting gold eyes again. 'Of all the bloody seats, he just had to have the one next to me!' she thought with despair.

Kagome looked around to the other seats and noticed that , of the few others, were pared up with neighbors as well. She wanted to groan but stopped herself for not wanting to be rude. Forcing her eyes back to the hunk beside her she put on a warm smile of welcome. No point in being sad. He was hot so why not enjoy it. Feeling better about her train of thought she turned and greeted him. "Hi, my name is Kagome." She stuck her hand out to him and waited for him to return the favor. The tall man looked down at her hand and slowly took her hand in his. She felt fire in his touch and wanted to melt into his body. 'Wow! Never had that happen before,' she thought in wander, 'It has just been awhile since I have last had sex.' Kagome dismissed this as hormones and waited for him to introduce himself. "My name is Sesshoumaru." He returned the greeting with a low smooth voice.

Kagome felt a tremor run down her spin when she heard his voice. He took his thumb and ran it along the top of her hand in a slow, sensual manner. Kagome took her hand way quickly when she felt this and forced a smile on her face. "Nice to meet you, Sesshoumaru." With this said she picked up her purse that was laying at her feet and pulled out a book. Sesshoumaru watched her with amusement in his eyes. He kept his face clearly blank. This unnerved Kagome some. He would look better if he would smile again.

Soon the seatbelt light came on and a stewardess came up to the front and started to explain what to do if the plane should 'experience' certain problems. Kagome just felt a little sick at the thought of this. After she was done saying this, the pilot was heard over the speaker and introduced himself. Confirming that he was flying to California, the pilot started the plane and slowly pulled out of the docking area and started down the run way. Kagome felt the tell-tell pull of the plane that indicated take-off.

The seat belt light went off and Kagome took off her belt. Her book was in her lap so she picked it up and started to read. She looked at Sesshoumaru and noticed that he put his table down and had a laptop on it. He was typing something but Kagome was not curious enough to find out. About two hours into the flight, Kagome was feeling tired. It was now one in the morning and she needed to at least take a nap. Closing her book, Kagome laid her seat back. In doing this process, she pinched her hand between the lever and the seat. She gave a small cry of pain and held her abused hand in her lap. She cradled it in her other hand and looked at it. Sesshoumaru heard her small cry and looked over to see what was wrong with her. Kagome had a large burse on the top of her hand and a small cut in the middle of it. Blood came out of the little cut and Kagome winced at the pain of it. "Let me see it." Came the smooth voice beside her. Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru and let her small hand move to his two big ones.

Kagome felt less pain as his finger ran a slow circle around her small wound. She looked up and found his eyes locked to hers. Kagome felt the warmth return to her lower abdomen and a light flush across her cheeks. "lets take care of this," he stood up and gently pulled her with him, " We need to wash it off." Leading her to the bathroom, that was in First Class, he opened the door to the small bathroom and lead her in. Sesshoumaru shut the door behind him and locked it. He turned on the water and waited until it got warm before he lowered her hand under the steady stream of water. Kagome hissed lightly in pain but didn't pull her hand way.

After Sesshoumaru cleaned the small cut, he took a paper towel and placed it over the cut to stop the bleeding. Applying pressure to the cut, he looked into her eyes. Kagome looked at her hand and then looked up into his awaiting eyes. She saw his gold eyes darken with an unknown emotion and she found that she could not look away. Her dark blue eyes watched as he lowered his head to hers and softly caressed her lips. Kagome gasped at the soft caress and he took advantage of it.

Sesshoumaru started to lean into her. This was causing Kagome to be pushed up against the wall of the bathroom. He let go of her hand that was holding the paper towel and it fell to the floor. His hands moved to her shoulders and pressed her further into the wall. Intensifying his kiss, he started to grind into her. Kagome felt herself moan and she pressed her breasts into his chest. She took her hands and slide them up his arm to his biceps. She felt his muscles ripple under the soft fabric of his shirt. Sesshoumaru slide is arms to her bent elbows then went straight to her ass. He grabbed her firm backside and lifted her up so that her heat was against his.

Kagome started to grind into him. Somewhere in the back of her head she knew she should not be doing this but she just couldn't stop. It felt so good. Her body was betraying her and she was not going to fight it anymore. Kagome could feel his length through his dark jeans. He pushed up her jean skirt until it was up passed her hips and reached for her panties. He was pleased that they were already wet from her excitement. Inpatient, he ripped them from her body, earning him a sharp intake of breath from his partner.

Kagome was excited and now a little miffed from her panties becoming trash. She was going to voice this when she was stopped. "I see you are ready for me." Sesshoumaru said with a small smirk. He stepped back and sat down on the toilet with Kagome now straddling his lap. Her panties was still in his hand when he lifted it up in front of her. Sesshoumaru made a big show of lifting the panties up to his face and taking a big inhale of her arousal. She gasped at his straight forwardness and found herself to be turned on by the act instead of repulsed. He threw the ripped panties on the floor and moved his hand to her core.

Kagome could feel two long fingers being stuck up in her. She moaned and leaned into his hand. Sesshoumaru found her G spot easily and started to rub it with his fingers. He was also taking his thumb and massaging her clit. Kagome threw her head back causing her back to arch. She had never felt so much pleasure at once. She never knew what hit her. Kagome came so fast that she grabbed onto his shoulders and dug her nails into the shirt that he was wearing. "OOHHH!!! By the High One! MMMmmmmm....." She felt her fluids gush out of her and on to his hand. Sesshoumaru removed his hand and looked at the clear fluids dripping down it. He stuck the two fingers that was in her and put them in his mouth. "Mmmm..," he said as he slowly pulled out his fingers, "you taste like fine wine, Kagome." She could of melted at the way her name drawled off of his tongue.

Sesshoumaru grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her down so that he could give her a deep kiss. Kagome could taste herself on his tongue. With his one hand still holding her neck, he moved the other one down to his jeans and unbuttoned them. Kagome could feel him reach in and pull his large dick out. In one swift movement he impaled himself into her. Kagome threw her head back again at the unexpected movement and sensation. He started to move up into her with speed and wrapped his arms under hers and secured his hands on the back of her shoulders. Kagome still had her hands on his shoulders and was holding on for dear life. He took long, fast thrusts into her and would push up until it almost hurt her. Both were getting sweaty from their sexual act and the breathing was coming in short, fast takes.

Kagome barley remembered looking over to the mirror and found it to be fogged up from all the heat that was coming off of their bodies. She could feel her body reaching her peek again and started begging for it to come faster. "Please.....harder....faster..." She breathed out. Sesshoumaru only smiled in response and complied to her request. She could feel the knot coming and would grind into him when he pushed up into her. All of the sudden it hit. Before Kagome could scream her pleasure, Sesshoumaru smashed his lips onto hers in a searing kiss. She let a muffled cry of pleasure. Sesshoumaru could feel her walls constrict around his shaft and milk him for all it was worth. He shot his load into her and filled her up.

Kagome laid her head down onto his left shoulder to recuperate after the orgasm died down. She could feel her body being drawn up against his hot body. When their breathing returned to normal, she lifted up her head to peer into his eyes. "You know, we could get in trouble for this." Sesshoumaru just gave her a smug smirk. He lifted her up and helped her straighten her cloths. While she ran her fingers threw her hair to smooth it out some, he buttoned his pants and did the same to his hair.

Sesshoumaru noticed that her hand was bleeding a little again and he took a paper towel out of the dispenser again and pressed onto her hand after she was done cleaning up. She thanked him and he led her out into the darkened area of First Class. Kagome noticed that everyone (which was not many) was asleep and gave a small sigh of relief. Sesshoumaru heard her and shot her a mischievous smile. She just twisted her mouth back at him. As soon as they were seated, Kagome felt sleepiness over come her. She covered a yawn with her hand. "Go to sleep," Sesshoumaru softly said, "We still have three hours to go until we get to California." Kagome gave a sleepy 'ok' and leaned over on to his shoulder to sleep. Sesshoumaru seemed a little surprised but allowed her to do so. He wrapped his own arm around her to get Kagome more comfortable and leaned back into his own seat. Yes, he was very relaxed.

Kagome was gently pushed. She opened her eyes to see the stewardess peer her big green eyes into her own dark blue ones. "Ma'am, we have landed." Kagome slowly got up. She noticed that she had a blanket on her and when she looked at her hand she had a bandage on the bruised flesh. "We are in California now?" Kagome asked. She noticed her speech was a little sluggish. The lady smiled down at her. "Yes, we are." The woman then stood up and reached into her pocket. "By the way," she chirped at Kagome, "The gentleman that was seated beside you gave this to me to deliver to you." She handed Kagome a folded up piece of paper. Kagome thanked the woman and got up to get her shoulder bag and purse. She made sure that her book was still in her purse. She stuck the note into her pocket and went to exit the plane.

Kagome went to luggage claim to get her suitcase and she wheeled it to the front of the airport and hailed a cab. The driver helped Kagome with her luggage and she got into the cab. She gave him directions to her mother's house and sat back in the seat. She pulled out the note from her pocket and read it. She blushed and found she couldn't get mad at what it said.


Thanks for the flight that I will not forget. Maybe one day we will meet again.


P.S. By the way, I took your panties as a souvenir. Welcome to the Mile High Club.'

Kagome smiled and put the note back into her pocket. Boy! Did she have a story for Sango when she got back home!

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