Blood Ties by Rose Songweaver


Blood Ties

Chapter One- Truth

The battle was frozen, and her friends watched in awe as Kagome glowed. Her body lifted slightly as the rain washed over her. Each drop washed away something- her coloring vanished, and glowing white skin was revealed. Her hair was a cloud, unaffected by gravity.

Kagome opened her eyes to the rain, wanting to wash everything away. It cleansed her, washing away something dirty. Mortality.

Her ice melted, revealing deep blue oceans. Her hair darkened, so deep it looked blue. Her skin was now glowing white, pale and perfect. Her asian glow was gone. Her face was thin and heartshaped, eyes enormous.

She lifted her hands, and smiled. Everything was right. The fingers were long and thin, decorated with black and silver. Beautiful art.

Sango's mouth was open, but Miroku bowed low. He knew her kind.

"What has happened to Kagome," Sango gasped, trying to move to her.

Miroku held her back. "This must be her true self. That is the only explanation..."

Sango gapped at her. She looked a goddess.

"What is she," she wondered.

Miroku looked at his friend reverently. "Deruma...."


Long ago, there was a war for heaven. The angels were forced to defend their home, temporarily ignoring their areas of protections. The earth was scorched with fire from the unchecked sun, or flooded by rain. Weather was strange and unpredictable. Crops grew too fast or not at all. Evils ravaged the forgotten planet.

One of the protectors of mortals was given the name Enjeru. He loved the people, perhaps more so than the others. He looked at the earth and wept, but he could not protect them alone. The other angels made a joint effort to save the world every day- this war was threatening to kill the life everywhere.

Lucifer, the devil, el diablo- he has many names. But most cultures know him for what he is- evil. He desired heaven for his own. And he launched an attack with all manner of demons, hoping to kill the angels. For without them, God was weaker.

The battle raged for one mortal year, but truly a day for the angels. Enjeru saw the effects on the earth and vowed to put a stop to it.

Lucifer himself fought, succeeding in killing two angels before they had a chance to stop him. It was Enjeru who made the move- he sacrificed himself.

He flew at the devil, mighty silver wings of light outstretched to their full length, and struck Lucifer with his own body.

This move was unexpected, catching the evil one off guard. He fell, for a second unable to defend. Even as his weapon fell into Enjeru's skin, he was forced back, once again trapped in a cursed realm. Hell.

Enjeru fell, his flight carrying him into the skies over his beloved mortal world. His wound was deep, bleeding greatly. Each drop that fell was instantly evaporated, until he finally died in the air, staring at the world h loved.

God saw his desire to protect the mortals, and granted him a last miracle. As his body hit the sea, seven drops of blood floated, kept safe during the fall by hiding in his body. Each of these drops became a immortal person, one who would protect mankind in Enjeru's place, but would not have the duty of living in heaven. They would be earth-bound angels.

But an unexpected side effect took place. The blood mingled with sea water, creating a mix of water and blood in the veins of the protectors. They could survive on earth and in the water. They were called Deruma, or 'of the sea.'

These guardians were wise, and recognized their place. They watched from affar, mingling very few times, silent protectors. Only during times of great need do they interfere with the lives of the mortals, youkai and humans alike. Until then, they wait, deep in the clear, uncorrupted waters of every sea.

They became a complex ciilization, similar in structure to all sentient creatures. But they did not hold the human emotions provided by the corruption of the evil one- born from the blood of an angel, they felt no hate, no greed. They were truly a perfect race, with amazing power. They keep watch, each living for an eternity, for no mortal has ever killed one of the fallen angels...


Author's Note- A relatively short chapter, I know. Oh well. Oh, a few notes.

One, most names were not originally created by me, but were taken from a japenese name sight. I can't find the address, but I wish to give credit now.

Also, here are a few name translations:

Arubaru-magical warrior; Enjeru-angel; Aniketo- unconquerable; O-buri- elf power; Deruma- out of the sea; Kenesu- fire born; Rura- dancing water; Ricchi- bright strength; Zu-bin- mighty sword.

Have fun with the scond installment of the Blood Trilogy!

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