For Richer or Poorer by Mujitsu


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For Richer or Poorer


"We paid the family a visit again, my Lord. They said that they still won't sell."

Silence reigned until the man speaking on the phone began to become slightly nervous. Then he heard a dark chuckle cross the phone line that made him wish for silence again.

"I see," the owner of the laugh said. "Such a stubborn group of people for such a nice family. It's a pity they couldn't be friendlier with us. I'm assuming you'll take care of it?"

"Hai, my Lord. You'll be able to make a bid on the land within a week."

"Good. Oh, and Hakudoushi? ...if in any way, shape, or form their deaths are traced back to me, I will have your head."

"I understand, sir."

The line went dead and Hakudoushi smiled, despite the last words his employer said. This next assignment was going to be enjoyable. Not only would he be glad to get payback on the man and woman that had insulted him that day, but also their little brat who'd had the nerve to throw a rock at him as he left.

His employer didn't have to worry about any traces leading back to him...he would make sure there were no traces to be found...


The gala was huge, taking place in one of the world's finest hotel ballrooms. Sparkling chandeliers winkled cheerily overhead, giving a soft light to the occupants of the room. Soft, soothing music was playing, and couples were intertwined together on the dance floor, swaying softly to the rhythm. Sharply dressed waiters handed out ice cold, bubbling champagne to beautifully dressed women and handsome men who were talking and laughing together in groups of four or five. Everything was perfect.

And Sesshoumaru hated it. He inwardly sighed as he noticed a group of women glancing over at him from time to time as if her were a piece of meat...and they were starving. Of course, who could blame them? The TaiYoukai was an imposing figure, standing far above most of the men in the room. His knee-length silver hair was envied by all, and his molten amber eyes gave him an otherworldly look. The crescent moon on his forehead and the maroon stripes on his cheeks and eyes only enhanced the masculine beauty of his pale face. His strength, both in and out of the business office was of legend, and he was Japan's most eligible bachelor. Any woman who didn't look twice at him was a fool.

But, he thought, it's pitiful that they're so damn obvious about it. He shot the gaggle of women his trademark stoic stare, which almost set them swooning. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes and instead glanced about the room.

He wished for the good old days when youkai ruled and humans and hanyou were thought of as beneath him. But, this was present day Tokyo and the laws said that youkai, humans, and everything in between were equal. He scoffed to himself. The thought of a human being equal to him was enough to make him want to shudder. No, he only had to work with them. Granted, he was their boss, the CEO of Taiinu Inc., but the thought only made him feel a little better.

All of the beings at the gala were wither allies or rivals of his in the business world, and he decided he might as well do some mingling so he could get out of there faster.

He walked over to a wolf demon with long, black hair tied into a high ponytail.

"Kouga." All of the women within hearing distance sighed at the deep baritone of his voice. The acknowledged wolf demon turned slightly annoyed blue eyes to the TaiYoukai.

"Sesshoumaru, must you take all the attention for yourself?" he complained. He sighed when the demon lord said nothing. "I'm actually surprised your still here. I thought you would have gotten out of here hours ago."

"Not for lack of trying," Sesshoumaru said with a slight nod to the doorway. Kouga peered over and noticed the abundant amount of women, all of whom he'd bet were single, almost seeming to block the doorway. Kouga laughed loudly.

"Don't tell me the great Sesshoumaru is afraid to leave because of a bunch of women?" He stopped laughing abruptly and gulped when he received a cold glare from the man whose was the most powerful in Japan. Definitely someone you don't want to piss off. "Heh, um-I mean...was there something you needed to talk about Sesshoumaru?"

"Have you heard anything about Naraku?"

The two demons looked towards the said hanyou across the room that had a smirk on his face while a woman hung on each arm. Kouga sniffed in distaste.

"Just that he acquired some new land recently. A nice big chunk, too. I think he wants to build a new building on it. From what I've heard, the family didn't want to sell willingly." A troubled look crossed his handsome face. "But it's not a problem now."

"Why do you say that?"

"They're dead," Kouga said flatly.

Sesshoumaru's eyebrows rising were the only indication of his surprise.

"How...convenient," was all he said, his mind going a mile a minute. "It seems that Inuyasha was right."

Kouga snorted. "Since when has dog-breath ever been right?" He shut up when he realized he just insulted the inu-demon clan, one by the choice of his wording, and two because Inuyasha was Sesshoumaru's brother, no matter how much they hated each other. Sesshoumaru gave him another glare, but let his comment pass.

"Since Inuyasha asked me to be on the lookout for anything suspicious concerning Naraku. Apparently this isn't the first time Naraku has gained land by someone's death."

"No shit?" Kouga asked. Sesshoumaru actually rolled his eyes at the wolf's response.

"No shit, Mr. Tactful," he said dryly. "I should call Inuyasha and tell him to check it out."

"Hold on, shouldn't you get some evidence first? You can't just go and blame Naraku on some murders based on suppositions."

"That's Inuyasha's job, not mine," he said uncaringly. Now all he had to do was find a way out of the partly. He glanced to the troublesome females who blocked his exit. 500 years ago he would have just killed them, but nowadays it was illegal to do that.

"Let me handle this, Sess," Kouga said, a wolfish grin on his face. Sesshoumaru frowned at the shortened version of his name, but watched in curiosity as Kouga walked up to the group of women and put on the charm, full blast. Soon he had led them all to the dance floor with the promise to dance with each one.

Sesshoumaru let a rare smirk cross his face. The wolf did have some good points for being such an idiot, he thought as he made a hasty escape.


The hanyou Naraku watched as the elegant Lord left the party. Even looking at Sesshoumaru made him seethe with anger. Naraku had worked hard to be the most successful businessman, sometimes using less conventional methods to get what he wanted, but he was still second to the powerful TaiYoukai. Maybe it was time to get rid of him...and gain his company in the process.

He enjoyed the rest of the night, flirting with the ladies and sipping champagne, while a sinister plan formed in his mind.


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