If You're Not The One by KogasAngel

It's A Heartache

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Kagome stood in front of the mirror and smiled at her reflection. Today, she would become Mrs. Inu Yasha Takashiro, the man who held her heart in the palm of his hand. They had been through much in their relationship and had survived a fleeting infatuation of his by the name of Kikyo.

Kikyo. Even the mere thought of that name sent Kagome's heart into overdrive. She could clearly remember the day that she had gone to Inu Yasha's apartment and caught him in bed with the whore. His explanation that he gave to her later on was that he was having serious thoughts about their impending marriage and he had to know if there was anything he would be missing out on. She had placed her ring in his hand and told him that they were through and not to ever call her again, but as always, he ignored her and called her a few days after that incident, pleading with her to forgive and forget. And like always, she relented. She really wanted this relationship to last. He made her feel complete and loved, even though at times he was rude and made comments that were meant to hurt. But, he had given up Kikyo and that was the starting point of their renewed relationship. In fact, Inu Yasha had been so eager to marry quickly that they had shifted their wedding date from September to today, telling her that he could not wait to introduce her as, Mrs. Kagome Takashiro.

Kagome smiled at the memory of her Inu Yasha tenderly holding her hands and telling her how much he loved her. Now, all of her dreams were coming true, and she was about to walk down the aisle to meet her new husband.

Sango helped pin the headpiece in place and then looked down at Kagome. She looked beautiful, as always. Kagome always did have a certain beauty about her that was unique. Men seemed drawn to her, but if they could not have her in a relationship, they were usually convinced to be her friend. Take Hojo for example. When Kagome announced her engagement, he took the hint and quit flirting with her, and instead offered to walk her down the aisle and give her away. Kagome quickly accepted his offer and they had forged a strong friendship. Though, Sango was pretty sure that Hojo would like to be the one Kagome was marrying, he was not about to ruin her happiness. Now, as she helped her friend get ready for her marriage ceremony, Sango felt warmth in her heart as she saw the serene smile on Kagome's face.

"Penny for your thoughts, Kagome." Sango said, causing Kagome to look up at her. Kagome's eyes grew wide and then she giggled.

"Sorry Sango. I guess I phased out. Thank you so much for doing this for me." Kagome said, reaching up to pat her best friend's hand.

"Thank you for making me your maid of honor. Now, if only I could get Miroku to commit to me the way Inu Yasha is committing to you, we would be perfect." Sango sighed, a giggle escaping her lips. She was fully aware that her Miroku was a man of affection, but easily freaked out when someone mentioned the word marriage. Perhaps one day, he would calm down and realize that marriage was the inevitable step in their relationship.

Kagome laughed. "Don't worry, it will happen. I promise." She said, accepting the hug her best friend offered to her.

When a knock came on the door to the dressing room, Ayame, another of Kagome's maids, answered it and was greeted by Hojo.

"Are you ready, Kagome? The guests have arrived and we are all waiting on you. Inu Yasha is standing up at the alter and he looks totally nervous." Hojo said, smiling at the bride.

Kagome nodded and stood up. Sango helped her place the veil over her face and then hugged her once more. She, along with Ayame, Eri, and Yumi grabbed their bouquets and walked from the room. They needed to meet the groomsmen and walk down the aisle.

Hojo offered Kagome his arm. When she took it, he smiled down at her and led her from the room, making sure that she grabbed her bouquet on the way out. As they stood behind the bridesmaids and groomsmen, Kagome fidgeted. Her life as a single woman was over, thank Kami. She could not wait to get her new husband home and love him. This day would forever be imprinted on her mind.

The doors opened, and the wedding march began. The flower girl and ring bearer went first, followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen, until all that was left was Kagome and Hojo.

When the music she had picked came on, Hojo slowly led Kagome down the aisle. Kagome smiled as she heard the murmurs of how lovely she looked and that Inu Yasha was a lucky man. Kagome's eyes went over to her love, Inu Yasha, and found that he was looking around. What was wrong with him? Probably wedding jitters.

After Hojo had given Kagome's arm to Inu Yasha, he turned and went to his seat beside Kagome's family. After all, he had always been very close to the Higurashi family. Soon, the priest began his speech and the lovely young couple that stood before them enchanted everyone.

Miroku smiled at Sango. She had been chosen as Kagome's maid of honor, while he had been chosen as Inu Yasha's best man. He could see the wistful look that was upon Sango's face and he knew that she desired a more serious commitment from him. Well, perhaps by the end of the year, he would give her one. Right now, this time was for Inu Yasha and Kagome.

The priest looked down at the young couple with friendly eyes. "Do you Kagome Higurashi, take this man, Inu Yasha Takashiro, as your husband? To have and to hold, to love and cherish, until death do you part?" He asked, with a gentle smile.

Kagome looked up at Inu Yasha and smiled at him. "I do." She said, softly. She closed her eyes as the priest asked the same question to Inu Yasha, but quickly opened her eyes when he did not respond. After a few moments of silence, he looked down at Kagome and then said, "I do not."

Kagome's body went ice cold. She was his golden eyes flicker with some unreadable emotion, but then felt him take her hand. "Kagome, we need to talk. In private." He said, pulling her away from the alter, and ignoring the outraged gasps of the spectators. He led her back up the aisle and into the dressing room that she had previously been in. After he closed the door, he made Kagome sit down, taking note that she was stunned and confused.

He ran a hand through his long silvery hair and then said, "I'm sorry about this, Kagome. But, I can't marry you. Not when I am in love with someone else."

Kagome shook her head. "It's Kikyo, isn't it? I thought you told me that it was over. You told me that you would have nothing to do with her ever again." She said, the tears coming to the surface.

Inu Yasha sighed. "Yes, it is Kikyo. I could not stay away from her, Kagome. She is the woman who I have been dreaming of for a long time. I-I have asked her to marry me, and we are going to be leaving tonight. I am sorry for all of this, Kagome." He said, taking off his tuxedo jacket and slinging it over his shoulder.

Kagome stood up and walked slowly over to him. Without warning, she slapped him across the face and yelled, "YOU LIAR!! YOU FILTHY, CHEATING, SON OF A BITCH!! I HOPE SHE DOES TO YOU WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME, YOU SICK ASSHOLE!!"

Inu Yasha stumbled back and held his aching cheek. Ok, he admitted it, he deserved that smack. He watched as Kagome burst into tears, but could not bring himself to comfort her. He shook his head and went to the door. "Don't worry about paying for any of this. Send the bills to Myoga and he will take care of them. You may keep the rings, including the engagement ring. I have no use for them, and will get Kikyo one of her choice. I really am sorry, Kagome." He said, walking out the door then silently closing it behind him.

Kagome sat down and allowed her sobs to quiet. She was lost in a deep sea of emotions and felt her heart shatter into a million pieces. She thought about everything he had just said, and knew that he would probably do the cowardly thing and leave her to tell the guests that the wedding was off. She took in a few deep breaths, and figured that her eye makeup was ruined, but it didn't matter anymore. She stood up, and placed her bouquet on the chair that she had been sitting on. She slowly made her way out of the room and towards her guests.

Sango had been the first to see Kagome. She dropped her bouquet and ran towards her with Miroku hot on her heels. When she reached the young woman, it was clear that Kagome had been pushed past her emotional boundaries. She reached out for her friend, but stopped when Kagome began to speak.

"I am sorry, but your time has been wasted. Inu Yasha is getting married today, but not to me. He wishes for me to convey his apologies for not telling you himself, but he had a plane to catch. I am sorry for everyone's inconvenience." She said, turning around and leaving the room.

Sango and Miroku stared at their friend's back, but then quickly followed her. Kagome's family and a very pissed off Hojo followed them. He kept muttering curses and serious promises of pain towards Inu Yasha.

When they got to the bridal dressing room, Sango knocked and then went inside. She found Kagome sitting in the same chair that she had used to get ready for the ceremony, but this time, Kagome was pulling off the headpiece and staring at her reflection. Sango went to her side.

"Kagome, this is not your fault. What he did was low and cowardly." Sango said, taking the brush from Kagome's hand and taking over with pulling her hair from its bindings.

Kagome shook her head. "He said that he could not stay away from her. He lied, Sango. He lied to me and had been screwing her all this time, and I was clueless. Was it just me, or did he fool you guys too?" She asked, knowing full well that Sango would have told her if she had suspected that Inu Yasha were cheating.

"I honestly don't know, Kagome. I never suspected that after he was caught, he would do it again, but I will say this, he is no longer welcomed around me. Let the bitch have him. They deserve each other." Sango said as she ran the brush through Kagome's hair. She saw the glistening tear tracks and knew that Inu Yasha had dealt Kagome a serious blow on this day. She hoped that Inu Yasha and that whore would suffer some kind of serious accident, and though she didn't wish for their deaths, she did wish for some serious disfiguring upon their persons.

When she was done, she helped Kagome up and quickly got her out of the wedding dress. She placed Kagome into the outfit that she had worn to the church and told her that she and Miroku would take Kagome home. When she saw Kagome nod, Sango went to the door and opened it. She stepped out and walked to her boyfriend.

"We are taking Kagome home. She needs to have some time to herself and doesn't need to be around other people at this time." She said.

Miroku nodded. He had never been so angry with his friend in all of their years together. How dare he do this. He had one hell of a time not racing out of the church and following Inu Yasha to beat the ever-loving hell out of him. But, he would probably have to fight Hojo first to find out who got the pleasure of kicking Inu Yasha's ass.

Sango nodded at her boyfriend and accepted the hug from Kagome's mother. "I will clean up here. You just get Kagome away from here and make her lay down at home. Tell her I will call her later." Mrs. Higurashi said.

Sango agreed, and went back into the room. Kagome had stopped crying, but Sango could tell that she was in shock over what had just happened. She helped Kagome to her feet and helped her from the room. Her loved ones immediately surrounded Kagome and they were all anxious to help her in some way.

Hojo broke through and looked at Miroku. "Go and get your car. I will bring her out." He said. After Miroku and Sango left, Hojo excused Kagome and himself from the group and together they walked towards the exit.

"He is a fool, Kagome. He doesn't deserve you and you certainly don't deserve a liar and a cheater like him." He said, making Kagome stop and look up at him.

Kagome looked up at the man who had been her source of comfort for so many years. Finally, the dam broke. She flung her body into his chest and sobbed her heart out. She could feel his arms around her and felt his chin upon her head. Soon, his fingers were running through her hair and she heard him sigh.

"Kagome, I will never leave you. Inu Yasha doesn't deserve a woman like you. He never did." Hojo whispered, tightening his arms around the sobbing young woman.

When he felt Kagome relax a bit, he looked down. It was clear that the day had take a serious toll on her. He bent down and picked her up in his arms. He walked outside and found Miroku and Sango waiting on them. He made his way to the car and saw that Sango had grabbed Kagome's purse somewhere along the way. He placed Kagome into the backseat, buckled her up, and then closed the door. He turned to look at Miroku.

"I don't give a shit if he is your friend. I am going to take the son of a bitch down for this." Hojo said, his fists clenching in anger.

Miroku shook his head. "No friend of mine would ever do this to someone that they claimed to care for. So, do what you feel you need to, but I need to get Kagome home." He said.

Hojo nodded, and watched as Sango and Miroku got in the car and drove away. He reached into his coat pocket and dialed the number to his personal assistant.

"Get Sesshomaru Takashiro on the phone and set up a meeting with him for me. Tell him that I have an interesting proposition for him." Hojo said, smirking when he heard his assistant's gasp. She quickly agreed and hung up with her boss. Hojo looked towards the direction that Kagome had been carried off in, and he silently promised that Inu Yasha would be paid back in full for the blow he had delivered to her. After all, Hojo was a man of his word.


A phone rang and was picked up. As he placed the phone to his ear, he heard Jaken tell him that Hojo Kuama wanted to meet with him and had a proposition for him. When told to set the meeting, Jaken quickly hung up, leaving his boss to his thoughts.

Sesshomaru Takashiro was a man capable of many things, but one thing he had not accomplished was merging with the company that would place him at the top of the food chair, thus surpassing his idiot half brother's company in success and stature. However, now that the owner of said company was coming to him, he could only imagine the hell he would have to walk through to get what he wanted. But, it would be worth it to see his brother's shocked face when he destroyed that fucking company that Inu Yasha had worked so hard for. And it would be worth it to see that whore, Kikyo, realize that she chose the wrong brother to screw around on. He would make her pay dearly with the knowledge that the life of comfort that he could have given to her was now non-existent now that she had slept around on him and with his own brother no less and that all Inu Yasha would be able to offer her is a life of constant struggle. Without the company that their father had given him, Inu Yasha would be stuck, and since he never finished college, Sesshomaru could almost bet that Inu Yasha's days in the business world were over. Now, all he had to do was convince Hojo Kuama that merging with him would be beneficial to both of them.

Sesshomaru sat back and took a drink of the sherry he had poured himself. He could not wait for this meeting. Perhaps, he could arrange it for this evening. With a sigh, he picked up the phone and called Jaken. Once he gave his orders, Jaken quickly excused himself to set up the meeting and called back within ten minutes to confirm that Hojo would agree to meet with him. Jaken told his boss that Hojo would arrive around seven pm and that he would see to it that dinner was ready and waiting. Sesshomaru hung up on his retainer and smirked to himself. Things were going exactly the way he liked them to go: His way.

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