Last Hope by Bleuborzoi


It had taken them nearly twenty years to get right. And now, finally, it was almost complete. He remembered that day, that one twist of fate which lead him to be here, on the day of July 12th in the year 2382. That man, his name now seemed so unfamiliar, had done them a huge favor, but of course there was a catch.

They told him that what he had asked for would be no walk in the park and it would take quite a while, at least a few decades. He told them that time was nothing; he could wait as long as it would take. The only thing he cared about is that it got done.

So the agreement was made.

There was only one thing left to do. He held up the vial of think crimson liquid that the man had given them when the deal had been made. If he didn't know any better he would think it was blood, the consistency was the same. He remembered back to when this was given to him and the others:


"I have one last request," the man with the long raven hair said.

"And that would be?" he asked crossing his arms, he was sick of this man and his precise details.

"Take this," the man said, holding up the vial, "Inject it into her when she's complete."

"What is it?" his colleague asked, taking the vial.

"Think of it as a 'perfection' to her..." the man answered, "I believe that is all, I will contact you periodically to check up on progress. Tell me immediately when you finish."

***(End flashback)

That was the last time they had seen the man, Naraku, as he called himself. He had his had through his brunette hair, as soon as they added the liquid that was in the vial they could bring her into consciousness for the first time. She was the only one that had been successful so far, she was almost like a daughter to them. They had brought her here, they made her the was she was, it would be hard to let go.

"So, Kashikoi, are we ready?"

Kashikoi turned to his colleague, Surudoi. He was still so young compared to him and Kagaku, but very creative and bright. Surudoi had been a huge help during the project, "Yeah, where's Kagaku?"

"Waiting for us downstairs," Surudoi answered, "Well, let's do this."

The two of them walked down the narrow, white hallway with Surudoi leading the way. At the end of the hallway they turned to the left and trotted down a flight of stairs to their destination.

There she was.

She was lying on a moon-white bed; obviously Kagaku had moved her there. She was pale and completely unmoving aside from the slight rise and fall of her chest as she slowly breathed in her dormant state. Her long, untamed ebony bangs draped onto her face. Her appearance was that of a fifteen-year-old, all of her was so young and untouched. The scene seemed almost too perfect to disturb.

Kashikoi retrieved a sterile syringe from a drawer and stuck the needle end into the top of the vial. The crimson liquid slowly seeped into the clear container of the syringe. This way of giving injections was very old, but still very affective. Kashikoi walked over to her and picked up her right arm, searching for a vein. In short time he found one and stuck the end of the needle into her pale skin. Slowly, he injected the fluid into her.

"We should wait to give her the next injection," Kagaku stated, "The mix of the two drugs might cause a reaction." Surudoi and Kashikoi nodded in agreement.

"You know..." Surudoi started after a pregnant pause, "We haven't given her a name yet."

"Yeah, you're right, 'guess I never thought about it," Kagaku said in response, "Anyone have suggestions?"

" about 'Kagome'?" Kashikoi said after a few minutes of silence.

"Where'd you come up with that one?" Surudoi asked.

"Kagome was a character in a story I was reading my niece a while back, I don't know why I remember it though," Kashikoi answered.

"Personally I like it, what do you think, Surudoi?" Kagaku piped up.

"Since you two seem to like it, sounds fine to me," Surudoi looked over to the sleeping girl and mouthed the word 'Kagome'. He had to admit, it really did fit her.

A half hour had passed and Kagaku gave the newly named 'Kagome' her injection to bring her into consciousness, this time on the shot was on the left arm though. It was merely moments before Kagome began to show signs of waking up. The three men waited eagerly for her to completely wake.

Finally, for the first time ever, she opened her eyes.

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