Two Sides by Hell Witch

Chapter 1-Darker

Kagome leaned against the ancient tree that grew from the edge of a forest. The once earth brown eyes were now crimson red which didn't move their gaze from the sparkling stars above her. It had been a month since she betrayed her former gang, and created a new one. The wind gentle blew at her, moving her knee-long ebon hair to her right. One month ago, Kagome had finally decided to stop acting like a light, and become one with the darkness again. The only reason she acted was so she could learn as much as possible about the 500 year old past. Her attire changed, all ebon: a trents coat, loose t-shirt, baggy pants, leather combat boots, gloves, and last, her cowboy-like hat with the bottom spread wide to cover her eyes from view. On her hips were two guns, one ebon, and the other maroon, in holders so they wouldn't drop. The maroon gun was used for rapid firing while the ebon had a different purpose.

Her right leg was bent so her right arm could hang lazily from it. There was a secret about Kagome that no one knew about.

"Still gazing at the stars?" came a male's voice. Kagome didn't even have to look to see who it was.

"The star's tell a history Sesshomaru. If you knew how to read them, then you would know the history that even the Fates hide," answered Kagome. Appearing from the tree's shadow came Lord Sesshomaru. Deforming from the shadows, he sat beside the woman on her left. Eariler the Lord had aquired a lot of new techniques which improved his attacks, and defenses that matched the Gods themselves.

"And what do they tell you?" the Dog Demon asked. His attire had changed; the white silk kimono was now ebon, and the red, now maroon.

"That the Shadow Orbs will be formed soon. Once they are, then we'll search for them. When we have all of them, nothing will stop us," explained Kagome.

"And if my bastard half-brother interfers?"

"Kill him, and those who stand in out way." Sesshomaru smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist, and bring her into his lap.

"What kind of death are you planning for them?" When Sesshomaru joined Kagome, he learned how truly dark she was. She told him the deaths, tortures, and such that always sent chills down his spine. Kagome didn't mind sitting in his lap. Before she could answer, Naraku shimmered out of no where, and stood in front of the two people. Naraku had also agreed to join them.

"InuYasha, and them are coming in from the east to battle us yet again. This time they brought Kikyou," informed the Spider Demon. Joining Kagome, she had made the one half-demon into a full blooded Spider Demon.

"You think after the first twenty beatings he would stop," said Kagome, standing up without using her arms. Sesshomaru stood up behind her. "Get Akiyama, and Kentaro." Naraku nodded, and shimmered away. Sesshomaru sniffed the air.

"He'll be here in five minutes," informed the Western Lands Lord. Kagome nodded her head, and leaned against the tree. Pulling her maroon gun out, and reloading it with a fresh magazine, Kagome was ready. A shadow covered the two before disappearing. Within a second, standing in front of them was Akiyama.

He had endless silver hair that ended mid-back, and acute azure eyes. On his back were six ebon wings, three on each side, three horns on top of his head, talons on both hands, and feet. His body was covered neck-to-toe with silvery scales except his face. His name was Akiyama. Naraku shimmered next to him.

"Kentaro's coming," reported Naraku. His two-layer kimono was black as night with a katana in a dull gray shealth hanging from his left hilt. Skitting to a halt by Sesshomaru, a dull gray wolf appeared, his breaths coming in fast. Switching from the wolf form to his normal one, Kentaro popped his knuckles. He had shadowy black hair with crimson stripes coming from the front to the back along with crimson eyes also.. He wore ultramarine baggy pants along with a loose ebon shirt, and leather combat boots. Akiyama was a Fallen Angel, and Kentaro was a Hell Vampire. He didn't reveal his vampire fangs, only when he was hungry for blood.

"Everybody ready? This time we're going to steal the last of the jewel shards, and complete it," explained Kagome. The men nodded their heads. Kagome perfered to hang out with guys better then girls. Taking the Jewel of Four Souls out of her pocket, a dark glow surrounded it. It only aquired three more pieces.

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