Sweet Sixteen by Shizuko

Authors Note 1

Sesshomaru: What am I doing here? -_-

Shizuko: Well, maybe it's because I needed to be around you for I must know your attitude towards reality so that I may put you in my story.

Inuyasha: What's there to know about mono-toned jerk over there?

Kagome: Inuyasha! That's not nice! *points scolding finger*

Inuyasha: Well, maybe I'm just not a nice guy?

Shizuko and Sesshomaru: -_- Right.......

Shizuko: Um... on with the story?

Sesshomaru: Yes, before my half brother begins to kiss himself.

Inuyasha: Why I outta.... *cut off by an evil glare of Kagome*


Chapter 1 Harmless Prank

Bright blue lights flashed as Kagome sat in her car, her head laid back on the head rest. Her eyes shut slowly awaiting for the officer to come up to her window and tell her how fast she wasn't going, and how much she would have to pay for something she didn't do. "Geesh, could my day get any worse?" she whispered, the air conditioning blowing on her lovely face.

The officer came up slowly, his uniform flashing from the lights of his car. "Ma'm, do you realize how fast you were going?" he asked, a little note book in his hand and pencil in the other. His face was short and circular, but his nose really stuck out from his dark tanned face. He had long fingers with no nails on them. Obviously he wasn't one for hygiene.

'Great, now he wants to tell me how fast I was going, really, I mean, what kind of idiot does he take me for?' she thought as she pulled out her license and registration. "Here officer," she smiled politely handing him the cards.

He took it, a grim look on his face as he looked them over then turned towards his car, "Wait one moment here Ma'm." He began a slow and steady walk towards his vehicle.

Kagome sighed and slammed her head back once more to its resting spot. The still flashing lights reflected from her mirror and hit her chocolate colored eyes. She closed one eye as the lights blinked simultaneously. "What are they trying to do blind me?" she mumbled looking out into her rear view mirror.

Taking one blink, the lights shut off. Kagome lifted herself up from the seat and looked into the mirror carefully. The figure of the officer was seen in the seat, but he didn't seem to move any. Kagome shook a bit and slowly opened the door, a shiver running down her spine. She removed the keys from the ignition and placed them in the seat as she got up. Closing the door behind her she slowly headed for the officer's car.

The windows were shaded and she couldn't see to well for there was no light. She knocked on the officer's window," Officer? Officer are you there?" she asked, hoping to get some response out of him. Nothing but silence and the sound of the wind filled the back road air. She took a large gulp as she reached for the car door. "Hello? Officer?" she whispered as she peaked into the car, the door only somewhat open.

Kagome let out a loud scream as she looked upon the once living officer. His face was scratched up, blood oozing from his neck that seemed to contain man cuts. Backing away from the door and the wide white eyed officer, Kagome made a break for her vehicle. Trying to open the door quickly, panting heavily from the disturbing sight, she finally got the door to open for her. When she reached for her keys in the seat she noticed they had disappeared. "Great, now I'm stuck in the middle with a psycho looking dead man, and no keys," she heaved digging through her purse for her cell phone.

"Eureka!" she exclaimed lifting her phone from the purse and gazing at it as if it had saved her life many times before. But upon closer inspection she looked at the battery and began to cry. "No! Come on you worthless piece of metal! Give me a signal!" she banged the phone against the steering wheel; not hard, but most definitely not soft either.

When she finished her antics, her head fell forward; wet and warm tears ran down her cheeks in anguish. "God, why me?" she pleaded. Looking up finally, she looked into her rear view mirror. A lone figure placed behind her held up his hand, claws seemed to extract from the tips.

The creature smirked and grabbed her throat from behind, pulling her weight to the seat. It seemed to try and pull her back, but without success to get her through the chair. "Let...go...of me... you...creep!" she said, trying to get it through the choking feeling. She grabbed the creature's hands and bit down upon the left one hand, drawing blood.

"OWWW!!!" roared an all too familiar voice. "What was that for Kagome!?" Kagome became shocked at the voice and growled turning on the overhead light that resided on her car roof. An evil glare emitted from her eyes as she stared down the once frightening creature.

"INUYASHA!!!" she yelled, making Inuyasha wince at the ear-splitting sound. His white doggy ears fell flat on his head as he tried to cover them with his hands, blocking out as much of the sound as possible.

Kagome jumped out of the car, her red sweater nearly matching the shade of her cheeks at this point. Inuyasha followed behind her as she began to walk down the street to the officer's car. "Hey Kagome wait up! I'm sorry!" he beckoned as she stopped at the police man's car.

"How could you Inuyasha!? That wasn't very funny! Who else was in on this!?" she growled slamming the door open to see a grinning dead man. Kagome jumped back at the awkward sight, running into the hard chest of Inuyasha who almost began to laugh.

"We're sorry, Miroku is a good actor though isn't he?" he said pointing to the dead officer in the vehicle. Miroku now was laughing quite a bit, his eyes closed roughly as he found it very funny. Sango approached from the dark into view of the car's head lights.

Kagome's jaw dropped suddenly. "Sango, you were in on this too!?" she whined, not wanting to believe that her best friend had nearly deceived her by joining in on such trickery.

Sango smirked," Sorry Kagome, it was an interesting thought, so, I just couldn't help myself but join in on the fun." Kagome stood in shock. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around Kagome and smiled.

All of them stood around her, Shippo and Kirara entering the scene and grinning happily. Suddenly they all spoke in a loud unison, "Happy Birthday Kagome!!!!!" Kagome smiled and took them all in for a group hug.


Sesshomaru: Well, for wanting me here how come I wasn't in the story?

Shizuko: Because-

Inuyasha: Because you're not worthy of starting something in a story.

Sesshomaru: -_- Watch yourself Inuyasha

Kagome: *pulls out a Karaoke machine with Shippo and sings* WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS? WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS?

Shizuko: *Pulls out sword* Well, until the next chapter, although I don't guarantee that Kagome will be joining us.

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