Passion by CiraArana

The first Time

A/N: My first lemon ever, written in summer 2004. Since then, Passion won three awards as Best Lemon Fanfiction (2nd place in 2005, 1st place in 2006, 2nd place 2007).

Chapter I The First Time

She could not fight any longer. Her arms grew weak, she was running out of arrows, and still there were demons attacking her. Their number did not seem to lessen. Oh, if Inu Yasha only would come and save her! Or Sango, or Miroku! Someone! She couldn't keep on fighting!

The group had been attacked by several powerful youkai; some of them infused with the power of at least one shard of the shikon no tama. She had only had time to shout that fact at Inu Yasha when they had been attacked savagely. Obviously it was a trap set by Naraku to get their fragments of the jewel.

During the fight she somehow got separated from the others. Chased by some of the youkai, she fled into a small wood nearby, hoping they would not follow her. But they did. They had chased her through the wood and trapped her in that little clearing and now she was fighting for her live.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a giant snake-demon approaching her. With a desperate cry she shot her last arrow at it. It hit the demon full-force and the snake melted in a ball of pink-white light. Kagome turned around, facing the other demons that were now encircling her. There came even more and she had no arrows left.

She took a few steps back, till her back hit a tree. She could not run away.

Another giant youkai, this time a kind of bug-demon, approached, its antennae swivelling in her direction, these strange things at its mouth clacking hungrily. She ducked, hiding her face in her hands when it leapt forward, and waited for the lethal blow. It never came.

Instead, a silver lightning shot past her, crashing into the demon, tearing it apart. She looked up in surprise. At first she thought it might have been a spell, cast by some unknown friendly being that saw the danger. But no, it was not a spell. In fact, it was a beautiful, menacing demon lord.

Kagome watched, eyes large in surprise, as Sesshomaru shredded the demons, one after the other, swinging his evil sword Toukijin with breathtaking grace. It was soon over. The ground was covered in demon blood, parts of their bodies lying all over the place. Here and there one cut off limb twitched. She stood there, staring unbelievingly at him. He saved her?

Sesshomaru turned to her and gazed back. He did nothing else, just stood there, looking at her. Kagome felt confused and afraid. More afraid than before. What would he do? Kill her? He had tried several times before, why shouldn't he do it now, Inu Yasha nowhere in sight maybe even dead, she knew not ... no, no! He is well, perhaps hurt, yes, but alive! Kagome tried to fight the panic that crept across her. And why should Sesshomaru kill her, he had just saved her! But maybe he did it just to kill her himself ... The thoughts in her head kept spinning as the youkai lord kept staring at her.

He stood there between the remnants of his prey, staring at the girl. He smelled her fear and her curiosity. As he kept his eyes on her, his lust for blood and killing faded away, leaving behind another lust ... for her.

He leapt forward, leaving Kagome only time for a gasp, then his arm pulled her forcefully against his body and his lips crashed down on hers somewhat threateningly. She want rigid with shock. What was he doing?! Kissing her?

She struggled to get away and his kiss softened. His arm held her tight. She felt his strong body and as his mouth brushed over hers now softly a strange feeling rose inside of her; not an unpleasant feeling, though.

The tip of his tongue traced the form of her lower lip and demanded entry into her mouth. She obeyed this request and as his tongue discovered the inside of her mouth the strange feeling became stronger. She felt ... light and heavy at the same time. Her mind seemed to be clouded with some kind of mist, and she couldn't think properly anymore. But his hand started caressing her back and she didn't care any longer about proper thinking. Her small hands, resting at his chest where they had been trying to push him back, were now clinging to the silk of his clothes.

Through her misty mind she heard a little voice from the back of her head shouting at her, 'Kagome! Hey, wake up, Kagome! Hello, anybody home? Girl, this is Sesshomaru, remember who he is? He tried to kill Inu Yasha! Well, actually he tried to kill you, too! You can't stand here letting him kiss you. Hey, Kagome, are you listening?'

She wasn't.

Kagome let the feeling get the better of her, melted into his embrace and shyly answered his kiss. His reaction followed immediately. With a triumphant growl he drew her closer to him, so close that through his clothes she could now feel ... him. It felt good and she snuggled even closer, challenging his tongue with her own and moaning softly as he took up the challenge.

His hand found a way under her clothes and caressed her bare skin. It sent shivers throughout her whole body. As he pulled his claws softly over her back she started trembling.

Kagome didn't think anymore, just reacted to his every touch. With unsure hands she searched a way through the obstacle of his clothes to feel his skin. He drew a bit back, ending the kiss for a moment and with an impatient hand opened the way for her before his mouth returned to her already red and swollen lips. Kagome sighed; for one moment she had feared he would stop. But he did not stop, and she was finally able to feel his skin. It felt soft and hot under her tender hands and she listened with delight to his heavy breath and low growls that became louder as she caressed his chest, feeling the fine muscles.

He resumed the kiss but his lips did not linger on hers. They moved on, from her mouth over her cheek to her ear, then down her neck. She gasped for air; obviously she had not only forgotten how to think but also how to breathe.

He went on with his sweet torture, gently brushing his fangs over her sensitive skin, laying a path with his lips and tongue and teeth. But not only was his mouth moving, his hand was, too. It roamed over her body, went up and down, and finally up to her breasts.

Kagome cried out softly as his hand cupped one breast. He held it for a moment; his thumb touched the tip ever so slightly. Then the hand moved on to the other one, doing the same. Her head fell back and through her half closed eyes she saw his white hair and in the background the shadows of the trees.

She closed her eyes completely as he slipped one finger under her bra, tracing the curve of her breasts with a claw. All the while he had been kissing her neck; now his mouth moved back to her ear and he whispered into it.


A slight tug on her bra made it clear to her pleasure-clouded mind what he wanted. With trembling hands she obeyed his command, taking off her shirt, and then opening her bra. He watched every move of her hands with burning eyes. She blushed under the intense golden gaze. Her clothes fell down and he slowly took in the sight of her beauty. She shivered as he bent his head in slow motion down to her breasts and cried out softly as he enclosed one nipple with his hot mouth. He flicked his tongue against it and her legs gave way and she fell against him. His arm slipped around her waist, lifting her up so he could continue kissing her breasts.

Kagome was lost in her feelings. Her breath came out in pants and sobs as he replaced his lips with his fangs. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and he put his hand under her bottom to support her. Then she felt one of his long fingers slipping into her knickers. She held her breath, releasing it in a muffled cry when the finger touched her centre.

Sesshomaru lifted his head and looked deep into her dazed, blue eyes. They were clouded with passion. He smiled with satisfaction, then carried her away from the battlefield. He laid her gently down on a mossy spot under a tree at the edge of the clearing, withdrawing his hand from her bottom and taking her panties with him in the process. She stared wide eyed at it as he threw them away, then lifted her eyes to his. She blinked at the sight of them, fiery red and burning hot into hers.

He got up and slowly removed his swords, his eyes never leaving hers. She understood his unspoken request and as quickly as she could manage in her dazed state slipped out of the rest of her garments.

At the sharp intake of his breath she looked up at him. He had removed his armour and started to slip out of his kimono, but now he stood completely still, trembling slightly, staring at the spot between her legs. She gulped hard and felt a wave of hot liquid pool at the entrance to her body. Within the blink of an eye he was undressed and on top of her, pressing his body against hers. His deep growl was answered by her loud moan and she arched her body up. He went wild at this, pressing himself tighter against her, softly moving his hips, and burning her body with his kisses.

The small voice inside Kagome's head went wild, too. It screamed and shrieked at her, jumping up and down and waving its hands metaphorically to gain her attention.

'KAGOME!' it yelled. 'Now wake up, girl! Stop this right now!! You now what he's going to do, so STOP HIM! Think of Inu Yasha! Kagome!!'

Mercilessly Kagome suffocated the annoying voice. She enjoyed this too much to end it now. Wrapping her arms and legs around the beautiful demon she pushed her hip against his. His growl rolled like thunder. He tore away from her, eliciting a cry of disappointment and protest. Almost brutally he pushed her legs apart, buried his head in her lap and started kissing and licking and biting her centre and those sweet, hot, wet lips surrounding it.

She cried out and pushed her hip up to his mouth, her whole body forming an arch of lust. Her hands reached down, gripping into his hair and tearing violently at the silver strands. He growled again, louder, and pushed his tongue into her. She cried out once more and he continued the tormenting play.

Soon, one finger joined his tongue and then another finger until she sobbed and moaned and cried out his name, begging and pleading for what she did not know. Something strong and wonderful built up inside of her, taking her higher and higher. But before she could reach the peak he drew back again.

He hovered above her, staring down at her beautiful body with burning eyes. She reached out for him, drawing him down to her with surprising strength. He surrendered willingly and his mouth found hers in a passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms and legs around him once more and he smiled against her lips when she opened herself so readily to him. He kissed her deeply and then pushed himself into her body, ruthlessly destroying her virginity.

Kagome felt a sharp pain but it faded away very quickly as she felt him deep inside of her. He started to move and she groaned. This was too much ... too much pleasure, too much passion. She nearly passed out as he sped up his movements. Then something inside of her burst; she threw her head bag and cried out, digging her nails deep into his skin as she started to move with him.

The clearing was filled with her moans and cries, his deep growls and the sound of two bodies pushing together almost maddeningly. She was as wild as he was, biting his lips, scratching her nails over his back, and he repaid her for every bite and every scratch till pain mixed with pleasure.

He could feel her nearing the peak; her breath came out in short, quick pants, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip, tensing her whole body ...

He felt her inner muscle tightening around him as she arched her body up once more and cried out with joy and relieve. It was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard and with a last thrust of his hips he followed her into the heaven of ecstasy.

* ~ * ~ *

They lay there, unmoving, for some time. A slight breeze rustled through the trees. A bird landed nearby, eyeing them curiously. It chirped and hopped nearer, but took off as Sesshomaru lifted his head. He looked down at the girl, nay, woman, who lay underneath him. Her cheeks were still flushed but she breathed slowly as if in sleep, though he could tell that she was not sleeping. He smiled and picked a leaf out of her ruffled hair. She was astonishing!

He kissed her softly and her eyes fluttered open. They were still clouded, this time with an expression of complete satisfaction and she smiled dreamily up at him.

He looked into those eyes, his own once again golden, cold and unreadable. In a sudden movement that startled her he lifted his head and tilted it to one side as if he was listening. A soft sigh escaped his lips then he got up and cast a quick glance around. When he turned to the woman again he found her staring wide-eyed at his body. He sighed again.

'Get up and dress.'

The cold order roused her from her admiration. She blinked at him, confused; she could not understand his cold and distant behaviour.

Then she heard what Sesshomaru had: the voices of her friends, calling her name. She panicked, grabbed her clothes and dressed as quickly as she could. To her utter shock she could not find her shirt and bra. With a soft whimper she started looking for them, hearing the voices coming nearer. Inu Yasha and the others would soon find her!

Suddenly, the missing clothes appeared in front of her eyes. She stared at them, then stared at the hand which held them out to her. Her gaze travelled up the arm and then to the face that belonged to it.

He was completely dressed and standing in front of her with his usual calm. No sign betrayed that he had just a few moments ago loved her with more fire than she could have ever believed this stone cold being possessed. Eyes distant, face unreadable, his silver hair in perfect order ... just one little bruise at his throat, barely visible, proved that this was the same man ... demon ...

The sound of footsteps coming closer made her snatch her clothes out of his hand.

'She's ahead, hurry,' she heard Inu Yasha shout. She whimpered again, trying to make haste but her fingers got clumsy. O gods, if he finds me like this ...

Then Sesshomaru moved to stand in front of her, his back to her, shielding her from the sight of her friends who burst into the clearing. She thanked him inwardly and closed her bra, one arm already struggling to find the right way into her shirt.

When Inu Yasha saw his brother he stopped dead, making the others bounce into him. Growling he took a step forward, taking in the sight. All over the little clearing there lay bits of demons, here and there a single arrow stuck in the ground. The air was heavy with the smell of blood and demons ... and something he could not quite name ... and Kagome's sweet scent.

'Hey, ass-hole, where's Kagome?' he yelled at the silent demon lord standing opposite to him.

Kagome eeked; she had finally put her shirt on but back to front. Frantically she struggled to correct this.

Inu Yasha heard her and his eyes narrowed. She must be behind him, he thought, staring daggers at his brothers.

'You ...' he growled menacingly and Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow. Then he stepped gracefully to the side, revealing Kagome who sat on the ground, her hands clenched into her shirt, eyes wide, her hair ruffled and face tomato-red, her lower lip bearing traces of bites. She stared at him and he could smell her fear. She was afraid? Did this bastard ...

He turned to Sesshomaru. 'I'll kill you!! What've you done to her?' He drew out Tessaiga and moved to stand in front of Kagome. 'You fucking answer me!' he yelled.

The others ran to the sitting girl and clustered around her. Shippo clung to her neck. 'Kagome, Kagome, are you okay?' he chirped.

Sango took one of her hands. 'What happened, Kagome-chan?'

Miroku sat down at her other side, looking worriedly at her. 'Are you hurt, Kagome-sama?'

She did not answer to any of their questions, but instead kept staring at Inu Yasha, the frightened look still in her eyes. As Inu Yasha moved to attack she opened her mouth.

'Inu Yasha,' she croaked.

He spun around. 'Kagome, what's happened? Did he hurt ya? I'll fucking kill that bastard!'


He looked at her. She seemed agitated. What was that sound in her voice? And that smell? She smelled of him ... He growled.

'Inu Yasha, please, he didn't hurt me! He saved me!'

Inu Yasha stared at her pleading face in utter shock. The others were stunned, too.

'Saved you?' Miroku cast a quick glance at the still silent demon lord who stood only a few paces away. 'Kagome-sama ...'

'Yes, he did! I was fighting the demons, but they were so many and soon I had no arrows left and I thought I'd die but then he came and killed them all!' she explained in one quick rush.

'Yeah, he did save you, fine,' growled Inu Yasha, recovering from his shock and staring at his brother again. 'But why do you smell of him, eh?'

The eyes of her friends turned from staring at Sesshomaru to staring at her.

Kagome blushed again, buried her face in her hands and moaned. That sound caught both brothers' full attention.

'Ka-Kagome?' Inu Yasha asked hesitatingly. 'Wha-?'

She lifted her face again. She was so tired! First the fight and then ... and now Inu Yasha asked questions she could not answer. 'Does is matter?'

Inu Yasha's face hardened. Obviously she had to think of something convincing. Very fast! But she was saved once again.

'It was necessary to shield her with my body,' Sesshomaru said emotionlessly.

They all turned to stare at him, shocked once again.

'Wh-what?' Sango stammered. 'Did I hear that correctly?' She cast a questioning glance at her friend, but Kagome was staring at Sesshomaru as well. Not shocked, though. Thankful. Oh, well, if he really saved her ...

Inu Yasha was for once in his lifetime too stunned to say or even think something. All he could do was to gape at his brother.

'Is there anything more you want to know, dear brother?' asked Sesshomaru mockingly.

Utter silence was his answer. He smiled, taking in the sight and the scents of them all: surprise, disbelieve, a little bit of fear. Then his eyes met Kagome's. The way she looked at him made him want her again. His smile widened a bit as he remembered. Yes, she smelled of him, her sweet scent mixing with his own ... intriguing. Inu Yasha smelled that, too, but obviously did not know what it meant. That the girl was taken, was no longer a girl but a woman, no longer waiting for Inu Yasha to claim her ...

Gracefully, Sesshomaru bowed his head to the woman, then turned and left.

It was several minutes after his departure that anybody was able to say or do anything.

Kagome yawned. 'Oh, Inu Yasha, I'm so tired. Can we please look for a place to camp and rest?'

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