Kagome Is Mine- Mon 14 Jul 2008
lol , loved it

Tana-san- Fri 04 Apr 2008
hello again...my you have been a busy girl. You do seem to be in a one shot mode, ne? These are great. This was very well told. Short hmm, sweet, yeah, and to the point. It could even be a beginning to a fun fic like " Love has nothing to do with this". I love seeing Kagome standing her ground. She knew she had something to fear and did but the brief reprieve he gave her she come back strong and sure of herself and he knew she meant it. Wonderful. Jen

TwilightLove- Wed 02 Apr 2008
Dam.. with this one you could go on.. maybe drabbles of one shots that some how hook... shoot.

PhoenixRising- Mon 25 Feb 2008
I love it. I love that Kagome is not portrayed as weak or having a breakdown after that first encounter with Sesshoumaru. I love that she gets revenge by beating him at his own game and I love that he comes to respect her for it. I wouldn't mind there being a story depicting a final encounter when they, how did you put it, play for keeps. :P

iloveprettysilverhair- Wed 30 Jan 2008
Nicely done! Two powerful beings showing each other who's boss...Loved it!

Rinseternalsoul- Mon 28 Jan 2008
Risa mentioned to me that she read this one-shot and enjoyed it so I popped over to check it out. I was so glad that she told me about it! It was wonderfully sexy and full of power. Thank you so much for writing it! ~Rin

Risa- Sun 27 Jan 2008
It is unique and wonderfully told. Well, well done! I really loved it!

Izedragn- Wed 23 Jan 2008
PLEASE!!!! You MUST make this more than a one-shot! I love the way you protrayed their characters so well, especially at the end with Sess showing Kagome the respect in the way he moved. Please don't leave it here, this could make a great story! Thanks!

odango- Wed 23 Jan 2008
YOU TOTALLY CAN NOT LEAVE THIS AS A ONE SHOT!!! really it is too good to be just a one shot there are sooooooooooo many other ways to Submit Kagome and Our fluffy lord Sesshoumaru PLEASE...please add more chapters and continue this

kotainuchan- Tue 22 Jan 2008
Aweeeee man....... I can't believe you ended it there. One more chapter pretty pleeaaaasssseeee with gummy bears and potato chips on top???

jestergirl- Tue 22 Jan 2008
OMG That was soo good, who would not love to force sesshoumaru into submission?? O.O

jestergirl- Tue 22 Jan 2008
OMG That was soo good, who would not love to force sesshoumaru into submission?? O.O

tessahime- Tue 22 Jan 2008
Wow.... i mean wow. *Speechless* It was... amazing? No English word could express how great that was!

WiccanMethuselah- Tue 22 Jan 2008
Another brilliant endeavour... although I could scream from frustration at the *ahem* updating status of some other favorite stories, I find myself totally silenced by these randomly occurring goodies!! Keep churning out tidbits like this and I *might,* just MIGHT forget how much I miss Sins of the Father or Vying for Dominance. Maybe. Kinda.

The best thing about all of this, though, is that you are BACK. And WRITING your little heart out, so I won't complain. I'll thank you kindly for EVERYTHING your agile imagination shares with us and consider it a gift. In short, m'dear, you ROCK!!!

~Nikkari~- Mon 21 Jan 2008
I feel absolutely horrible. I read all your stories and haven't reviewed to you since... Well hell, I don't even remember when I last sent you a review. I'm so ashamed:(

I humbly ask you for your forgiveness for being such a horrible fan.

I love it as I have everything you have written. And I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Happy writing. Nikkari

Forfirith- Mon 21 Jan 2008
A cookie to add more to this fic ? x3

rdove- Mon 21 Jan 2008
Awesome like always.

amadoni- Mon 21 Jan 2008
You know, there are few one-shots that make me feel a barage of emotions from disgust to sheer intrigue. I liked it.

Kyuthe- Mon 21 Jan 2008
These little onesies you've come out with lately are Hot!
Thanks again for shareing your stuffs.

sweetest angel- Mon 21 Jan 2008
WOW! Another beautiful one! I was sad when it end, I would have love to read more...
Really great story!

Ladydot- Mon 21 Jan 2008
BRAVO BRAVO! that was brilliant. It was sinful and glorious. The best one shot ever. Unless of course you would like to continue the games...i absolutely loved it.

TONI- Mon 21 Jan 2008

A-Kay- Mon 21 Jan 2008
Great oneshot. I loved it. No sequel needed.
This was really fun to read. As are all your stories. You're a wonderful writer.

Nyx- Mon 21 Jan 2008
YAY!!! A new shadow story! Or one shot I guess. Anyway, I love it and I think it is perfect just the way it is. Have you got any inspiration for some of your older fics? I would so like to see the end of those...

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