Reviews for Broken by Aly

clock-winder- Thu 31 May 2007
My god! the emotion spilling all over! I love it!

It made me want to cry....

hime jun hi- Mon 28 May 2007
PLZ e-mail me when ya UPDATE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... Oh!!!! and can Kagome get better soon and have a purfectly healthy pup?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slm_candle- Mon 28 May 2007
OMG I think I'm going to cry wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so sad. I wish for you to update. PLZ & THX

kat- Mon 28 May 2007
awww i'm crying now this is such a great story... poor kagome update soon i can't wait to see what happens next

Trice- Mon 28 May 2007
I just read your first 6 chapters and the story was not what I was expecting. It is somewhat dark but not as dark as expected. It was a lot of direction you could have went and I am glad you didn't go to dark with the story. I am interested in reading on how you bring Kagome and her child back from the brink of death as well as mend a broken relationship to allow love to flow. I know I will enjoy reading the process because enjoyed reading what I read this far.

kotainuchan- Mon 28 May 2007
aweee this is so sad........I love it! More please.

Any9- Mon 28 May 2007
This was so goood.
I am not mad at you for taking so long, but please, now that the summer holiday is near, please update more often.
Anyway I love the fact that Kagome is on the way of being healed.

Nephele- Sun 27 May 2007
Hmm...Karma really is a bitch, and one that is very difficult to evade. I find that threatening to toss your computer out the window is very effective for solving unwanted problems. And since I'm in no position to complain about sporadic and delayed updates, I have to say that I am just glad to see a new chapter when it come out. It really makes you appreciate it all that much more. That said, good job on the chapter, and I can't wait til the next update!

serasvictoria666- Sun 27 May 2007
I don't mind the wait between updates. As long as you still do, then I'm happy. XD
I'm glad everyone will be alright. Though, it seems Kagome has a long ways to recover. Anyways, can't wait to read more.

Violetcarson- Sun 27 May 2007
I think that that is one of the saddest fics I've read. *tear* But ya know what? I ADORE sad stuff!!!!! I love sad things, as long as its not too sad. So, if you kill off any ,ajor characters, or the baby, without something to counterbalance it, such as them being resurected, reincarnated, blah blah blah etc. Then, I won't like this fic anymore. But, that hasn't happened, and hopefully won't, so I shall say that this fic is REALLY cool!!!!!! Keep writing!!!

fluffysgirl?- Sun 27 May 2007
I can stand sadness as long as it is well written, so I will stay w/ you until the end!!! I've read some that speed things along too quickly, and that just ruins everything. I don't mind that it takes you a while to update, that just makes it all the more enjoyable with the suspense built up. I've bought some hankies, and I've got my insulin and I'll be waiting for the next Chapter. *shouts words of inspiration* Hope that helps!?!
This may have occured to you all ready but why not use other words like shattered, or mangled, things that mean the same as broken? But I like the idea of trying to keep the word in the titles, that's neat.

evilglare- Sun 27 May 2007
*throws a particularly shiny pointy...SHARP object* I love your work though...

Black_Rose- Sun 27 May 2007
I know what you mean, but take your time. It seemed like you had ome simple mistakes since you rushed it. I liked the chapter, but maybe a little bit of laughter or an uplifting mood to lighten the stage? The styory just seems so stiffling right now. Maybe a memory of Kagome's or maybe Sesshy lives in an apartment where the next door neighbor's daughter (possibly Rin) is young and nieve and doesn't understand what the couple is going through? Just some ideas...keep up the good work! I can't wait to read more!

emmyjenny- Mon 21 May 2007
really great :) you updated at a perfect time.. i don't really mind how long you take as long as you DO update... i know how hard it is with school :) all i do now is homework, assignments, study, tests, extra curricular activities... no joking... that is ALL i DOOOO!!
i've got math, English, Religion, DnT, Software Design and Development, Geography Assignments and homework.. thats ALL my subjects... i get NO breaks or holidays.. i'm loosing precious homework doing time while i write this.. i've got an assignment due tomorrow but i think i can finish it before midnight... lol :) my life never stops.. i only hope it stops spinning so wildly by the time i'm in my cold dead grave lol.... well... i hope my alarm goes off so i can sleep then do my assignment before school :)... so i'll be awake in 5 ish hours.. its 12. o-clock right now so sleep is very vital with stopping insanity or at least helping my brain function... er... well.. i can't seem to stop... er... night... i've gone on a bit... stopping now... :)... yeah.. right now.. now...x.x passing out....

Mlmonty- Sat 19 May 2007
You have me completely torn. Should I continue to read something so sad or cut my losses on a good fic? Well, it's bookmarked for now. Guess I'll have to see if I can take all the angst huh?

serasvictoria666- Mon 14 May 2007
short, yes. But the chocolate made up for it. Thanks! XD
Anyways, I kinda nervous about the pup. I hope it's okay. Also Kagome.
Can't wait to read what happens next.

Any9- Mon 14 May 2007
Almost a month! :(( You updated after a month! I can't believed it.

But I love the story so now I am trully happy that I saw it updated.

Please update as soon as you can. Pretty pleaaaase.

kotainuchan- Mon 14 May 2007
i'm totally addicted to this angsty stuff....well, as long as it has a happy ending.

Black_Rose- Sun 13 May 2007
Yay! A chapter is a chapter. Being a college student (or even high school student) can make updating often hard. There will always be a chapter or two (or more in some cases) that are really hard to write. If you have ome sort of outline of what you want to take place in the story then that makes it easier to write...sometimes...but it won't help you on the whole time thing...that's where you're on your Keep up the good work! I love this story and can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Mika- Sun 13 May 2007're right, if the price is Sesshomaru, it's a whole different story=)))
So, now he takes her to his home? She'll be very surprised, won't she?
Hopefully the child is still alive....^^
love this chapter=) Description of Sessh in this scene was great^^

FluffysGirl?- Sun 13 May 2007
You may have struggled, but I thought you did a wonderful job! It may have taken a while, but don't worry, I think its worth it. As long as you're trying then that's all that counts! Hope you have an update soon!!! Thanks for the chocolate....*passes into a sugar coma* lol

harryhollow1- Sat 12 May 2007
please update soon!!

emmyjenny- Wed 09 May 2007
:D i don't mind that you took a little bit longer than usual to update :) i'm just glad you did :) i loved the description of the laugh at the end very... um... dramatic? well it was good :)i love this chapter and i hope (yet again) that you update as soon as you can (preferably sooner) :)lol

Suicide- Sun 06 May 2007
You've GOTTA update soon. This is soooo good. ^^.

Drianax- Wed 02 May 2007
The story is shaping up now. . . I can't wait for the next installment -- please update soon! Wow. When you decided to go for the angst, you really go for the angst! Kag seems so broken (which is the point, I know) I don't know how you are going to get her out of the proverbial corner you painted her into. How will Sess react to her laughing/crying/hysterical/pass out actions? Please update soon!

GleefulSorrow- Thu 26 Apr 2007
Yay, another great chapter! I so happy :) And, Sesshoumaru better recognizeeeeee! *Snaps fingers*

Anways. Can Kagome please have a happy fun time day? Complete with her running around in circles like a moron, talking about "Big super, happy party", flashing a "V" with her hands?? *AHHH! TOO MUCH ANIMEEEEE!*

But, seriously. Poor Kags. Please let things start looking up for her. And soon. As in soon, I mean, now.

*Cracks knuckles*

royalbk- Wed 25 Apr 2007
Task, tsk, tsk! Sesshoumaru will regret letting his beast out - though I'm sure that it was beyond his ability to control.

He's hurt her. *pouts* He has a lot to make up for! Lots of angst and drama to heal!

Update soon! And let the Sesshoumaru-torturing begin! (because no matter how much we deny it, we all know we love it!)

Mika- Wed 25 Apr 2007
wowow, something completly new. I think i never read an FF like this one. But I like it=)
Poor Kagome...what an horrible past...But Sesshomaru has found her. He'll "rescue" her, won't he?
Great FF, please update soon =)

Any9- Wed 25 Apr 2007
That was realy, realy good. I was almost crying. Pleeeaaaase "unbroke" her. I want to see an update sooon otherway I'll broke as well!

serasvictoria666- Wed 25 Apr 2007
I did like this chapter. Thanks.
Looking forward to the next!

Black_Rose- Wed 25 Apr 2007
Yeah, angst has a way of drawing you back in even when you don't have the time for it! Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next chapter!

Kris- Wed 25 Apr 2007
That was so not fair, please update soon!

Kiska- Wed 25 Apr 2007
Some deliciously painful angst you have working here. Your pacing is good and your descritption is excellent. Something this Kiska (dear lord, writing him is wearing off on him) ain't that swell at.

Anywho! I like!

Figures that Sesshomaru would act the way he does. What a jerk he is! A hot jerk. Mmm. Hot. But still. Shame on him! I hope Kagome gives him a sound spanking for his piggish ways.

Nephele- Tue 24 Apr 2007
Ooh! I'm loving this story! I normally do not read angst, but this drew me in and won't let me go, not that I'm complaining... The emotional content keeps me on the edge of my seat. Once again, I Love the Story! Keep up the good work!

inumaru_rapture- Tue 24 Apr 2007
yea? well... UPDATE SOON!!! ...i know I should take my own advice but shush.

DarkAngel495- Tue 24 Apr 2007

HaY!! i LoVe iT!! ThaNkS FoR The

NeW cHaP!! I ReaLy LoVe iT!!

uPdaTe SooN!!



FluffysGirl?- Tue 24 Apr 2007
*blinks* *picks chin up from floor*
WOW!!!! You certainly did not disappoint. The way you describe Kagome's emotions...WOW!! Thanks for another great chapter.
*sigh* I'm so jealous, but not in the creepy kind of way. lol Thanks for the cookie too!! :) Just don't turn me into a diabetic. hope to read more soon!!!

Noacat- Tue 24 Apr 2007
Oh, I've already exploded... I'm very combustible. But I reassembled myself back together to enjoy this chapter. Most likely I'll explode again... also, I love this story. That is all.

FluffysGirl?- Sat 21 Apr 2007
You've read mine and been so nice, I thought I would read yours and I am certainly glad I did. I don't mind the angst one bit. Not everything can be sunshine and rainbows all the time. Your story pulled me in and I just couldn't stop reading. Bravo!!!!
Please update soon, I'll be biting my nails to bloody nubs until then. *laughs* I can't wait.

inumaru_rapture- Sat 21 Apr 2007
omg update soon! This is such an angsty story! I hope you update soon and give happy endings? ^^;;;;

GleefulSorrow- Thu 19 Apr 2007
Gargh! I was having such a fun time kicking him in the shins, and here you had to go and make him somewhat redeemable. Pooh, I say. POOH! :P

Ohhhhhhhh well. Good chapter. Well, they are all good, so that's not too different, know what I'm saying :) And...yet...another...cliffhanger...GARGHHHH!

Update soon, please, or I will be forced to take "drastic measures".

*Cackles evily*

Yeah...update :)

megs- Thu 19 Apr 2007
*pulls out her sword, waving it around like inuyasha does* How dare you leave me with another evil cliffhanger!!!!!! And this one was worse. I gotta horrible, yet so good. keep it up!

serasvictoria666- Thu 19 Apr 2007
Wow. Your fic is good. Really good. I like it.
Looking forward to reading more.

DarkAngel495- Wed 18 Apr 2007

DoNt wOrY i lOve The ChaPPy HEy

UpdaTe sOon!! I waN t To KnoW

wHaT wIlL seSsHie Do NexT




royalbk- Wed 18 Apr 2007
Much better! I can definitely see improvements in the sentence structure. *thumbs up*

And I am so happy to see Sesshoumaru finally in the picture. *mock sigh* I'm such a sucker for drama or angst sometimes! *grins*

emmyjenny- Wed 18 Apr 2007
very good :) i like it :) please update soon :)

Kris- Wed 18 Apr 2007
Wow, like it!

Jadedinu- Wed 18 Apr 2007
Okay pics herself off the floor. Did not see that twisty little dark ending...but I loved it!

Now can Sesshoumaru convince Kagome to give him a second chance and keep the baby?

And how long can Kagome hold on before she loses her sanity?

Please update ASAP!!!!! Loving the darkness and angst!

Scruffy Wolf- Wed 18 Apr 2007
I actually started to cry. This is such an ancsty story. Well written, and I love the creativity you've shown.

Alyana- Wed 18 Apr 2007
Holy God, I'm going to kill you.

I'll spare you the dramatics *rants on about cliffhangers and evil authoresses*

atomickitty- Wed 18 Apr 2007
hey, i really like this fic, it's kool, and nothing like the other ones out there, keep writing!

Black_Rose- Wed 18 Apr 2007
Ohhhh, alright with the cliffies!!!! GRRRRR!!! I love the story though, and, in the end, it's worth the wait! Keep up the good work!!!!

swtdrm01- Wed 18 Apr 2007
Aww, common! You love to many cliff-hangers, but that's okay 'cause I know Sess is not going to let her get rid of the baby. He better be gentle but firm with her. Please, pwease, pwetty pwease update soon again.

Noacat- Wed 18 Apr 2007
Omigod. You have to update soon. I swear to god, I'm going to explode if you don't. Soooooo good. *explodes*

GleefulSorrow- Mon 16 Apr 2007
Grrr...stupid Sesshoumaru. *Kicks him in the shins again* BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyways, super-angsty chapter yet again. Great job. I really really like this story. Poor Kagome :(

Ok, completely random, but I actually giggled at one part of the story when you mentioned the pregnancy test. I just had a vision of Kagome standing in the store, looking at the different pregnancy tests, trying to figure out if they worked on hanyou pregnancies too. Hahaha. I'm weird :)

But, great great story and I can't wait for the next chapter :)

Black_Rose- Mon 16 Apr 2007
I have to say, I love the angst! I know that seems really strange, but, oh well! But if you are like me, like writing Until Death, angst can kind of eat at your heart. You kind of have to take it in small doses or it gets to ya! Your story is brilliant, so keep up the good work...AND NO MORE CLIFFIES!!! lol!

Robb Tripp- Mon 16 Apr 2007
This is very good. I was hooked from the first chapter. I am curious to read what Sesshoumaru's reaction will be. Kagome is surely not doing well, but hopefully it will get better.

Black_Rose- Mon 16 Apr 2007
Oh my gosh, this is awesome. I love the darkness of this fic!!! Oh, and it's not emancipated it's emaciated if you mean really really skinny! Just thought I'd let you know!

kotainuchan- Mon 16 Apr 2007
Update soon please!

kotainuchan- Mon 16 Apr 2007
Update soon please!

jadedinu- Sun 15 Apr 2007
Definetly angsty!!!

But I like...interesting story line!

Please update soon!

hime jun hi- Sun 15 Apr 2007
PLZ don't let her do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ let them make up and STAY together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raven88- Sun 15 Apr 2007
Please write more I beg you.

Drianax- Sun 15 Apr 2007
Another good chapter! And I can't tell you how good it is to see a small bit of reality breaking on Kag with regard to her decision to have an abortion. All too often in fanfics, she refuses in the face of harsh reality. Update soon, please!

DarkAngel495- Sun 15 Apr 2007

Hey Sis ThanKies!! I lOve The

cHapy, Update Soo k Dokie??

Wana knoW whAt wiLl haPpEn

ThanKs AgaiN!!



xoulblade- Sun 15 Apr 2007
yeah, an update. Please update soon ^_^

swtdrm01- Sun 15 Apr 2007
That was awesome and I can't wait to find out what happens next. Please update soon.

megs- Sun 15 Apr 2007
OMG! That was an evil..EVIL cliffhanger. You have me hooked now. I really love the story so far and I cant wait to read more.

GleefulSorrow- Sat 14 Apr 2007
Gaaahhh...poor Kagome. *Kicks Sesshoumaru in the shins*

That was...AWESOME! I wish I could write angst like that. Gah. I'm just too happy. Curses.

Oh, well, I'm off to send you an email so you will tell me when you update :)


Whisper- Sat 14 Apr 2007
Interesting approach. You have my attention.

Some spelling/grammatical errors, if you're interested.

“I think not Naraku. You will be stopped, if not (BY) me then..."

"...You see (MY) dear Kagome, when a youkai or even a hanyou mates with another(,) a bond is formed."

“Do you know why(,) my little miko?"

DarkAngel495- Fri 13 Apr 2007

gOD i LoVe ThiS!! PleAsE UpDaTe

thiS !!! I WaNt to KnoW What WiLl

HappEn To the NeXt ChApTeR!!!!



myhanh- Fri 13 Apr 2007
Awesome!!!!! Can't wait to read the next chapter....

Kris- Fri 13 Apr 2007
Wow, so can't wait to read another chapter!

Koishii_Beloved- Fri 13 Apr 2007
This fic sounds really good. I really hope you continue on with it! Great job! ^_^


Drianax- Fri 13 Apr 2007
Good first chapter -- please update soon! When will we find out what is in the journal? And Sess' POV? I appreciated how you cut through a long swath of time in one chapter -- usually people detail the time after the well's closing. But one question: Why would Kag be able to purify Naraku if she was feeling nothing but hate over the death of Shippou? How will this fic end, and how many chapters do you think to have?

Vulcana- Fri 13 Apr 2007
Well THAT was nice and angsty.
Well written though

I am interested in seeing what the next chapter will bring.

xoulblade- Fri 13 Apr 2007
woah, nice chapter! Please update soon.

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