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I am in the process of composing but have no story to post as of yet! :^( So I come here....I lurk...and I read!! LOL! Someday, Sesshomaru! I promise you and Kagome will be together! Patience is a virtue. After all, you are a great and powerful dog yokai! I'm sure you can handle it!!


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Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 09/07/2016 19:08:49

Thanks for your review on 'Ol Red'!

M-Angel 05

Created On: 12/30/2015 16:30:45
Edited By M-Angel 05 On: 12/30/2015 16:30:57

Thank-you for reviewing heat!

M-Angel 05

Created On: 11/22/2015 23:39:52

Haha....I love that poem. That was funny! As for the next chapter I'm just starting it. I had to redo some words because as I was doing research on Inu no Taisho I found I was spelling some things wrong. Like Daiyokai. I was spelling it Daiyoukai. Youkai is actually spelt yokai and Hanyou is really hanyo. Lmbo! I had to fix that stuff in my other story Miko's Peace before continuing with this.

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