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I am over 21 years old(let's leave it at that) and enjoy all anime but I'm a big fan of InuYasha. I have, over the last year, gotten into Kag/Sessh pairings and find that I love them. I have on many occassions attempted to write such stories but find that I am lacking in the ability to write as well as what I have read. I'm not good at telling stories just good at reading them.

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LC Rose

Created On: 02/18/2010 20:23:31

LMAO! Thank you so much for the review and no problems about the questions. We have learned that specifics are, indeed, needed as the debate is still raging and I was already proven to be the victory (I was Kagome, if you didn't catch that). And as for the specifications, what Kagome explained about the game in the piece is exactly, word for word almost, what I was told. So no, it was never specified that the cows had to be alive (my plastic cows were on a Chic-Fil-A board, btw). But I gave those up as I was already winning

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