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An author that practices writing in the form of fanfiction because it is entertaining, productive and rewarding. I hope that one day I will succeed in building my very own writing style that I will be content with and proud to work with. Until that day, the periodical and highly random updates are the fault of my insecurity, perfectionism, lack of words and my constant need to model my works after that unknown goal.

I ought to buy an all-encompassing dictionary and raspberry chocolate. Actually I already did that last one.

I have always been a SessKag supporter but I dislike OOC-ness, bashing and other such brutal acts towards Takahashi's characters. They do nothing but ruin much of the stories that I have seen.

Anyway, SessKag forever but without Inuyasha, Naraku or Kikyo bashing or a wailing Shippo.

My profile picture is from a pixiv user Suruba@2saKae5. All the credit for the gif goes to her/him. Here is the artist's tumblr: http://homelessuruba.tumblr.com/

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What the perkele is going on, can't someone tone it down please~


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