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Name: Abigail, Abby, Letter Keeper...Seriously, pick  one or make a nickname.

Age: So close to 21 I can taste it!!

Birth Month: October

Poison of Choice: Sweet Tea or Chocolate Milk (Extra Chocolate)

How to make me do something: Either give me Cheesecake or a Snickers Bar. Then I'm yours...Maybe.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Quote: "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."

Who am I? I have no idea. But if anyone figures it out could you please be kind and let me know? Just kidding. No really, I'm one of those crazy writers who has no semblance of time or space and often gets weird looks from 'the normies'.

I've been hanging out around the wonderful Dokuga for several years now and I've only just now found the courage to get an account *gasps* I know I'm such a scaredy cat. But anyway, I absolutely adore Sesshomaru and Kagome pairings which I've been reading since I was on where I do have an account under the name WolvenTemptress, if anyone decides to go and check me out. Look at my Stats. See if I'm Legit. (I've got issues)

Where do you originate? Well, I'm from a pretty little state called Texas but I won't say specifically where! Shhh...It's a secret!!

What are you? Human. I hope.

What is your purpose? At the moment my purpose is to do well in College and attempt not to throttle my roommate. Oh and post a few chapters and such...such a procrastinator.

What are your intentions? Wow. Kinda feel like I'm on a dating show. But then again I wrote the script so...yeah. Nah, It's like I said I've been hanging around for a while and Dokuga is one of my favorite places to wander too. And Maybe...Maybe I might one day post here...once I've gathered a little more courage.

What do you do? I write...a lot. Love it. Unfortunately I'm awful at drawing unlike my older brother *bleh* and I have written a few Sessh/Kag fic but they are songfics so I might post them I might not but the majority of my other works have my own special characters yet for some reason they are all paired with Sesshomaru. What a surprise! Not to mention I have a tendency to...wander from my original path. But I love reading and picking other people's genius. I hope I might be able to write professionally but we shall see, hmm?

What do you like? I'm a sucker for Happy Endings but I will try a few tragedies. I am in love with those sweet and tangy works called lemons despite my overall shyness and very red cheeks. I love a story that pulls me in and really gets me involved in the characters.

Anything Else? At this very moment not that I can think of but I'm a woman, I change my mind all the time.

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