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Hey this is Tara-Yomitorika! What's up! I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada. I live in a small town not being mentioned because, among other reasons, nobody will know where it is anyways. I have curly brown hair, blue eyes, am about 5'6", have 3 dogs (plus my relatives), I'm allergic to cats, and I love to read. I write fanfiction, though I haven't uploaded in a long time because of computer trouble. I haven't written any Kagome/Sesshomaru yet (I'm saving him for myself! ^.^). For those of you who are wondering, Yomitorika means "Reading master". Therefore, my name is Reading Master Tara. I was tempted to make it Kanbokuka (Writing Master) or even iwakuka (Story Master) but as I haven't actually added any story's on here yet I felt it would be inappropriate. Therefor, I must stick to Yomitorika. I just felt the term Sama was overused so I got creative. But I am rambling. I draw, but I'm not very good and am bad at creating new images. If you want to chat, leave me a message or email me at taral@live.ca. Peace out!!

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Well, it's been a while since I updated, so just checking to see how everyone's doing! Officially started university, so don't expect any new work anytime soon :(. I wrote my very first (nearly) complete fanfiction, but it isn't Sesshoumaru/Kagome, so it isn't posted on here. Again, *sad face*. If you are interested in reading it, it's on fanfiction.net and it's called Bajoran Dream Flu and it is a Spock/Uhura fic (Star Trek 2009 for those who aren't familiar). Well, I'll catch ya on the flip side! ;)


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Created On: 10/31/2010 21:00:06

thanks for reading the story and glad that it's inspired you. i'll be planning to update a new chapter very soon.


Created On: 10/12/2010 23:30:52

Thanks for all the reviews on Pink Carnation!
Don't worry, I know the way I have Inuyasha in there... It can be frustrating, lol! I don't think it to heart, lol! And no fear, it's not gonna be an Inu/Kag, so, Inuyasha won't end up with the girl, lol!


Created On: 02/07/2010 00:57:29

Oh, I so totally agree with you there - although, the moment I saw InuPapa, Sesshoumaru, and Inuyasha, my bar went through the roof, and I think I'll end up staying single for the rest of my life - no real men could ever measure up.

Sad... but sooo true.

Thanks for the review!


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