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Hello all you fellow fanfiction readers and writers. I most certainly am not new to the world of Fanfiction, but it has been many years since I have actually written one. I am excited to start posting fic's again, and hopefully I will have some good results.

Won't say much about myself as I am a pretty private person, and it would just bore you all to tears anyway. So, I will save us all the *yawns* and *snores* that would follow unimportant details, and get to the good stuff.

While my knowledge of anime's, movies, games, books, comics, and so forth are probably more limited than a lot of you, I do have my interest's and favorites. And while only a handful of them will actual be put to pen, they are not all the ones I know and love. I am an avid nerd, to all intents and purposes, and I wear that name with pride.

Anyway, I am excited to begin my journey with you all, and I hope to make many new friends and acquaintances here and on my other account with  Here's to what our imaginations can create. Let the writing begin!!!


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Kagome has returned back to the past, just as everyone anticipated and hoped for. Peace is short lived as new dangers arise threatening the peace that the friends have fought so valiantly for. New enemies will appear and all that she knew before will be questioned as it has never been before.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 03 Dec 2015  -  Updated: 24 Sep 2017
Genre: Action, Friendship, Romance  -  Chapters: 20  -  Reviews: 106  -  Words: 198,258  -  Reads: 57,700


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A Softer Side
  • A Softer Side
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Lord Sesshomaru
  • Lord Sesshomaru
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Unstoppable Force Meets Unmovable Objecgt
  • Unstoppable Force Meets Unmovable Objecgt
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Choose (Colored)
  • Choose (Colored)
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Tender Embrace
  • Tender Embrace
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  • "Tell me to stop"
  • Category: Fanart

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Jukukou Colour
“I fell in love with the way u touched me”
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we could have had it all
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Concept SK: Ram's Horn Feathers
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Nearly There
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Created On: 03/25/2017 01:22:57

Keep up the great work...I love UtGoL :3
Feedback from Solara: Yay. Thank you so much. I am so glad you are enjoying it.

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