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Just so you know I suck at writing profiles but I guess I can give it a try......


Hey, I'm Alexandria, I am just a Sesshoumaru lover, Kagome envier, and a simple girl.

i am no different from you, a sess/kag fanfic lover.  I spend most of my time drawing or partying but I do check up on my fav stories.  I don't write stories cause i am very very bad (no exaggeration) at writing stories.  So forgive me for being on this website and not writing anything, but I love reading the fanfics that are posted on here........

I will not include my age because I believe that is not important information for anyone to know unless you know me but I doubt it. 

So yeah like I said I am not good at writing profiles but that is basic information about me hahahahaha



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Lady Orrin

Created On: 01/15/2010 20:28:05

Thank you!

Aimee Blue

Created On: 12/29/2009 09:39:33

Thank you for your review!
Feedback from Alexandria: no problem i love reading your stories.


Created On: 12/27/2009 16:57:40

yes, I'm sorry for the delay for the chapter, I've been trying like crazy to update. Although I'm writing it right now, and it's almost complete! Just hold on a little longer =)

Created On: 12/25/2009 20:52:04

Hello! What's up?
Feedback from Alexandria: heyyyy whats up?

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