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Until a few months ago I wasn't the slightest bit interested in manga or anime.  At a glance I thought it was for kids and teens.  Then I actually sat down and watched one.  I was hooked.  From there I discovered fan fiction which was really great.  Stories that had ended abruptly now had a conclusion, if fact many endings.  There were also lots of stories out there for my favorite pairings, which are often not cannon.  Now my interest in writing has been sparked.  I've written one story for a different anime on the Fan Fiction site.  Who knows, I might write one for here too, one day.

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Rowdys girl

Created On: 02/16/2010 23:49:50

Thank you so much for the review. Yeah, I was pretty tickled by the thought of a dog demon totally inexperienced, trying to make a chocolate cake. I have an odd sense of humor, I admit it.



Created On: 02/11/2010 10:00:09

Getting reviews from you first thing in the morning is a real 'hoot' and just what I needed to start the day. Thanks so much for the kind, insightful reviews
Feedback from Scherherazade: My pleasure, I enjoyed reading them.


Created On: 02/08/2010 04:29:38

Thank you for all the lovely reviews...brings a to my face to know that someone enjoys the wiles of my imagination

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