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Haii~! My name is Reyna~!
I love Anime & Manga~! The following I enjoy reading and watching are~~!!
Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu,Love So Life,Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume,Usotsuki Lily,Starry Sky,Fruit's Basket,Kimi ni Todoke,Special A,Pretty Cure,Yes!precure 5,Futari wa Pretty Cure,Fresh Precure,Heartcatch Precure,Suite Precure,Futari wa Pretty cure Splash star,Gintama,Naruto,Naruto Shipppuden,Barajou no Kiss,Heart no kuni no Alice,...AND MUCH MORE!!

Name- Reyna Rose
Birthday-November 3rd
sex- Female

If you can read this message, you are blessed because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:

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If you could read that put it in your profile

I Completely Support the Sesshoumaru x Kagome Couple :)

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Dear U• x •U


If I could look to the future,
I know what I want to see:
You and I standing there,
that it is meant to be.
The soft touch of you fingers,
as they slowly intertwine,
our hands clasped together,
yours within mine.
Our hands holding each other,
as we walk in the park.
You draw closer to me
as it gets dark.
My arm goes over your shoulder,
you claim my jacket too.
Anything that I have,
will all be given to you.
The feelings I get,
as I gaze into your eyes,
the brown reflections I see,
have me mesmerized.
The emotions I feel,
when I think of your love;
it is like pure relief,
as to Noah, the dove.
You have called forth,
beckoned my soul from beyond.
It's return is hastened,
it yearns for this new bond.
You are infinite fodder,
for my starving heart,
which thought it would die,
from it's last part.
A part in which I was rejected,
cast off and called no more.
Your love has reawakened,
those things I'd felt before.
Your smile tells me,
the blackness will subside.
You offer a chance at life.
Can I walk in stride?
Will I allow myself,
to risk it all again,
In the name of your love,
can I ask myself to open?
Can I subject myself,
to a game more of chance?
Or will I let is slip away,
and not make a pounce?
I don't know what I'd want,
I don't know where I'd be,
if I ever thought at all,
that you didn't love me.
That is something I never questioned,
at least, not until now.
But I must find an answer,
I must learn how.
How much do I love thee?
That is what I must know.
And when I have answered that,
Will we be able to grow?
I pray that I ask not in vain,
that I can act fast,
and seize the chance,
to make my life at last.
To sow the seeds of love,
between you and I.
And watch through the years
as we grow together and die.
I know you will take
guardianship of my spirit.
You've helped me so much,
but I've been to blind to see it.
Will my sight be restored in time,
soon enough to enjoy what you can give?
Or must I submit myself again,
to the resignation that it hurts to live.
If I could only look to the future,
and know what to do or say.
Then I can enjoy that walk with you,
on that very special day.
That walk in the park,
each others hand we are holding.
And so much more than that,
before, after, and during.
Until that day may come,
I will spend each night,
asking for guidance in what to say,
doing what I hope is right.
So that we may be together,
if that is how it is meant to be.
And our love will last forever,
until the end of eternity.

-Kagome and Sesshoumaru


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Hello! Thanks for your review on 'The Promise'! To answer your question: Sesshomaru is the pups' biological father, but he has only recently taken them in under his care. They had been with their mother before.

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