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2020, why you so dumb?!

Perpetual college student, "essential" medical worker, 30-something year old, married for eons. I'm a wife, mother, dog mother, and all around ne'erdowell. I read too much fanfiction but it keeps me out of trouble.
Sesskag Doujinshi(s) I've fallen in love with: Raindrops by Youkai Yume, Akazukin no Bouken by Sayuri Watanabe, Only Human by beebot. Peep them on Deviantart!
Anything else you wanna know, just ask. Mecca-chan

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Created On: 01/20/2021 02:55:06

Thank you for your comment on On Unexpected Love, Mecca! Little bit of angst, lol. But I promise good stuff to come too!


Created On: 01/17/2021 17:04:19

Thank you so much for yet another review on Compatibility! I love reading your thoughts and theories! And there always is a hang up, isn't there?
Take care!


Created On: 01/14/2021 21:07:20

Thank you again for your incredibly kind review on Compatibility! Your theories are very insightful! I believe that, even though he has matured from what we saw in the anime, he still has some interesting personality quirks as an adult in the 21st century Speaking from experience, I also think 3 months is a little soon to be moving in with someone, but we'll just have to see how Inuyasha and Kagome navigate living together I hope you enjoy the next chapter as well (now available)!
Stay safe, and take care,


Created On: 01/12/2021 14:18:33

Thank you so much for your sweet reviews on both Otsukimi and The Holiday!

So happy to hear you enjoyed both these one shots! And Soft Sesshoumaru is life!


Created On: 12/31/2020 01:56:45

Mecca!! Thank you so much for the review of True Romance. Not to mention the prompt lol. I had a lot of fun with it, and of course I hoped that you were going to like it most of all. My writing can take a strange turn sometimes, but you have always been very supportive and I really appreciate that. Thanks for participating in the raffle. It was my first one, and it was fun. I hope we do it again next year!!


Created On: 11/28/2020 05:24:13

You're very welcome, my dear! And thank you for leaving such a lovely review on Operation Lost Smile! So glad you enjoyed it!


Created On: 11/02/2020 18:00:41

Thank you so much for your review on Compatibility! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the story so far
Feedback from Mecca: It's been all my pleasure, I'm very glad to see whenever you update, I know life is incredibly busy but I wanted to thank you for making the time to update when you can.


Created On: 10/28/2020 13:04:04

Thank you for your review on Prompts, I'm so happy you're enjoying them
I won't lie, I live for a dom Kag and its nice to see that I'm not the only one haha


Created On: 08/11/2020 13:05:25

Thank you so much for your super lovely review on Affection and Admiration!

I know what you mean - it is a bit of a weird concept to throw Japanese characters into 1800s England! That's probably why I hadn't got around to writing a story like this before, much as I have been consuming regency romances the past few years lol. I'm super glad I ended up giving it a try, though!

I'm glad that you enjoyed the story and Sesshoumaru's characterisation! Your kind compliments really made my day, so thank you so much! Any reference to Jane Austen is the god-tier of all compliments, lol!

Hope you are having a lovely week!


Created On: 07/28/2020 22:48:08
Edited By Avi On: 07/28/2020 22:48:24

Thank you for your review on Kinsukoroi! Ever the sweet and dashing creeper, indeed! That made me smile! Kagome will confront him eventually.

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