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Hello and greetings to one and all.

Once upon a time I had an account on A Single Spark, back when the site was about two years old. In other words, I've been a Kagome&Sesshomaru [pairing] fan for a long time. Perhaps ever since I first discovered Inuyasha in eighth grade - it was my first anime, would you believe it!?

Anyways, while I have written for this pairing before - and finished a few stories as well - I hope to accomplish a great deal more. I'm excited to begin! I do hope you all enjoy them. ^^

Currently I'm eighteen years old and about to celebrate my nineteenth in June. I am not attending school at the moment - although I am a high school graduate - but I plan to eventually. My main profession is that of figure skating - I hope to join Disney on Ice sometime this summer and tour with them. That would be fantastic. At the moment I spend my time on Gaiaonline, a roleplaying website for those that haven't heard of it, where I participate in advanced literate threads most of the time. I enjoy writing deeply - my secret wish, of course, it to write a novel of my own one day. I also hope to continue with my interests in fashion design and merchandising - for figure skating wear, sports wear and such. Perhaps purses. XD

I live in Southern California, and although I do not hate where I live, I do wish to move out of state one day. Traveling is one of my greatest ambitions and goals - and not just around the US, but the world. Duh! 3 I'd love to share my adventures somehow - writing possibly - but for now my thoughts and wishes will have to be converted into the form of pure and beloved fiction.

Favorite Stories From A Single Spark:
- Wisteria
- The Syndrome
- Angels Are Made From Ink and Pencils
- Chou Shoki I: Learning from Yesterday
- Zoology 155: Human Sexuality
- Sunset Love
- Peace Treaty
- The Once and Future Taiyoukai

Favorite Stories From Dokuga:

- Incomplete.

Works in Progress:

  • To be titled.

Tentative Rating: R - for mature readers due to some adult language, adult scenarios, violence, character death, ect cetera.

Chapters Completed: 0 - excluding prologue.

Main Pairings: Kagome/Sesshoumaru ; Sango/Miroku ; Inuyasha/Kikyou ; possibly Rin/Kohaku in later chapters.

  • Preview:

"From a barren stretch of dirt and rock, high above the young miko's small village home, heavy silk whipped skywards. The sounds of its frantic snapping, however, was snatched away and would therefore remain unnoticed as the wind's morose howls keened ever higher. Stark shades of red and blue manifested brazenly amid the swirling clouds; despite this, the opulently garbed silhouette was but a swatch of shadow. Standing straight and tall, much like the boulders protruding out from surrounding the cliff-sides, sedulously blank amber orbs stared downwards. Pale lips, ever precisely, tilted into a tiny, wondering scowl.

As the miko progressively disappeared into the darkness, the nameless figure, too, slipped out of sight and away from the ruthless reality playing out below.

The sky above rumbled, uneasily, as if the storm itself could sense something unbalanced about the land.


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