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Retired AF weather forecaster. Loves reading fantasy, my horses and dogs. One hubby, one daughter (also a fantasy fan). Just recently finding this wonderful fan fiction world. Also recently into Anime/manga. Now I am totally hooked.

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Created On: 11/25/2020 12:28:29

Thank you for all of your wonderful reviews on Compatibility! I'm glad you enjoy the little history/cultural lessons! I dated a Japanese man at one point in my life, which gave me some insight, but I've also done a lot of research on Japanese culture to ensure that I don't misrepresent anything in my stories
Take care!
Feedback from KShadeslady: Hey Miranda! So good to hear from you. Yes, after living in South Korea fir a year, you learn there are a lot of nuanced customs that sometimes we just don’t see or realize. My husband and I both like a show on Public tv called Journeys in Japan. Not only do they go to beautiful places but you get learn about a lot of their customs. I hope you are well and not too restricted by the virus! ???? it’s kind of crazy in some places. We are well. We tested once and we were both negative. Considering our ages that’s a good thing. But I get out and about and to the gym fine. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and are able to share the day with family and friends. Cheers! Leslie

Kagome Yuki Niwa

Created On: 11/17/2020 20:59:17

In response to your review on Petite Problems.

I am literally dead. I laughed out loud and was like, "yeahhh probably not". Thank you for the laugh, I really needed it


Created On: 11/02/2020 14:13:11

As always, thank you for your lovely reviews on Inevitability! I've begun mapping out the next few chapters and have fallen back in love with the story. I hope there will be more chapters soon for you to enjoy

Take care, and all the best,


Created On: 09/02/2020 02:01:34

Hey Leslie!

Thank you so much for all of your love, reviews, and kind words! I always enjoy hearing your thoughts!

I'm so glad to hear that you and your family are doing well! I can understand the sun situation, though! We've only just begun having a summer, and it's already almost over...

I have undergone a name change! Although, I might undergo another one by the end of the month. I do like Fragmented Matter, but a new one popped into my head when I shamelessly downloaded Tik Tok... Forthwrites has been a huge inspiration; I truly admire her and her writing! I just saw that her newest book in the Amaranthine Saga will be out later in September, which is incredibly exciting! She has such a way with storytelling and making compelling characters.

Thankfully the Covid drama hasn't hit me too hard. I was able to work throughout the summer (teaching online, of course), and I just received confirmation that I'll have work in the fall, which is fantastic news (I was worried that there might not be enough courses for a lowly contract worker like myself). I'm so glad to hear that your daughter and son in-law are doing well. I'm all for creative pursuits whether it's a hobby or for income (or both). I just bought a metal stamping kit to make jewelry (no idea what possessed me to do so), so we'll see how that goes...

Take care of yourself too, and sending you immense hugs right back!


Created On: 08/22/2020 12:00:16

Thank you for your review to "Prompts." I'm a sucker for historical fiction, and I think the inner history geek in me cries if I even attempt to write history without doing the proper research. I really think you'd like the notes left on the A03 version of the story, so I think you should take a look if you have time.

Sorry for the late reply: RL has kept me busy. We'd have more people traipse through my parents house to fix roof repairs/AC repairs this summer than we have in the past 15 years combined. So, it's been a lot of cleaning up and sanitizing after the repairmen leave recently.
Feedback from KShadeslady: Even in “The time of COVID “, life goes on. We too have been busy with home and yard projects. Sigh, I need to finish putting my bookshelves together and get my book room back together. It’s a crazy mess! Looking forward to more of your wonderful stories. Take care of yourself! Cheers!


Created On: 08/12/2020 17:42:00

I absolutely love it when I get to read your reviews! Heads up- I have a feeling you'll like the newest installment of "Prompts."
It's my first time writing a mystery, and I'll be honest- I was quite inspired by the recent spate of HP fanfiction I've been reading. I've told another reviewer this, but as I sit down to finish writing "The Mansion in Miyagi-Ken" I'm not sure of what Sesshomaru's motive is yet. I have a rough idea, but putting that to actual words and having it make sense with the flow of the story is a lot more difficult than I thought.
My goal is to get everything up by end of day tomorrow, so hopefully, you'll have an answer by then

P.S. I'm actually more of a SUV-Crossover Person. I have a Soul and I love that thing. But my mother drives a BMW, so I can understand the appeal of bigger vehicles and luxury vehicles too. Never driven a pick-up though.
Feedback from KShadeslady: Looking forward to that update. Was that the steampunk one? Since I did a Victorian Steampunk cosplay...I’m hooked. But I loved the mystery at the house and really need some more. I’m glad my reviews make you happy. I hate being one of those “nothing is ever good enough” reviewers. I recognize and appreciate the hard work and effort that you writers out in. Then again, if I find a writer I just can’t read, really bad grammar and zip story, I give them a polite and encouraging review but I usually move on.

I’ve had trucks for 25 years (I do have an excuse...those two large pasture ponies I have) and I love them! I still yearn for a 65 convertible Mustang but I have a big ‘Sports Car’ so I’m happy. I just sold my 16 year old truck and bought a Cajun Red 2020 Chevy Silverado. I’m getting ready to take her on her first road trip. ??????


Created On: 07/23/2020 18:25:25
Edited By kaoruhana On: 07/23/2020 18:25:39

Thanks for your review to "Prompts." I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

I realized earlier today that I never did get back to you on your review for the Valentine's Story. To answer your inquiry about the car: I chose a Prius because it's one of the most popular cars in Japan, and I wanted to keep the Japanese ex-pat character of Sesshomaru as authentic as possible. Of course, now that I think about it, can't you see Sesshomaru driving something like a Porsche Cayenne or a BMW X5 instead? And in white too, because I like to think that'd suit him.

As for the first story: I honestly have no idea what comes next. I've decided to leave all of the stories for "Prompts" open-ended so who knows? Maybe one day, there might be sequels, but I wouldn't bank on them.

Feedback from KShadeslady: AWK!!! Cliffhangers! That will make me nuts! I need more of that story! ????????

Yes I definitely think something as zippy as a Cayenne or bold as a Beemer would be a great choice. Of course, I’m a truck girl. I went down from a 3/4 ton to a 1/2 ton but it is very red!


Created On: 07/21/2020 14:20:04

Thank you again for all of your lovely reviews on both Compatibility and Variables! First dates are always filled with uncertainty, shyness, and flirting, so it'll be interesting to see how things progress!

Take care,
Feedback from KShadeslady: Hey Miranda, Thanks so much for dropping a line. We are doing fine ‘In the Time of Corona’. We take precautions when necessary. I’m fairly healthy, so I’m not overly concerned for myself. I keep trying to get my hubby out into the dun and fresh air. LOLOLOL But that’s a whole nuther story.

I see you have changed your pen name. You are welcome, it seems I love your stories no matter which pen name you go by. Good writing shines on through. I’ve been reading a lot of Forthwrites stories. Seems she writes under a few pen names. She had suggested a trilogy and I did read it and absolutely feel in love and told her Thank you. I think she got shy and dragged her toe across the floor and then admitted to being the author. No wonder. I just love the way she writes. She did admit to being too circumspect. I love her Amaranthine series too.

So good to hear from you. I hope all this drama has not hurt you too much. We are retired but our daughter and son in law have both lost their jobs. The casino is not reopening. She is there until the liquidation is finished. So she has a job for a little while. It will give them time to get other things going. She is working on getting her art business going. She does pet portraits and fantasy art.

Take good care of yourself. This will pass and we will beat it. Hugs, Leslie


Created On: 07/20/2020 14:59:44

Thank you so much for your reviews on Compatibility! I always love reading your comments I'm glad you've been enjoying the story so far; it's going to be a bumpy ride going forward!

Take care,


Created On: 05/27/2020 08:22:32

Hey you! Thank you so much for your reviews on WCTR! I always love seeing you pop in!
Feedback from KShadeslady: You are so welcome! I love your stories ! Hope you are staying well. We are good!

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