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Retired AF weather forecaster. Loves reading fantasy, my horses and dogs. One hubby, one daughter (also a fantasy fan). Just recently finding this wonderful fan fiction world. Also recently into Anime/manga. Now I am totally hooked.

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Created On: 04/12/2021 19:01:58

As always, thank you so much for your comments and support of both Compatibility and Inevitability, Leslie! I'm so glad that you've liked the recent updates; to be honest, I've had way too much fun getting back into this story! And you correctly guessed who the kosode belonged to!

I'm so sorry to hear that both your daughter and son-in-law lost their jobs, but I love that they're developing their own business! I remember you saying that your daughter does pet portraits, and I'm so glad that she's able to pursue that more Bee keeping/harvesting will keep them out of trouble, though, and I think a lot of people are looking to buy more local products, which is perfect!

Oh my goodness! It sounds like you've been busy too! I'm glad that your surgeries went well and that you're recovering! That's wonderful that you'll be able to (or have already gotten) the vaccine! Where I am, my age group is the last of the last

I hope that spring has been treating you well!

Take care, and stay safe


Created On: 02/12/2021 15:54:29

Thank you so much for all your love on Compatibility, Leslie! Being an open, honest person, Kagome definitely has a hard time with secrets! I'll have to check out Journeys in Japan; it sounds super interesting, and Japan is such a beautiful place! I'd love to go back there one day.

Where I am, we have quite a few restrictions to reduce the spread of Covid, but thankfully, as an introvert, it hasn't affected my day-to-day life. I've also been very fortunate to still have work (more work than expected), which I can do from home, so that's been keeping me busy too.

I hope you and your family have been well and are staying safe! I'm glad that you tested negative and that you're able to get out sometimes

Take care, and stay safe
Feedback from KShadeslady: Hi Miranda, so good to hear from you. I’m glad you are able to work from home and that you are busy. My son in law is also an introvert and he’s been enjoying the forced isolation. They both lost their jobs last year and have been working on setting up their own business. They’ve been keeping bees for a few years now and the hives are finally getting established. We may be able to start harvesting this year. Heather also does beautiful pet portraits, fantasy art and caricatures. Heath has been learning leatherwork. He’s going to pick up a job to fill in the gaps. It’s a big jump but they are getting things together. She’s already been doing a lot of commissions and they’re selling a lot of honey. They are working on getting the website up and going too.
We are doing okay. Turns out I needed surgery to fix a large hiatal hernia (tear in my diaphragm ???? Yeah I had to look that up). Well my gallbladder had to go too. That was 2 weeks ago and I’m doing much better. Lee has gotten one shot and is waiting on the second one. I’m going to get mine later this month. We’ve both tested again (I had to for the surgery) and we were both negative again. So I guess we’re pretty healthy. I haven’t had a sniffle...let me knock on wood so karma doesn’t kiss me!
Waiting on the storm to get here. It’s going to be really cold for us here. 8 degrees on Tuesday morning! And up to 8 inches of snow! Yikes! We live in the south so we don’t have to have that stuff!
Well you take care, keep busy and warm! ??


Created On: 02/03/2021 02:53:58

Hi you! Thank you so much for all your comments When Comes the Rain, the married series, and also On Unexpected Love (if I've missed one here, I deeply apologize!). I always love seeing your comments and really appreciate the time you take to do so. I hope you and your husband are staying safe! If that link still won't copy and paste right for you in that married fic, PM me and I will try to get it to you directly!
Feedback from KShadeslady: Thank you. We are well. Trying to stay warm this coming week is the challenge of the moment. Really good for this Southern girl! LOL


Created On: 01/20/2021 02:53:30

Thank you, Kshadeslady! And they are definitely making headway through the rough bits!
Feedback from KShadeslady: Thank you for the PM. That is always so nice to get. Hope you are doing well and are not too restricted from getting around.


Created On: 01/12/2021 00:20:27

Hi! Thank you so much for all of your kind words on On Unexpected Love!
Feedback from KShadeslady: It been lots of fun to read. Your stories are delightful.


Created On: 01/01/2021 12:56:32

Hello! I'm so glad you stuck around and enjoyed the Christmas stories I posted. I actually spent an entire month studying abroad in Oxford, so yes, I can understand how amazing it was to experience the history in England!

The tree my parents first bought, way back in '98, when we first moved to the US has long since disappeared. But, my mother is still proud of the electric Christmas Star she bought then which ALWAYS tops our (main) tree. And my dad takes pride in carefully storing his blow-mold Santa (15 years old) who greets visitors to our house from his position near the front door. I think it's those little traditions that are worth it!

Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful 2021!
Feedback from KShadeslady: I’ve always enjoyed Christmas themed stories (yes, I’m a Hallmark channel addict!????????), so you know I loved this series.

Sadly, I didn’t get to spend much time in Oxford. I was on temporary duty at RAF Fairford , which is close but I didn’t have time to explore much. It was a beautiful area. I loved it there. I like being able to share my love of the UK with others.

I Love sharing those traditions about family. I hope a few we have get carried on into the future. I wish you the Happiest New Year. I’m ready for a good one.


Created On: 12/19/2020 18:03:16

Thank you for your review/ kind words. And yes, doesn't everyone just love Rin at times?
Feedback from KShadeslady: I need a Rin in my life. We would love a grandchild to spoil! LOL! Or two! I think we have watched the series on the castles. We have been to a few of them. The opulence is overwhelming. But so beautiful. Another good series is about the great cathedrals. Been to a lot of them too. Westminster is so beautiful. We had a big one near us, Ely Cathedral. I spent an afternoon there on the upper floors working on a brass rubbing of a Knight whilst the choir practiced a requiem down below. It was amazing. My Knight hangs in the living room, along with a lady and a huge Angel headstone from Holland. We also had Bury St. Edmunds and Kings College in Cambridge. I loved living there. So. Much. History!
I’ve had you on my mind and I’ve been sending you and yours prayers. I hope you are able to be together and comfort each other. May you have Blessings of peace during this Christmas season.


Created On: 12/14/2020 22:57:48

Thank you for your continued reviews for the 25 stories. I'm so glad you enjoy them! I admit, as soon as I saw the sweater prompt, I wanted to get Sesshomaru in an ugly sweater ASAP. That was so much fun to write!

If you haven't you might be interested "Great British Castles" on Netflix. Definitely a worthy binge for someone who likes English history

Before I wrote the KogaxSess pairing, I was reading a lot of work in another fandom that had a gay couple pairing. The stories were so fluffy and Squee worthy that they could melt even the coldest of hearts. I blame that for my muse.
As for the situation where I'm at: my dad does have preexisting conditions (asthma), so we limit our outside activities in public areas especially since we live in an area of the South that has seen a spike in infections, and just so happens to be a border city between 2 states. We live in a big city so we're not at the stage where our hospitals don't have capacity, but our governor is extremely concerned and asking people to take as much care as possible. I'm at the stage where I just wish people would listen to doctors and others so that I don't have to worry about taking any disease home to my dad every time I go out for grocery shopping and someone doesn't wear a mask near me or doesn't follow social distancing.

Otherwise, Happy Baking! (My sister and I are baking cookies this weekend- can't wait!)


Created On: 12/06/2020 23:01:42

Thank you so much for your reviews to "A Story...Till Christmas." In order:
1) I'm an Anglophile too. And I've recently been watching Bakeoff Holidays and Paul and Mary's Christmas Masterclass on repeat on Netflix. And I mayhaps debated doing mince pies for Christmas this year before I decided they were too much for me to do along with all the other cooking.
2) I honestly went on a limb with the SessxKoga story, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had to stop myself though because I saw myself going into a mini-novella with that one, and I just don't have time for that.
3) My Holidays are going perfectly well this year. Our yard decorations are up and like every year, the neighbors took our lights as their cue to decorate. I hope your Holidays are going to be wonderful as well!

Feedback from KShadeslady: I love hearing that I’m not the only one. You would think two retired military veterans wouldn’t be, but we loved living there. We loved the history...you can’t turn around without stepping on history. There are tons of shows on YouTube about English history. We love watching Dr Lucy Worsleys shows, she’s adorable , loves to dress up and is mischievous to boot. Her shows are delightful. Then there is Dr Kat and reading the past. She’s very interesting. Lots of Tudor era stuff. We are addicted.

I’ve seen other fics where Sessh is paired up with Kags and Yasha. They are generally not to my liking and I rarely finish them. But I will read some as long as it doesn’t get too graphic. Yours was nicely done and reflects what many gay couples deal with.

Good for you! I’m all for getting as much Merry and Joy up as we can! This has been one stinker of a year for sure. Anything that makes you or others smile is a good thing. I live in the South and we are pretty much done with all this! I hope things are not oppressive where you are. I have real issues with the government running our lives and mandating things. I hope you have not lost anyone you know to this virus. I feel that it’s going to run it’s course and our systems are going to adapt. Being in good health and taking care of yourself is key. If you have preexisting conditions, it’s very bad. Most doctors say that more than nearly 95%+ recover. So that is hopeful. I do wonder about mutations though. Geez this is the Andromeda Strain all over! Scary!

But enough of that! I’ve got trees up, decorations out and just a few more things outside. Time to Bake! May you have a Blessed Holiday! Thanks again for the lovely stories.


Created On: 11/25/2020 12:28:29

Thank you for all of your wonderful reviews on Compatibility! I'm glad you enjoy the little history/cultural lessons! I dated a Japanese man at one point in my life, which gave me some insight, but I've also done a lot of research on Japanese culture to ensure that I don't misrepresent anything in my stories
Take care!
Feedback from KShadeslady: Hey Miranda! So good to hear from you. Yes, after living in South Korea fir a year, you learn there are a lot of nuanced customs that sometimes we just don’t see or realize. My husband and I both like a show on Public tv called Journeys in Japan. Not only do they go to beautiful places but you get learn about a lot of their customs. I hope you are well and not too restricted by the virus! ???? it’s kind of crazy in some places. We are well. We tested once and we were both negative. Considering our ages that’s a good thing. But I get out and about and to the gym fine. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and are able to share the day with family and friends. Cheers! Leslie

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