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Delinquent High
Summary: She is transferring into the prestigious Hiou Gakuen. What? She's transferring into a class full of delinquents? Can the goody two shoes survive high school in a class full of delinquents? Or is she really a goody two shoes?
Status: Not started


Summary: She was the great vampiress, the originator. The one who create them all. While he was just a small slave, one that was changed, from a demon to a vampire. She was not suppose to take note of him. Not At All.
Status: not started

Yakuza Trouble
Summary: The tale of a woman, who wanted to wake up one day as a rich heiress... but not as the yakuza's heiress!
Status: Hiatus

A beautiful accident (removed)
Summary: Let’s meet Sesshoumaru Taisho, a singer with a dark past. One day while being chased by crowds of paparazzi and fan girls, he met her on the streets. Little did he know that his life was starting to change. Will it be for the better or for the worse?
Status: Going to redo it.

Summary: She rose in status, from a lowly samurai branch family to a samurai main family in order to match his status as the shogun.
Status: Not started

Ehhh? Shinsengumi?
Summary: She was a noble's daughter betrothed to him at a younger age. Yet as time goes by they were separated. One became another families' adopted daughter while the other became ronin. Read to find out their love story, from young to separation to reunion and their after life.
Status: Not started

No title yet
Summary: Women from across all lands and nation came just to be chosen as the next Shadow Bride. Who would be chosen?
Status: planning



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im number one to sign the book but good work

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